The quest to find an online job to work from home or anywhere in the world has been the ultimate goal for many who strive to earn a full-time income while being location independent. And as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sent millions of people unemployed and businesses in financial crisis, there has never been an important time to explore different ways to make a full-time income online. 

My journey to finding an online job that allows me to travel the world while making money online started in 2017 when I was unexpectedly laid-off from my traditional 9-5. 

Working online provides an opportunity for people to have more control of their time and finances – something I wish I knew more about back then!

Fast forward to today, I have since started an online business that has allowed me to be location independent while traveling the world whenever and wherever I want to. 

And in this article, I will share different ways you can start your journey to making money online that can give you freedom and security with your time and finances, regardless of today’s current world situation. 

Below is a list of online jobs you can do from home, or anywhere in the world, just as long as you have a laptop and WiFi. 

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Work from home online job

1. Best Online Job: Blogging

Blogging back in the day was mainly popular for journal entries or other personal use. All you needed was a story, an opinion, or something informative to share – and you have a blog! Starting a blog was (and still is) quite easy to start, with many user-friendly platforms such as BlogSpot and WordPress at the forefront of the blogosphere. 

All it took was for you to type and press published, and you have a blogging as a work from home job!

But as the internet grew and web users evolved, blogging transformed from recreational use to a business platform that has become a multi-billion dollar work from home business. 

How can you make money with blogging as your work from home job?

The power of search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, have changed the blogging niche from a hobby to a full-time work from home online job. There are billions and billions of people searching the internet for information, which transformed many blogs from a pastime into one of the best online jobs today. 

There are several ways you can monetize a blog and transform it to a work from home job:

Google Ads – Google Adsense is an advertising program that pays whenever a website visitor clicks on an ad. Those who are making a full-time income with blogging are ranking for popular keywords that millions of users are searching daily. 

Affiliate Marketing – A favorite source of income for many bloggers is earning commission through affiliate marketing. It’s quite common for many bloggers to write an article and make a review on a specific niche, and get paid when somebody clicks on the product and purchase their recommendations. 

Sell ad spaces – Another lucrative income stream for bloggers is selling ad spaces as part of their work from home job. Your fee for the ad space depends on the size you are selling – just like an ad space for a magazine or a newspaper.

work from home selling ad spaces

How much money can you make with blogging as a work from home job?

There is no cap with the amount of money you can make with blogging as a work from home job. The essential skills to succeeding in blogging are learning SEO and how to rank on the first pages of Google. The rest is approaching blogging as a business with strategies on how to monetize it (picking the right niche, the right keywords, the right products, and offers, etc.)

One must have a realistic expectation when it comes to picking blogging as a full-time online job. Before you are making passive income with blogging, prepare to expect zero returns for the first few months. 

With that said, the harder you work on your blogging strategy, the faster you can turn it into your full-time income. 

2. Best Work From Home Online Job: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, in the digital space, is performance-based online marketing where you earn a commission or a fixed amount for every sale or lead you convert for a business or an affiliate program. 

Many online entrepreneurs prefer affiliate marketing as a work from home job. It provides a significant source of their income online because of the ease and simplicity of the business model.

There are myriads of affiliate networks you can join, such as Amazon, MaxBounty, ShareASale, etc., and all you have to do is promote an offer and get paid when you make a sale or send a lead. 

No need to take care of inventory and customer service – it’s a perfect work from home job!

How can you make money with affiliate marketing?

As we mentioned above, you earn a commission or a fixed amount if you convert a sale or send a lead to the offer you are promoting. 

For many affiliate marketers, they rely on traffic to send people to a landing page where they promote their offers. Many generate instant traffic by targeting specific audience through launching ads on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Others prefer a long term strategy and generate their traffic from blogging.

How much money can you make with affiliate marketing as a work from home job?

For the experienced affiliate marketers, many achieve earning between five to six figures a month. To get to that level, affiliate marketers develop skills in copywriting, how launching ads on Facebook and make money on Instagram, how SEO works, understanding their niche, and other skills of a traditional digital marketer. 

Affiliate marketing takes patience, time, and perseverance to achieve making five to six figures a month. You are going need to learn new skills such as copywriting, creating a landing page that converts sales, understanding how sales funnels works, and mastering the art of social media paid ads. 

digital marketing course work from home online job

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3. Best Online Job Work From Home: Social Media Manager

A social media manager represents a business (or a person) across multiple social media channels. The social media manager becomes the voice of the brand and in charge of the content on different platforms. It’s one of the work from home jobs that manage daily tasks such as planning, goal setting, content management, generation of inbound traffic, and lead conversion.

How can you make money as a Social Media Manager?

As a social media manager, they can approach businesses at the local level, or even big companies who need help and managing their social media accounts. 

Social media managers typically earn a salary if they work for a company. If they’re freelance (work from home job), they likely charge an hourly, monthly, or per-project rate.


As a work from home online job, how much money can you make as a Social Media Manager?

Those who pursue a venture as a social media manager, as work from home job, can earn as much as they can take on a client. 

Social media managers in the US charge approximately $25 to $35 an hour to start, typically between 10 or 20 hours per month per client. In other words, a client could potentially make you $250 to $700 per month.

As you can see, the more you can take on clients, the more money you can potentially make working from home. 

4. Online Work With Lead Generation

A lead generation specialist is an online job you can do from anywhere. All it requires is a WiFi, computer, and perhaps a phone if needed. The main role of this work from home job position focuses on the following: identifying and nurturing leads that could potentially convert into a client for a business. 

Many businesses need work from home jobs such as lead generation specialists. The following industries are just some of the few that rely on generating leads for their business: real estate brokers, dental offices, finance managers, spas – basically client-centric businesses.

How can you start a lead generation business?

  • Choose an industry. The first step is to choose a sector that needs leads. We mentioned a few above, now research other work from home job businesses that are client-centric that need lead generation service.
  • Pick a marketing strategy. Social media (Facebook, Google Adwords, and YouTube) is a go-to paid marketing channels for lead generation specialists.
  • Set up email automation. Email automation is key to online work success and is the best part about running a lead generation home job business. Email automation allows you to prepare a string of emails that automatically send to your leads until they convert into a paying client. 
  • Convert and monetize leads.

How Much Money Can You Make Money Online as a Lead Generation Specialist?

According to zipla: The national average salary for a Lead Generating Specialist in the United States is $36,554 per year or $18 per hour. Those in the bottom 10 percent make under $21,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $62,000.

5. Popular Work From Home Job: Facebook/Instagram Ads Expert

Facebook Ad expert is one of the best online jobs that you can do as a work from home. Many businesses want to tap into the platform’s billions of users. However, the problem is that many companies, both small and large, still need an expert’s mastery of the art of launching ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

The online work role requires to have experience in launching Facebook ad campaigns. A strong skill set needed for this role is having analytical insights to know if your ad is performing well and hitting its objectives. Other skill sets that could potentially land you clients with Facebook and Instagram ads are copywriting and photo and video editing skills. 

How Much Money Can You Earn as a Facebook Ads Expert?

According to, the average salary for a Facebook Ads Manager is $53,785 per year in the United States.

But if you are pursuing Facebook Ads Expert as a freelance career, or a a work from home job, below is a typical pricing model to charge your client:

Percentage of Ad Spend – typically between 10-20% of the monthly ad spend or budget. The ad budget is ideal for larger businesses with larger ad budgets.

Flat Fee – Many freelancers choose this pricing model if the campaign has an uncertain time duration. 

Hourly Rate – charge based on how long you spend doing the management and track your time. Your rate will highly depend on your experience level. 

Monthly Retainer – similar to the flat fee but an ongoing fee depending on the general number of ads you are running each month.

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6. Best Online Job: Google Ads Specialist

Google Ads Specialist, or Pay Per Click (PPC) Experts, is another remote online job that allows you to be location independent. 

Google Ads Specialist work from home jobs requires similar skill sets as a Facebook Ads Specialist. The role’s key responsibility is for you to realize the full potential of your client’s campaigns. The specialist will help pinpoint areas of improvement and deliver a solution to improve ROI. You will carry out keyword research and identify the searches they want to target as they create a new campaign and ad groups.

google ads work from home job

Work From Home Jobs: How Much Money Can You Earn as a Google Ads Specialist?

The current standard hourly rates for Adwords Specialists, or SEM / PPC professionals, charges within the $75 to $250 per hour. For the most experience, they could charge from $500 – $1000 per hour, simply because of their level of experience and past results.

Given the standard hourly rates, there is a lot of potential income that you can earn as a Google Ads Specialist Freelancer. It would just be a question of how many clients you can book and manage at the same time. 

There is a great demand for this skill set, and I’ve met many Google Ads Specialists who can’t handle that many clients at the same time that they start to hire other people and, consequently, having an agency as a work from home job!

7. Work From Home Online Job: Start An Online Store

For many entrepreneurs, launching an online store is one of the best work from home online jobs. A popular business model for opening an online store is through dropshipping, where the person selling the item does not keep or fulfill their products directly. 

The way dropshipping works is that the online store owner partners up with a supplier that manufactures and/or warehouses products, packages the products, and ships them directly to the retailer’s customer, on the retailer’s behalf.

For many dropshippers, a popular strategy to send traffic to their online store is launching ads on social media, mainly on Facebook and Instagram. The moment somebody clicks their ad and converts into an order, the supplier will then ship the product directly to the customer. 

work from home online job dropshipping

As an online job, how Much Money Can You Earn with Starting an Online Store?

Gauging how much money you can earn by starting an online store, like dropshipping, is difficult to assess.

There are a lot of moving parts that go into effect when trying to figure out your ROI by opening a dropshipping store.

One of the variables of how much money you can make with dropshipping is the price of your product. Does the price give you enough margin to offset the cost of shipping and the cost of spending paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram?

But if you launch a dropshipping store for the first time and all of your stars aligned, this would mean that you found a hot trending product and a targeted audience with exceptional ROAS (return on ad spend). If these factors align right, you may see yourself replicating the success of many dropshippers back in circa 2014-2017 who were able to make six-figures a month doing dropshipping as a work from home job. 

8. Resell Items Online as a Work From Home Job

If you don’t want to invest the time and money on starting a dropshipping store, you can still resell your stuff online to make extra income as your work from home job. 

Before selling your stuff online for extra money, determine the ideal platform to sell your goods. Below is a few ideas on what to sell and where to sell your items online.

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo

These platforms don’t traditionally take a commission from your sales, so the responsibility is on you for connecting with your buyer, meeting up in person, and making the exchange. It’s a different manner than online auctions and sales. If you don’t feel at ease handling all the logistics yourself and then meeting up with a stranger, you should probably stick to online only.

Depending on what you’re selling, you can arrange to meet your buyer in a public place (many local police stations offer a “haven” for such sales) or have a friend hang around while you make the sale. The simplicity makes it one of the best online job: no packing, shipping or fees, just cash in your hand. But unlike many online-only sales sites, these marketplaces don’t have any guarantees or protections if your buyer turns out to be a flake.

Sell Items as a Work From Home Job: Clothes, Vintage, and Crafts

Selling online is one of the popular work from home jobs in recent times. The bigger online sites are excellent for getting rid of miscellaneous stuff. Still, for specialty items, like antiques and vintage clothes, you might want to sell to a more intentional audience.


Poshmark is a hybrid online marketplace and social network where people can buy and sell clothing from boutiques or their closets – ranging from men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, among other goods. 

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is an online shop that includes the retail sale of second-hand merchandise, antiques, and other used goods. Word of caution, to post up to 50 items for sale on Ruby Lane, there is a $54 monthly maintenance fee. 


Selling on Etsy is one of the best online job because it’s an online marketplace that houses individual shop owners who create handmade art and crafts. The “handmade” means the seller’s hand (or design). You can’t sell mass-produced goods and list them as “handmade.”

9. Work From Home Job Idea: Sell on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. It’s no surprise that the Amazon Marketplace is one of the most well-known work from home jobs for online entrepreneurs.

Approximately two and a half million sellers are selling nearly 120 million different products on the Amazon marketplace. It’s become one of the best online jobs in recent years.

With that amount of sellers and buyers, there is a lot of potential money floating around.

Below is a few ways people who are looking make money online turned to Amazon:

– Popular work from home job: Sell Products With Amazon FBA.

– Retail Arbitrage

– Publish Your Books

– Sell Wholesale Products

– Affiliate Marketing via Amazon Associates

– Sell Professional Services

– Sell Products Under Amazon’s Private Brands

– Sell Handmade Goods

– Work From Home as an Amazon Rep

– Create Custom Merchandise With Merch by Amazon

– Trade-In Used Goods

sell amazon as online job

10. Best Online Job: Teach English 

Teaching English online is a popular work from home job due to the nature of the business. The role allows teachers to manage their own time, and the number of students they wish to take on.

For many, teaching online has been one of the best work from home jobs. It’s a remote job that allows for the ever-elusive work-life balance. Perhaps the number one appeal of the job is flexibility, more time to devote to other aspects of their personal life, location independence so they can travel when and where they want, and freedom to be their own boss.

And there has never been a better time than now to search for online teaching jobs you can do as a work from home job. Considering the effects of COVID-19, online learning is an industry that’s about to get even bigger due to traditional classroom settings closing down. 

Work From Home Jobs Earning: How Much Do Online English Teachers Make?

The rate for teaching English online can vary depending on your credentials and experience, and if applicable, the agency. 

On average, you can expect to charge an hourly rate between $19 to $30 an hour and meeting required minimum hours per month. 

Where Can You Find Teaching English as Work From Home Online Job?

If you already have a rolodex of students, you can certainly teach English online on your own as a Freelancer.

For many, they choose to teach English online with an agency, considering the ease to just carry out the job without having to spend time (and money) looking for students. 

Here are some of the agencies you can consider to work from home:

1) Teachaway


3) DaDa

4) Qkids

5) iTutorGroup

6) Gogokid

7) 51Talk

8) English Hunt

11. Find Online Tutoring Jobs

If teaching English is not your cup of tea, there is another alternative for you to get on the online teaching niche.

Online tutoring job is one of the best work from home jobs. The remote job allows you to coach students from anywhere in the world in your subject of expertise. It is an also industry that will strive for bigger growth after the unfortunate changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to today’s technology, students from all over the world can connect online with tutors in the comfort of their own homes. Although online tutoring can vary depending on the student’s needs, it is essentially a platform to provide one-on-one learning support online.

How Much Do Online Tutors Make?

According to, Online tutors working for an agency are generally paid around $12 per hour. The rate can increase upwards to $25 or $30 per hour, depending on the experience of the tutor the subject taught.

You can find a list of companies that you can join that provide online tutoring gigs:

Visit FlexJobs and explore a list of other companies and agencies that are looking for online tutors today.

online tutoring jobs work from home

12. Become a Virtual Assistant to Make Money Online

Virtual Assistants is one of the best online job for many. They provide various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. It is one of the work from home jobs that you can do part-time to earn extra cash or a gig that you can do full-time. 

There is a list of things that virtual assistants can (pardon the pun) virtually do. Consider the few below:

  • Social media management
  • Managing calendars, email, and appointments
  • Preparing and executing reports
  • Answering emails and phone calls
  • Event management
  • Administrative tasks

And a list goes on!

Virtual Assistant is one of the many work from home jobs that can supplement your full-time job to earn extra cash on the side, or could also turn into a full-time job depending on the number of clients you take on. 

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Earn?

As a freelance Virtual Assistant, you make the call on how much you charge your client. A Virtual Assistant can charge as little as $15 an hour (little to no experience) upwards to $60 an hour (for the most experienced). 

A helpful tip to ensure you can charge accordingly is to pick an industry or a market where the profit margin is strong and can afford a virtual assistant. The chances of you landing several good-paying clients are higher and can make a difference to your monthly earnings. 

13. Best Online Jobs: Working on Pinterest

For many businesses and entrepreneurs, Pinterest has become their newfound platform that can generate high-quality traffic. 

Whoever thinks that Pinterest is only a place for women sharing their latest recipe or DIY project should squash that thought quickly.

Pinterest has evolved into a visual search engine that rivals big game players such as Google. Considering this trend, the most successful bloggers, who earn five to six figures a month with their blog, have a Pinterest strategy to drive more traffic to their blogs. 

Some of the biggest brands like Wal-Mart, Apple, and Lowe’s – are taking notice of its popularity and have now added Pinterest into their marketing efforts.

Considering the growth and opportunity that Pinterest is providing for online entrepreneurs and businesses, demand for virtual assistants – specifically for Pinterest – is on the rise as one of the popular work from home jobs.

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant general tasks include: create compelling pins, some basic knowledge of graphic design, copywriting, and some analytic skills.

How Much Money Can Pinterest Virtual Assistants Make Working From Home?

A Pinterest virtual assistant hourly (or project base) rate can vary depending on experience. For those who are just starting, they earn as much as $300 to $500 a month. The ones who have more experience can expect anywhere from $3500 per client. 

14. Make a Digital Product and Sell Online

One of the best online jobs is to launch a digital product, either an online course or an e-book. Launching a digital product can make extra money – and if you do it right – can provide a full-time income.

We launched an e-book in 2019 that sold over 1,500 copies in its first 30 days. Nine months after the book, we launched an online course that was higher ticket items and generated more than we could think was possible. 

Many shy away from making their digital product because they worry about imposter syndrome, thinking that they have to be a true expert and know every single thing in that field.

The truth is, you just need to have knowledge that provides true value to your audience. 

How Much Money Can You Make With Digital Products?

There is no limit to how much money you can earn with your digital product. If you can find the right niche and market yourself accordingly, you can have a lot of success earning a full-time income by launching your digital product.

When you launch a digital product, the majority of your expenses go to your marketing spend (sponsored ads on Facebook or Instagram).

A tip I would give is to launch a high-ticket item ($500 and above), such as an online course, to maximize your profits as much as you can. 

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15. Work From Home Jobs: Graphic Designer

Due to the nature of the work of a Graphic Artist, it’s one of the best online jobs where you can virtually do anywhere in the world. 

Graphic designers conceptualize visuals to communicate ideas that inform, inspire, or allure consumers. They are in charge of the layout and production design for advertisements, magazines, brochures, among other things.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Graphic Designer?

The most experienced freelance Graphic Designers typically charge between $60 and $170 an hour. For the most experienced who have a rolodex of clients, they charge an hourly rate that starts at $300. For those who are just starting in the industry, they charge from $25 to $50 per hour.

16. Best Online Jobs Work From Home: Video Editing

Video editing is an opportunity for film-minded individuals to work in fields like movies, television, commercial ads, or videos published online (such as YouTube or Vimeo). The main skill set for this job requires knowledge of various editing processes, film editing techniques, and the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Freelance job portals like Upwork have constant positions looking for video editors, which presents an opportunity for people who possess skills in video editing and want to earn extra money while working from home. 

Best Online Jobs Salary: How Much Money Can You Earn as a Video Editor?

Many freelance video editors who have been in the business typically charge between $30 to $45 an hour.

video editor work from home online job

17. Freelance Copywriter

A career in copywriting is one of the best work from home jobs because it can make you a lot of money.

For the most successful copywriters, they typically earn no less than at least $250,000 a year, and many are earning as much as millions of dollars.


Because despite the name, copywriters are more than just writers. They are salespeople, and behavioral psychologists all rolled into one. Having these skill sets can translate into sales, which is the reason businesses would pay top dollar for a highly-skilled copywriter.

The beautiful part for people who are looking for online jobs is that copywriting is a gig that you can do anywhere as long as you have a WiFi connection. 

Things copywriters do:

  • Research 
  • Write
  • Interview
  • Proofread
  • Edit
  • Source images
  • Manage projects
  • Plan and implement marketing campaigns

How Much Money Can You Make as a Copywriter:

GrowthLab recently published the average rates of Copywriters below:

18. Work From Home Jobs: Proofreader

If you answered a resounding YES to the following questions below, then you might be a proofreader in the making.

– Are you quick to pick up spelling and grammar errors when you read? 

– Do you know where to insert commas should and should not go?

– Are you confident with different style guides such as the APA, MLA, or CLM?

If you’ve researched different types of work from home jobs, you’ve probably run across proofreading jobs before. Many are highly skilled in English grammar and want more information about this type of side gig.

Check freelance job portals such as FlexJobs for job opportunities as a Proofreader.

How Much Money Can you Make as a Proofreader?

The amount of money a proofreader makes varies on experience. On average, Proofreaders make between $27 to $50 per hour. However, you can certainly charge more depending on the industry, such as proofreading court cases or anything in the medical field.

19. Social Media Influencer

If you have at least one social media account with many followers, and strong engagement, you should look further into building a strategy on how you can monetize from it.

The social media influencer landscape is ever evolving. There was a time before where only influencers with at least 100K followers (mostly Instagram) can consistently land brand deals. Today, different brands are looking into partnering with Instagrammers with as little as 1000 followers, just as long they have strong engagement.

Brands typically pay social media influencers per campaign project, and the range can vary depending on the size of your audience and strength of your engagement.

If you are looking into breaking through the social media influencer niche, consider branding your feed and content before approaching brands.

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