Post summary: Need a checklist of things to do in Coron? Check out our list below!

For many travelers planning a trip to Palawan, island hopping is undoubtedly on the list of things to do in Coron. It’s almost as if an incomplete trip to Coron without island hopping, exploring dramatic rock formations, and discovering hidden beaches with crystal clear waters!

However, there are more things to do in Coron besides island hopping. 

Besides its stunning beaches and jaw-dropping underwater landscape, there are a few more activities and side trips you can take while in Coron. I remember visiting Coron for the first time in 2013, where the only thing on my to do list was island hopping. Flash forward to today, my list of places to visit in Coron has grown the past few years. 

So if you are looking to visit Coron for the first time, below is a list of things to do for your itinerary!


Things to Do in Coron #1: Kayangan Lake

Things to do in Coron Kayangan Lake

Coron’s crown jewel, Kayangan Lake, is undoubtedly the most visited tourist spot on the island. This iconic destination in the Philippines is almost always included in tourism campaigns and commercials, so it’s without a doubt that you’ve seen pictures or videos of this famous lake. 

Kayangan Lake is a must-visit in Coron for travelers who have enough stamina to tackle 300 steps to go uphill and downhill to reach the famous lake. The peak of the hill offers the most picturesque view of the islands and the sea. Once you reach the lake, take a dip into the lukewarm water, which feels amazing after the long climb uphill. 

There’s not much scenery or marine life underwater, but floating in the middle of the lake, surrounded by the dramatic rock formations, is a memory that will remember for quite some time. 


Things to Do in Coron #2: The Twin Lagoons

things to do in coron twin lagoons

The Twin Lagoons is a must-see destination for any traveler heading to Coron. Lucky for you, many of the island hopping tours include the Twin Lagoons on the itinerary of places to visit in Coron. 

The highlight of this tour is getting over to the second lagoon (the boats dock on the first lagoon), where you have to go under a narrow crevice underneath the rock to get inside the lagoon during low-tide. It can look rather scary, especially for those who may be claustrophobic, but the effort is worth considering the scenery inside the second lagoon. 

You may notice that the water is not so clear once you start swimming inside the lagoon. The reason for that is the water temperature in the Twin Lagoons alternates between warm and cold (similar to Lake Barracuda), where the cold fresh water meets the hot salt water.


Things to Do in Coron #3: Balinsasayaw Reef

things to do in coron balinsasayaw reef

For those who enjoy snorkeling and exploring colorful and unusual creatures under the sea, Balinsasayaw Reef will be treated for you.

You will be in awe of the scenery underwater. There are vast and colorful branching coral formations. My favorite was the giant clams scattered all-over the place, living in its natural habitat. Another highlight Balinsasayaw Reef was encountering various kinds of reef fish.

We easily spent thirty minutes snorkeling around in this part of Coron. 


Things to Do in Coron #4: Beach 91

things to do in coron beach 91

Beach 91 is a must-visit Coron Beach, and is famous for its white sandy beach in Coron, Palawan. This beach is the usual stopover for lunch when touring around the islands of Coron. It is characterized by coastal wooden huts connected by seasoned bridges; the beach is perfect for relaxation or some other leisurely activities.


Things to Do in Coron #5: Skeleton Wreck

things to do in coron skeleton shipwreck

There is little information about the history of this wreck, where there’s a debate whether or not it’s a Japanese ship from WW2.

Skeleton Wreck is one of a dozen Japanese ships that sank in Coron Bay, Philippines, after the attack by the Americans in the Second World War.

Today, Coron is one of the best places for wreck diving in the world, and indeed the shipwreck diving capital of the Philippines!

Travelers to Coron come specifically to Coron Bay to snorkel and see Skeleton Wreck. The Shipwreck is about 25 meters long, where the top of the wreck is five meters deep and goes 22 meters at the stern – which is excellent for those who choose to scuba dive instead of snorkeling this area. 

The reef is also stunning, with a full reef life-giving excellent underwater picture opportunities. You don’t need to spend a day island hopping just to get to Skeleton Wreck; you have an option to rent a fisherman boat in Coron to go on a snorkeling day tour to explore Busuanga Island’s best spots.


Things to Do in Coron #6: Malwawey Reef

Malwawey Coral Garden is a shallow coral garden located in between Banul beach and Atwayan Beach. We were able to sneak this part of the itinerary during our island hopping tour and was completely satisfied with a massive area of coral reefs and other marine life. 


Things to Do in Coron #7: CYC Beach (Coron Youth Club Beach)

things to do in coron CYC beach

There is not much attraction on this small island called “CYC,” or Coron Youth Club Beach. However, the soft and creamy sand with the aquamarine waters makes for an Instagram friendly photoshoots. Once you get to CYC, explore the mangrove trees on the right side of the island, and a wide-open beach on the left side where people usually swim. There were also food vendors on this island trying to out-do each other racing in their small boats to reach the tourists.


Things to Do in Coron #8: Mt. Tapyas View Deck

Mount Tapyas is one of the most dominant land features in Busuanga Island and is the second tallest mountain in Coron standing at 210 meters tall. You can easily spot it from town and is easily accessible by foot. You can get here by food through San Agustin Street, which transitions to Malvar Street, leading a path to a basketball court right on the base of the view deck.

For some, the hike to the basketball court can already pose an endurance and stamina challenge. But it can get even more challenging once you climb the steep staircase to Mt. Tapyas from the basketball court. 


Things to Do in Coron #9: Maquinit Hot Spring

When you think of visiting Coron, you immediately think of exploring exotic islands, snorkeling, and perhaps diving. But not many think of the possibility of exploring a hot spring!

Maquinit Hot Spring is an excellent alternative for those looking to do other activities in Coron besides island hopping, diving, and hiking. It’s a popular destination in Coron, most notably during the rainy season. 

This hot spring is the only known saltwater hot spring in the Philippines, and probably the only one in Asia. It is conveniently located about 25 minutes from the town center and ideally located between a hill and the blue sea whose shores are lined with mangrove trees and floating bamboo cottages.


Things to Do in Coron #10: Public Market

things to do in coron public market

Many who book a private boat for their island hopping tour choose to visit the public market to pick fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables for lunch. 

Although Coron’s public market is not that big, it is still rather busy. It is located right beside the breakwater, with many stalls offering bounty assorted seafood, red meat, and vegetables. 

For lunch, we opted for pork belly, fish, squid, various vegetables, rice, and fruits. 


Things to Do in Coron #11: Town Plaza

things to do in coron town plaza

If you have a day or an afternoon to spend in Coron town, I recommend getting acquainted with the town proper by visiting The Town Plaza.

It is less than a five-minute walk away from Coron’s famous St. Augustine Church, built in 1901. 

At the Town Plaza, we saw this life-sized concrete ‘Kulon’ or pot, which, according to locals, derived Coron’s name.

We maneuvered our way through the town, discovering small shops and local food stops, before finding the Lualhati Park near the harbor.


Things to Do in Coron #12: Lualhati Park

things to do in coron lualhati park

The location of Lualhati park is perfect for an afternoon stroll and sunset viewing. There is also a beautiful view of Coron Bay and the opposite mountain from Lualhati Park from the park.

I suggest coming here in the morning for an early jog or just to meditate. Its peaceful and the sunrise is very worth the wait. It’s also worth trying the street food that you’ll see at Lualhati Park!


Things to Do in Coron #13: St. Augustine Church

things to do in coron st. augustine church

St. Augustine Church was built in 1901 and is one of the oldest Churches in Coron. It’s an easy walk to get to this beautiful Church if you stay in the town center.


Things to Do in Coron #14: Hop Hostel Rooftop Bar

things to do in coron hop hostel

Hop Hostel is a trendy new hostel in Coron, where you can get an incredible view of Coron Bay from their rooftop bar. I highly recommend coming here for sunsets, with a drink in hand, to witness the bay’s stunning silhouette. 

This hostel is also one of the top hostels in Palawan. The overall facade reminds me of something you’d see in Greece, painted in all white with a touch of blue colors. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and well-kept. The hostel also provides amenities such as kitchen, laundry, restaurant, and a cinema (or movie room) that you can use if you feel like staying in and taking a break from island hopping. 


Things to Do in Coron #15: Cashew Harvest

things to do in coron cashew harvest

Coron’s Cashe Harvest is another excellent alternative activity if you are looking to take a break from island hopping.

It’s unexpectedly popular, given the number of pictures of local celebrities and media plastered all over the wall. Also, many of the cashews tend to sell out every day before closing time – so get here early if you want freshly harvested cashews!


Things to Do in Coron #16: Malcapuya Island

things to do in coron malcapuya island

Coron’s Malcapuya Island is the ultimate island-hopping destination for those looking for a secluded island with soft sandy beaches and clear warm waters.

Malcapuya Island possibly has the best long sandy beach in Coron, with a myriad of coves and private little beaches tucked away around the island.

Malcapuya Island is rather undeveloped. Much of its appeal lies in the raw, natural surroundings. You will discover beautiful rocky cliffs and unique formations that offer incredible views over the island and the vibe of unspoiled nature and total peace.


Things to Do in Coron #17: Banana Island

things to do in coron banana island

Banana Island is a popular lunch spot for many of the island hopping tours in Coron. 

This island has a picturesque white sand beach, free from rocks and corals, which makes for excellent swimming conditions. Other possible activities while on this island are snorkeling, kayaking, and paddling. 


Things to Do in Coron #18: Bulog Dos Island

things to do in coron bulog dos island

Bulog Dos Island has a picturesque short stretch of white sandy beach, crystal-clear aquamarine waters, and a long snaking sandbar. It offers many spots for an incredible picture-taking opportunity, not to mention a perfect spot to drone!

In Bulog Dos Island, you’ll discover plenty of colorful corals and various other marine life several meters off the beach.


Things to Do in Coron #19: Underwater Mountains in Barracuda Lake

things to do in coron barracuda lake

Discovering the jagged cliffs below the Barracuda lake is an experience in and of itself. It’s like exploring another planet the moment you see the landscape that lies underneath that lake. 

Barracuda Lake is luxuriously warm and impossibly clear – a rare calm haven for divers and snorkelers. Locally known as Luluyuan Lake, this water body is just a 20 to 25-minute boat ride from Coron on Palawan.


Things to Do in Coron #20: Banol Beach

things to do in coron banol beach

We had a stopover at this beach for our lunch of crabs, fresh fish, grilled pork belly, and local vegetable salad. It was really a feast!

Banol Beach has fine, powdery white sand lined the beachfront. I very much enjoyed beach-bumming and swimming during our stop here. 


Things to Do in Coron #21: Hidden Lagoon

things to do in coron hidden lagoon

Coron’s Hidden Lagoon ion is another Instagram friendly location with impressive views of very clear aquamarine waters, with dramatic rock formations as a backdrop. It’s not much of a place for swimming and snorkeling, but it still provides incredible sightseeing.