Read below for our hand picked must-try Michelin star restaurants in Paris, offering some of the most unique experiences in French cuisine.

There is no shortage of Michelin starred restaurants in Paris when it comes to luxury dining. For many tourists, they ensure their list of things to do in the city of lights, include staying in luxury hotels in Paris and experiencing some of the unique gastro experiences in the world. 

French cuisine is world-famous, and top chefs from all around the world have set up their restaurants in Paris. We’ve outlined some of our favorite Michelin-starred restaurants in the City of Light to help you get a head start.

Prepare your taste buds – we’re taking a look at some of the city’s best Michelin-rated restaurants.

Below is a list of restaurants with Michelin stars that you need to include in your itinerary on your next visit to Paris. 

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About Michelin Guide Restaurants

The Michelin Guide began to award stars to fine dining establishments in France in 1926. Since then, Michelin Stars have become a renowned international rating system for exceptional cuisine. In 2020, Paris was home to a whopping 119 Michelin star restaurants, placing it second on the list of cities with the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world (behind Tokyo). With so many quality dining options available, it’s not easy to pick and choose.


#1: Epicure

Paris Neighborhood: Ave. Montaigne, 8th arrondissement
Address: 112 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Epicure most expensive restaurant in paris

This five star restaurant is considered one of the most expensive restaurants in Paris. Epicure has a three-star Michelin star rating, led by its renowned Chef Eric Frechon who seamlessly blends modern luxury dining with French traditional gastronomy experience. 

Some of the standouts from the famous chef’s menu are stuffed macaroni with black truffle, duck foie gras, and artichoke, along the gratinée with aged parmesan. Many of Epicure’s guests travel to Paris just to have this unique gastro experience.

Epicure provides the epitome of fine, luxury dining. The location itself is stunning, giving guests a garden dining experience throughout the summer. Epicure is also in one of the best neighborhoods in Paris. The staff was friendly and welcoming, the service was outstanding, the atmosphere was sophisticated and warm, and the food was exquisite.

#2: La Cour Jardin

Paris Neighborhood: Champs-Elysées
Address: 25 Avenue Montaigne

La Cour Jardin most expensive restaurant in paris

La Cour Jardin is a five-star restaurant led by celebrated Chef, Mathieu Emeraud, who brings the Mediterranean taste in the courtyard of Plaza Athenée. The award-winning Chef has extensive training from renowned international chefs like Alain Ducasse and Gordon Ramsay. 

The menu from La Cour Jardin specializes in a vast array of sweet and savory dishes. Indulge in selections like Greek-style blue lobster, mouthwatering wild sea bass ceviche, juicy chicken supreme on a bed of girolle mushrooms, and dessert selections from an award-winning Pastry chef, Angelo Musa. 

The luxury dining experience at La Cour Jardin is part of the glamorous inner courtyard of Plaza Athenée, right on the luxury shopping district of Avenue Montaigne. 

#3: La Galerie

Paris Neighborhood: Champs Elysées
Address: 25 Avenue Montaigne

La Galerie most expensive restaurant in paris

La Galerie is another five-star restaurant in luxury hotel Plaza Athenée, led by celebrated chef Philippe Marc. It is a famous Parisian spot for breakfast, a light lunch, or meet friends and spend the afternoon for tea.

The menu at La Galerie offers freshly-baked pastries for breakfast and contemporary Parisian cuisine for lunch and dinner. 

The decor of La Galerie adds to the five-star dining experience. Famed interior designer, Bruno Moinard, conceptualized the elegant Parisian decor of La Galerie. The gentle melodies of the resident harpist add to the calm and chic vibe of the luxury dine-in experience. 

#4: La Terrasse Montaigne

Paris Neighborhood: Champs Elysées
Address: 25 Avenue Montaigne

La Terrasse Montaigne most expensive restaurant in paris

La Terrasse Montaigne is the perfect five-star restaurant for those looking for Parisian al fresco dining experience. 

Chef Philippe Marc uses ingredients that of the highest quality, and the preparation is top-notch. The Chef has a fantastic talent for integrating flavor and texture, with each dish seeming to enhance the experience of the wonderful flavors.

The service here, hands down, is nothing short of amazing. The staff is exceptionally attentive and time their presence in a very nondescript yet appropriate manner. Each dish was served rhythmically, not too quickly, so that you feel rushed but not too delayed so that you’re waiting. Drinks were refilled continuously. Empty plates, new silverware, complimentary condiments appeared and disappeared seamlessly. We didn’t have to ask for anything throughout the meal. 

#5: Sur Mesure

Paris Neighborhood: Place Vendôme, 1st arrondissement
Address: 251 Rue Saint-Honoré

sur mesure most expensive restaurant in paris

Sur Mesure is an haute couture dining experience in Paris, led by famed chef Thierry Marx. The restaurant has a two Michelin star rating.

This five-star dining restaurant in Paris offers a complete sensory experience for gourmands. The cuisine was prepared in such a way as to emphasize shapes, colors, textures, and temperatures according to the season — intending to appeal to virtually every physical, sensory process. They give you the tasting menu at the start of the meal, so you know what to expect and the ingredients in every bite.  

The restaurant is part of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris. The decor is all white to not compete with the culinary journey. In the middle of the restaurant is a glass enclosure that emits natural light. The general vibe here felt very modern and hip, with its purity and aesthetic, designed not to distract your sensory appetite.

#6: L’Abeille

Paris Neighborhood: Trocadéro, 16th arrondissement
Address: 10 Avenue d’Iéna

L'abeille most expensive restaurant in paris

L’Abeille is a luxury restaurant in Paris led by executive Chef Christophe Moret, who has 20 years of experience in French gastronomy. Moret has a long list of other three-star Michelin restaurants, most notably with renowned chef Alain Ducasse in Louis XV in Monaco. 

The five-star restaurant has an in-house sommelier to help you decide on the perfect wine for your tastes. Some of the popular items on the menu are the lamb and duck dish, and foie gras tart as the appetizer. Each dish is thoughtfully put together.  

From its haute cuisine menu, it’s easy to see why L’Abeille has a prestigious two-star Michelin rating. 

#7: Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse

restaurant le meurice most expensive restaurant in paris

Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse is led by Executive Chef, Amaury Bouhours, who has worked for another acclaimed restaurant by Alain Ducasse in Paris. Ducasse praises Chef Amaury Bouhours for his take on French gastronomy.

The classic haute cuisine at this five-star restaurant uses exceptional ingredients that remain authentic to their pure flavors until they reach the plate. 

The interior decor of Le Meurice Alain Ducasse adds to the luxury dining experience with the Versailles inspired decoration from wall to ceiling. It’s an exceptional dining experience you won’t have anywhere else in Paris. 

#8: Il Carpaccio

Paris Neighborhood: Champs Élysées, 8th arrondissement
Address: 37 Avenue Hoche

Il carpaccio 5 star restaurant in paris

Il Carpaccio is a Michelin star restaurant in Paris, led by Italian Chef Roberto Rispoli. The restaurant is part of the luxury hotel, Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris. 

The menu at Il Carpaccio is mouthwatering and full of sophisticated dishes, concocted from ingredients that remain pure to traditional regional recipes from all around Italy. 

The five star restaurant setting is elegant and chic, with impeccable design that adds to the unique gastro experience in Paris. 

#9: Matsuhisa Paris 

matsuhisa 5 star restaurant in paris

Five-star restaurant Matsuhisa Paris is led by Japanese Chef Hideki Endo and his team of sushi masters. The experience of dining at Matsuhisa Paris brings a uniquely contemporary vision of Japanese cuisine.

The award-winning Chef also uses exquisite local ingredients to create extraordinary dishes that blend Japanese and French haute cuisine. Try the seaweed tacos with black truffle, Wagyu beef ravioli with foie gras, and the unique crispy oysters with caviar. The dishes are complemented by a selection of sake and classic cocktails to compliment Nobu’s culinary masterpieces perfectly.

Following in the footsteps of the Japanese chefs who set up shop in Paris after working in some of the capital’s top establishments, Endo pays a superb homage to French cuisine with a particular Japanese sensibility. Very good value for money! Bear in mind you will need to book several weeks in advance. Tasting menu at lunchtime and on Saturdays, à la carte menu in the evenings during the week.

#10: Pur Jean-François Rouquette

Paris Neighborhood: Champs Élysées, 8th arrondissement
Address: 37 Avenue Hoche

pur jean-francois rouquette 5 star restaurant in paris

Michelin star restaurant Pur Jean-François Rouquette is one of the first restaurants in Paris to offer an open kitchen concept. The restaurant is led by Jean-François Rouquette, who serves his signature dishes from 35 years of experience in the industry. His intriguing interpretation of shines light on the sublime flavors of domestically sourced produce like abalone and monkfish

Pur Jean-François Rouquette provides the epitome of fine dining. The staff was friendly and welcoming, the service was outstanding, the atmosphere was sophisticated and warm, and the food was exquisite.

Other Michelin Guide Restaurants in Paris to Try:


One star One of the city’s most difficult restaurants to reserve, you’ll have to plan your trip to Paris around an evening at the in-demand Septime , and not the other way around. The one Michelin star restaurant aims to respect the heritage of French cuisine while moving on from traditional and more formal fine dining. This can be seen first of all in the price, with the seven-course tasting menu a surprisingly affordable €95, plus drinks, with a five-course menu available for lunch priced at €60.

Chef Bertrand Grébaut spent years training under French greats like Jöel Rebuchon and Alain Passard. And his culinary training and expertise shines through at Septime. The imaginative menu focuses on modern, creative lunch menu, and changes often. A fresh take on the basics is welcomed here, and has made Septime extremely popular with locals and first-timers alike. As with any Michelin-starred restaurant, lunch is a much more affordable option than dinner, and the portions are usually really comparable.