Picking the best travel hashtags is a sure way to beat Instagram’s algorithm change. 

As many of you know, Instagram’s algorithm changes affect our videos and images’ organic reach. When Instagram ditched the chronological feed, it is no longer sure that our followers will see our content as they scroll their feed. Instead, Instagram decides which content is more relevant to you based on its algorithm. 

The algorithm changes affect everybody’s engagement using the platform, most especially travel influencers who rely on paid Instagram sponsorships, or digital nomads who use the platform for their work from home online jobs.

However, a strategy that seems everyone tends to forget on how to beat the algorithm is the power to use hashtags. 

Using the best Instagram travel hashtags, most notably for travel influencers, assures that their content will have an organic reach beyond their followers. 

Considering the number of travel hashtags available out there, it is hard to pick which one to use. 

This post will cover the different types of hashtags to use depending on your travel niche to help you get the best engagement for your travel content!

How Popular Travel Hashtags Work on Instagram

Instagram popular travel hashtags

There are three ways to reach a brand new audience using the right Instagram hashtags, in stories, feed post, and getting discovered on the Search page. Let’s take a look below on how it works for each:

1. Travel Hashtags on Instagram Stories

Instagram stories travel hashtag

Instagram rolled out a feature where users can follow a hashtag on stories a couple of years ago. The new feature meant that you could get more views on your stories from people following the hashtag.

2. Travel Hashtags on Instagram Feed Post

The feed post is where we generally put our favorite Instagram travel hashtags. It allows our content to appear on people’s main feed even if they do not follow our travel Instagram page. 

3. Travel Hashtags on Search Page

When we search for a specific hashtag, the search page divides the results into two categories: ‘Popular and ‘Most Recent.’

The popular section shows content with your select travel hashtag with the most engagement, while the ‘most recent’ shows recently posted content. 

Best Instagram Travel Hashtags Per Niche

Choosing the right hashtags for your travel content largely depends on the travel niche you are in. 

As you know, the travel niche is quite broad and has many different facets and sub-niches that can range from luxury travel to adventure.

To get you up to speed, I broke down a few travel niches with the best Instagram hashtags.

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Luxury Travel

Instagram luxury travel hashtags

If you have pictures and videos of staying in luxury villas in the Maldives, or traveling in-style like flying in first class, then the following luxury travel hashtags below will come in handy. Let’s take a few of them below:

1. #luxurytravel – 6.3 million posts

The standard luxury travel hashtag for your content. Considering this hashtag has over 6.3 million posts, much of the content that is prioritized on the search page has followers that are over 50K. 

2. #luxurytravelandhotels – More than 1000 posts

If you have content that features super expensive and luxury hotels in Bali or the Maldives, then the #luxurytravelandhotels hashtag is the perfect hashtag for your content. 

3. #luxurytraveldaily – 76.6K posts

The #luxurytraveldaily is an excellent hashtag if you have extra content lying around that you want to post to inspire your followers. 

4. #luxurytravelblogger – 48.6K posts

The hashtag #luxurytravelblogger focuses more on the individual (blogger or influencer) than the actual luxury travel itself. This is a great hashtag to use because it is not as competitive with only 48 thousand posts. Much of the Instagram profiles that are included in the popular search have under 10 thousand followers. 

5. #luxurytravelagent – 31K posts

#Luxurytravelagent is a useful hashtag if you have a travel online business! The popular page’s content is a mix of people (the travel agents) and the destination they are offering. 

6. #luxurytravels – 135K posts

Not to be confused with the first hashtag! The #luxurytravels hashtag has one more letter at the end, but with fewer posts to compete with. Many of the Instagram accounts on the popular search page features accounts with less than 25 thousand followers. 

7. #luxurytravelguide – More than 5000 posts

The #luxurytravelguide hashtag has only 5000 posts on the search page, but much of the content is getting high engagements with likes averaging 300 and above. 

8. #luxuryhotel – 2.6 million posts

The #luxuryhotel hashtag is a little bit more competitive than #luxurytravelandhotels hashtag, which might be a little bit of a disadvantage for Instagram accounts with fewer followers. 

9. #firstclass – 1.3 million posts

Mixing it up a bit and taking the word luxury out of the hashtag! If you are traveling in luxury, chances are you are going to be flying in first class. Don’t miss this popular hashtag when you take a picture of your seat in first class.

10. #firstclasslounge – 19.7k posts

If you fly in first class, there’s no doubt you will be spending some time in fancy first-class lounges. There are plenty of Instagrammable first-class lounges in the world, so make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos!

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Digital Nomads

Digital nomad Instagram travel hashtags

In recent years, the rise of digital nomads has opened an endless list of Instagram hashtags for people to discover the lifestyle of working while traveling the world. If you are a digital nomad that want to take your Instagram page to the next level, below are the following hashtags for you to use:

11. #digitalnomad – 3 million posts

The hashtag #digitalnomad has over three million posts and is a standard post for many digital nomad contents. 

12. #digitalnomads – 714K posts

#Digitalnomads is a variation of the first hashtag, with an extra’s’ at the end. The variation has only 714 thousand posts, which is a lot easier to be featured on the search page than the first hashtag. 

13. #digitalnomadspirit – 20.1K posts

The digital nomad spirit hashtag features content from Instagram users showing their work and travel lifestyle. The hashtag only has 20.1K posts, which is pretty easy to be featured on the search page. 

14. #digitalnomadlifestyle – 98.1K posts

#Digitalnomadlifestyle has over 98.1K posts, both containing pictures and videos. Although the hashtag is quite competitive with over 98.1K posts, much of the account on the featured page has less than 10 thousand followers. 

15. #digitalnomadoffice – More than 1000 posts

The #digitalnomadoffice has over 1000 posts and is easy to be featured on the search explore page. If you have content working alongside the beach or in a trendy café somewhere around the world, make sure to include this hashtag and your post!

16. #digitalnomadbali – More than 1000 posts

Bali is one of the digital nomad hot spots in recent years. The city has trendy cafés with high-speed wifi, which is the perfect place for Digital Nomads!

17. #digitalnomadchiangmai – More than 5000 posts

Whereas Bali is a new hot spot for digital nomads, the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand has been the original hot spot for Digital Nomads. It has everything a digital nomad would want: cheap accommodation, high-speed wifi, and trendy cafés for people to work!

18. #digitalnomadwomen – 18.9K posts

More and more women are quitting their traditional corporate jobs to pursue a digital nomad’s lifestyle. 

19. #digitalnomadgirl – 22.5K posts

A variation to #digitalnomadwomen hashtag is #digitalnomadgirl! Add this hashtag to #digitalnomadwomen for added exposure and reach to your content. 

20. #digitalnomadfamily – 31.6K posts

Digital nomad family is a thing! I’ve met plenty of parents in my recent travels who sold their belongings to travel around the world. 

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Adventure Travel

Adventure travel Instagram hashtags

The adventure travel hashtag is for the thrill-seekers who have content to show for it! Let’s take a look at the different types of hashtags you can post on Instagram. 

21. #adventure – 103 million posts

The adventure hashtag is the standard hashtag for this niche. It contains over 103 million posts, most of which come from accounts with over 50 thousand followers.

22. #adventuretime – 13.4 million posts

Adventure time hashtag features content with a mixture of landscape and activity related pictures and videos. The total post for this hashtag is over 13.4 million posts, which is a lot easier to be featured than the #adventure hashtag.  

23. #adventurebike – 407K posts

The hashtag for the bike lovers! The #adventurebike hashtag features content that showcases motorbikes more so than a regular bike. 

24. #adventurelife – 1.1 million posts

A popular hashtag for people who want to show off their destination. This hashtag mostly features people, as opposed to focusing on landscape, on the Instagram search results. 

25. #adventuretravel – 1.8 million posts

With 1.8 million posts, the #adventuretravel hashtag is a perfect hashtag for your Instagram travel content. The hashtag receives 1.8 million posts with high engagement (comments and likes) on the search results page. 

26. #adventureseeker – 1.7 million posts

Adventure seeker hashtag has over 1.7 million posts and would go well in addition to any of the adventure travel hashtags on this list. 

27. #adventurephilippines – 170K posts

Do you have plenty of content featuring famous islands and beaches of the Philippines? Don’t forget to add this hashtag to your post and the other adventure travel hashtags on this post to optimize your content’s visibility.

28. #adventurecouple – 209K posts

There are plenty of Instagram couples who are traveling the world today. And there’s no doubt that they’ve used this hashtag at least once!

29. #adventurefamily 138K posts

If adventure couple is a thing, so is adventure family. If you have a family with plenty of content from your travels, don’t forget to use this hashtag!

30. #adventuregram – 324K posts

Adding the word gram on any word is a sure way to reach some new eyeballs and engagement. The hashtag #adventurgram is a perfect example of that!

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Lifestyle 

Luxury Travel hashtag on Instagram

Lifestyle is a popular niche that is a fusion of travel, fashion, beauty, and style. Considering the versatility of the niche, there are plenty of hashtags you can play with here. Let’s take a look:

31. #luxurylifestyle – 26.7 million posts

A hashtag to show off fancy travels, fancy clothes, fancy shoes, fancy brands – anything fancy!

32. #luxurystyle – 3.2 million posts

If you have an outfit that costs over several months’ worth of rent, then the #luxurystyle hashtag is an excellent candidate to go along with your post. 

33. #luxuryliving – 5.2 million posts

The luxury living hashtag has over 5.2 million posts and is a perfect hashtag for lifestyle influencers who have content with fancy houses, expensive cars, and a ton of bling. 

34. #luxuryfashion – 3.4 million posts

The #luxuryfashion the perfect Instagram hashtag for the lifestyle fashionistas who are up to date with today’s trendy fashion. 

35. #luxurybrand – 1.5 million posts

Do you have expensive things? Use the #luxurybrand hashtag to feature your finest things!

36. #luxurydestination – 212K posts

Part of being a lifestyle influencer is traveling to destinations where not many can afford to travel. Use the #luxurydestination Instagram hashtag for your content. 

37. #luxuryyacht – 519K posts

If you have a yacht to show off and you aren’t using this Instagram hashtag, then you are missing out in possibly being featured among 519 thousand posts. 

38. #luxurygoals – 155K posts

Luxury goals hashtag features content from Instagram accounts that curate a luxury type of content. 

39. #luxuryinteriors – 1.3 million posts

As a lifestyle niche Instagram account, you are bound to feature content of glamorous hotel or home interiors. 

40. #privatejet – 982K posts

The lifestyle of flying private jet because first class is enough!

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Photography 

photography hashtag on instagram

To stand out as a travel Instagrammer, your photography would have to be on point. Below is a list of travel hashtags to showcase your photography skills. 

41. #photography – 594 million posts

The standard #photography hashtag is quite popular, with 594 million posts. Unless you have an Instagram following in the hundreds of thousands, it would be quite hard to get featured on the search page for this travel hashtag. 

42. #travelphotography – 121 million posts

The #travelphotography hashtag is slightly less competitive than #photography hashtag, giving you a better chance of getting featured on the popular page. 

43. #theglobewanderer – 7.3 million posts

The #globewanderer hashtag features some of Instagram’s most exceptional photography content. The hashtag comes from the popular @theglobewanderer page and The Globe Wanderer travel blog. 

44. #welivetoexplore – 8.2 million posts

The hashtag #welivetoexplore features similar content as #theglobewanderer in terms of photography and video style. 

45. #naturephotography – 114 million posts

Do you have some jaw-dropping nature shots you want to share? Use #naturephotography as your hashtag along with your post. 

46. #photographydaily – 1 million posts

A useful hashtag for everyday photography content on Instagram. 

47. #landscapephotography – 38.7 million posts

The landscape photography content is similar to #naturephotography hashtag, except the competition is easier with 38.7 million posts. 

48. #dronephotography – 5.5 million posts

It’s pretty rare these days to be in the travel niche and not have a drone shot. Use #dronephotography as your hashtag for your content. 

49. #underwaterphotography – 3.8 million posts

For the ocean lovers out there with plenty of underwater content, this Instagram hashtag is for you!

50. #gopro – 45.4 million posts

Who travels without a GoPro these days? The #GoPro hashtag is also perfect for adventure seekers.

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Bucket List Trips

bucket list travel hashtag on Instagram

Not many of us have been to every country in the world, which is why the bucket list hashtags work well in the travel niche. Let’s take a look below:

51. #bucketlist – 10.1 million posts

The standard hashtag with 10.1 million posts. 

52. #bucketlistadventures – 183K posts

The #bucketlistadventures is a great hashtag to use because it is not as competitive as #bucketlist.  

53. #bucketlisttravel – 180K posts

We notice that a lot of content on the popular page features Instagram accounts between 1000 to 5000 followers. 

54. #bucketlistfamily – 32K posts

The bucket list family hashtag was made popular by the coolest family on Instagram, @thebucketlistfamily

55. #bucketlistideas – 19.7K posts

The bucket list ideas hashtag is an excellent opportunity to be featured on the popular search page with only 19.7K posts. 

56. #bucketlistgoals – 31.5K posts

Another great hashtag of choice to land on the popular page of Instagram. 

57. #beautifuldestinations – 45.3 Million posts

The beautiful destinations hashtag became trendy after the popular travel Instagram account, @beautifuldestinations.

58. #bucketlistnow – 13.7k posts

The #bucketlistnow hashtag only has 13.7k posts, which gives you an excellent opportunity to land on the popular search page and even remain on that page for a few days.

59. #bucketlistchecked – 93.5K posts

The feel-good hashtag! The bucket list checked Instagram hashtag goes well with the other hashtags on this list. 

60. #bucketlist2020 – More than 1000 posts

The current global pandemic may have halted many of our travel bucket list for this year. But let’s hope 2021 will be a better year!

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Wellness Travel

travel hashtag wellness retreat on Instagram

Wellness travel is a booming sector of the travel industry in recent years, and it shows with the amount of content that goes live on Instagram featuring the following hashtags below.

61. #wellness – 38 million posts

The standard hashtag for this niche with 38 million total posts. 

62. #wellnessjourney – 1.5 million posts

The wellness journey hashtag goes excellent along with the rest of the hashtags on this list, make sure to add it!

63. #wellnesstips – 195K posts

Content about self-care tips floods the popular page for this hashtag. 

64. #wellnesslifestyle – 246K posts

Wellness lifestyle hashtag has over 246K posts, with accounts with less than a thousand followers featured on the popular search page. 

65. #wellnessretreat – 210K posts

The wellness retreat hashtag is all about showing activities to improve and maintain a mental and physical well being. 

66. #wellnesshotel – 141K posts

The wellness hotel hashtag mostly features nature and lush landscape surrounding the hotel. 

67. #wellnesstourism – 10.3K posts

It’s all about healthy living while traveling!

68. #wellnessresort – 19K posts

The #wellnessresort hashtag is similar content to #wellnesshotel, with the difference this hashtag being less competitive than #wellnesshotel. 

69. #wellnesstravel – 105K posts

The #wellnesstravel hashtag is similar to #wellnesstourism, except it’s slightly more competitive to be featured on the popular page. 

70. #wellnessspa – 50.1k Posts

It’s hard to pamper yourself and not be in a spa! Use #wellnessspa as your hashtag for this post.