Post summar: this article is a list of 8 of the best restaurants in Le Marais.

I’m a creature of habit – when I find something I like, I tend to stick with it.

For the most part, I tend to pretty much hang out around Le Marais whenever I’m in Paris. My friends usually have to force and drag me out of this arrondissement because of the obscene amount of time I spend in the hood.

But how could I not?!

Le Marais is one of the best neighborhoods in Paris. It is full of everything I love about Paris: boutique shops, fantastic restaurants, luxury hotels, world-class boulangeries – all intertwined along narrow, picturesque cobblestone streets that you see in those typical romantic Parisian movies.

And it makes me feel right at home!

Since I’m a creature of habit, I also tend to go to the same places to eat in Le Marais.

Below is a list of my favorite places to eat or hang out whenever in Le Marais:

Best Restaurants Le Marais #1: L’As du Fallafel

Best restaurants in Le Marais L'As du Fallafel
Where to eat in Le Marais – L’As du Fallfafel

When you’re in Paris, you take the time to go to L’As du Fallafel – end of the story as far as I’m concerned.

L’As du Fallafel is a famous falafel shop in the Marais district of Paris. The shop is Jewish owned, and everything is Kosher. I stopped by because I had heard about the rave reviews of this place. There was a massive line for take-out. However, they had seating available inside, so I went with that option and ordered chicken shawarma and some falafel. Seating was a bit cramped, and there was a nice mix of tourists, practicing Jews, and Muslims. Everyone was made to feel welcome!

10 falafel – 4.50 euros – I’m not a big fan of falafel, but I have to say these were the best falafel balls that I had tried. They were so crispy on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside. The tahini sauce was provided to dip the falafel in. I really enjoyed them!

Chicken shawarma pita – 9.50 euros – I was surprised at how much tender pieces of chicken were stuffed into this pita. It was definitely worth the price, and one of the best chicken shawarma’s that I have had!

Overall, I was really impressed with the falafel and chicken shawarma here. The pricing is reasonable, and the food is delicious! It’s a great place to go to get one’s Mediterranean fix!

Best Restaurants Le Marais #2: Les Philosophes

Best restaurants Le Marais Les Philosophes
Where to eat in Le Marais – Les Philosophes

Les Philosophes is right along the charming street of Rue Vieille du Temple; this Marais restaurant offers some of the best cuisines in the Marais for the right price.

My favorite: the traditional boeuf bourguignon!

You may be surprised and impressed to read the owner using organic ingredients and discloses where all his ingredients are sourced on the back of the menu.

Some of my other favorite items on the menu:

“French” Onion Soup

Organic onions grilled with Vieille Resérve Comté Cheese- I got excited reading about the use of organic onions and Resérve Comté cheese. Enter my “French” Onion Soup. Where’s the 2 cups of butter blanketing the crock bowl. I paused, staring at my Soup, wondering if I made a mistake. And then, nearly every bite seemed to have cheese a lot. So good, I highly recommend it.

Traditional Confit Duck Leg (House Specialty)

I just realized duck just might have become my favorite protein. The duck was cooked in perfection. The meat is so tender that you wouldn’t even need a knife because it just falls off the bone. The confit duck is tender, flavorful, and exceptionally cooked.

Best Restaurants Le Marais #3: Breizh Café

Best restaurants Le Marais Breizh café
Where to eat in Le Marais – Breizh Café

Over ten years of visiting Paris, this Le Marais restaurant is a part of my “Best of Paris” list. Honestly, I don’t think I ever had crepes like this before – the only other place I had crepes in France was nowhere near as right as Breizh.

First, Breizh has a large variety of crepes, both savory and sweet, to choose from. Though you can get some classic and straightforward crepes, they also offer some more colorful ones that you can’t find in most creperies. I would describe some of them like “crepe pizzas” because they contain a lot of cheese, meat, and sometimes sauce. The savory one I had here was with an egg and no sauce – but it was still delicious. I have never had a crepe before that felt “heavy” like what this place gave me.

Besides their crepes, Breizh also offers a lot of cider options! I am guesstimating because crepes originate from Brittany, and that region is known, like Normandy, for its apples. Regardless of the reason, I love cider and enjoyed what they offered here. Most of their options are in bottles for groups, but a few come offered as glasses, which is excellent if you explore this place alone.

The seating here is quite limited, unfortunately. Though it’s not close to any super big attractions that I am aware of, I think Breizh itself is quite popular to both locals and tourists are frequent patrons. I was able to grab a seat thankfully, but it can feel a little Claustrophobic inside.

Though it’s a bit far to get to, I highly recommend this place for crepe or cider fans. Perhaps there are closer chains of Breizh in the heart of Paris for tourists to go to, but I can’t say whether or not the seating arrangements there are any better.

Best Restaurants Le Marais #4: Chez Janou

Best restaurants Le Marais Chez Janou
Where to eat in Le Marais – Chez Janou

This Marais restaurant is a must-visit restaurant whenever I’m in Paris. The food is incredible. And I love the low lighting, energetic, bistro vibe. All French menus, so do a little homework on the dishes before you arrive if you don’t know much French. 

They have a fantastic allergen menu too if you need to watch out for that. My gluten-free friends got through this menu super quickly and were impressed with the options. It’s a place to spend a nice amount of time. No one is rushing you out; you enjoy conversation over multiple bottles of wine and good company. I love love love it here. Favorite dishes: duck breast, ravioli, and the creme brûlée and the chocolate mousse are the perfect combos to enjoy as a meal ender. Each has a delicate balance to make the dessert a perfect duo.

Best Restaurants Le Marais #5: Les Piétons

Best restaurants Le Marais Les pietons
Where to eat in Le Marais – Les Piétons

After grabbing a few pints at a few of the brilliant Châtelet pubs, we stopped into Piétons for some authentic tapas. We were very much impressed and is one of the best places to eat in Marais. The staff at the restaurant were all from Spain and knew their tapas. We had a few things like Spanish chicken and the paella and even sampled some of their Spanish/French fusion dishes like the ratatouille with serrano ham, which was terrific. The service and staff were brilliant, and the prices were spot on. An excellent spot for lunch or dinner any time sure.

Best Restaurants Le Marais #6: Le Temps des Cerises

Best restaurants Le Marais le temps des cerises
Where to eat in Le Marais – Le Temps des Cerises

Some of my favorite items on the menu at this restaurant in Le Marais:

Lamb: Very tender and well-marinated – no gamey tastes at all. It’s all in the sauce. The carrot was also good, although the portion is a bit small.

Duck Breast: Savory and delicious and plentiful. The duck is also really tender. The berry sauce adds just the perfect amount of sweetness.

All of the dishes came with mashed potatoes, which was appreciated because the dishes weren’t too filling.

Moelleux: Decadent and creamy. Really nice finisher! The hard sugar piece on top was all right; it tasted okay but got stuck in my teeth.

They have a high menu – unfortunately, they did run out of many menu items by the time we were seated at 8 PM. Servers were friendly and offered to translate the menu. Prices are quite reasonable for Paris – for example, they offer 12 escargots for 12 euros (!).

Best Restaurants Le Marais #7: Candelaria

Best restaurants Le Marais candelaria
Where to eat in Le Marais – Candelaria

This Le Marais restaurant is worth all the hype. Make the reservation, and be sure to stop by Candelaria for drinks during your time in Paris! We started with tacos in the front (delicious and loved the assortment of hot sauces) before sliding through the back door into the bar. The dim lighting and worn wooden barstools create a cozy and romantic vibe. On a Suze kick (when in France!), I ordered the Ugly Wu Di, and it was precisely that earth, a vegetal drink I craved. My friend went with a more tame pisco drink that was very pleasant and pink. My only regret is that they were busy, and with few bartenders and servers compared to the number of guests, we only got to experience one drink each. I hope to come back to try a second round!

Best Restaurants Le Marais #8: Robert et Louise

Best restaurants Le Marais robert et louise
Where to eat in Le Marais – Robert et Louise

This Marais restaurant was recommended by friends, who described it as “one of their favorite meals while in Paris,” which I very much agree with their sentiment. Try their hefty rib-eye, which comes with potatoes and a lovely, dressed salad. They serve mustard with the steak on the side, and that was life-changing! So much so that I brought home a plethora of French mustard in my suitcase just for this new taste sensation. For dessert, order the creme brulee and chocolate cake.