I realized a few days ago that I’ve been on the road for a solid 9 months, starting my trip in late September in Europe, South America (Colombia), before making my way to the Phiippines.

It’s been a wonderful and enriching 9 months so far. But also, somewhat exhausting.

Since my travels, all the good habits I’ve worked hard to be a part of my daily routine ­— regular sleeping patterns, regular 5:30 a.m. morning workouts, the strength to say no to fast food (that constant battle to walk away whenever I pass by Jollibee), morning meditation — have all been a struggle to maintain while on the road.

But I WANT to bring back (and keep) that consistent daily routine!

I asked Health & Wellness coach from Boston, Kiki Walker, for some tips and advice on how to stick to this personal challenge.

1. Any tips when I get that raging crave for junk food or anything sweet?

Mick, it’s very common while traveling and off your ‘normal’ routine to have cravings and temptations that do not tend to hit you when you are in your normal groove.

You are traveling, so you should be able be adventurous and be able to experience the local culture through the food & beverages they are known for. However, the key word here is moderation!

Allow yourself a local treat here and there, maybe once or twice per week, but please notice I didn’t say daily 🙂

2. What are some healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner that I can virtually find/make anywhere in the world?

This is a great questions and I know will be so helpful for others to hear. I know you don’t want to throw away your healthy lifestyle just because you are traveling.

While on the road, hard boiled eggs (if you are enjoying more than one egg, please enjoy one with the yolk, others discard the yolk please, one is plenty!) Many countries, or right here in the US offer, what we consider lunch food for breakfast. An open face sandwich on rye crackers (wasa type bread), with sliced chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Also, oatmeal can be found in most anywhere, just make sure to ask that it has been made with water, then add cinnamon and fresh berries.

3. Some healthy snack tips?

Fruits and almonds! Always easy to have on hand when headed out for a day of exploring or traveling to your next destination.

Fruits are a great source of dietary fiber and vitamin C, while almonds contain plenty of healthy fats, fiber, protein, and magnesium!

4. But what if I’m still craving food after snacking?

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! When traveling it is very easy to forget to drink water!

Drinking plenty of water and being properly hydrated is a great way to kill hunger cravings. One trick is to drink a 12 ounce glass of luke warm water before meals — it will keep you from over eating!


5. Some may not realize that traveling can be taxing on the body. Any tips on how to combat this?

You are right – traveling can be physically demanding on the body. Think about it, when you are crossing time zones, carrying heavy backpacks or lugging luggage from one destination to another, walking all day, and so forth — it can be physically draining.

But the single most important thing you can do to prevent burn out?

SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP! BTW – cat naps are a great idea! Eat healthy food full of vitamins and minerals! Drink water!



6. I consider myself healthy, fit, and with plenty of stamina, but how is it that I feel fatigue set in so early whenever I’m sightseeing?

First, I wouldn’t advise seeing the entire city or destination all in one day. It’s hard for me to imagine how that could be enjoyable! Obviously, there will be circumstances that you have to ‘rush’ through a city in order to fit all of your travel plans in, but when possible, take your time and actually enjoy the city you are visiting. Slow down your pace and spread your itinerary, if possible. You’ll be able to get to know the area more and really enjoy the experience, instead of rushing from one place to another just to say you’ve crossed it off your bucket list. I often remind my clients when ever possible, act like a local; enjoy a local restaurant, cafe or bar. Sit on the steps of the museum you just toured and watch the people go by, I promise you will have a true feel for the destination you are visiting.

And secondly, STRETCH and/or MEDITATE BEFORE TOURING! Taking a few minutes everyday to wake up your muscles and calm one of your biggest muscles — your brain!

Think about it, you have a full day ahead wandering around. Just because you are walking around town, it’s easy to overlook that you are engaging quite a few of your muscle groups while on an all day tour. Most body parts are going to get a workout walking from one site to another, climbing stairs, carrying backpacks, and so on!

Make sure you dedicate 5-10 minutes of stretching & mediation before venturing out for the day!

7. I have a hard time meditating when I am not in my home in my normal meditation spot, can you offer any alternatives?


You can do breathing exercises virtually anywhere and at any time. Take ten minutes out of your busy traveling day, and just take a deep breath for 4 seconds, hold in for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. Be sure when breathing in that your stomach is pushing out – you are not practicing shallow breathing coming only from the top part of your chest.

Breathing exercises have plenty of advantages, one of which improves your energy level and reduce the stress of traveling!

8. You know how I love to skip rope. Any other workouts I can do while on the road?

no equipment cardio blast workouts can be done right in your hotel room or at a park close to where you are staying. Parks will have benches —perfect for step ups and lunges. Gliders and ankle bands take up no room in your suitcase – don’t forget to pack!





About the Personal Health Coach

Kiki Walker is a Personal Health and Wellness Coach based in Boston, MA. She guides and help her clients feel at their very best, and identify any causes that may be preventing them from doing so. She also work with families and individuals to be at their healthiest, with unique workout plans tailored towards your goals and objectives.

To schedule a free consultation, please visit her website at Kiki Walker Wellness.