Post Summary: Wondering where to stay in Paris? Here are the 12 Best Neighborhoods in Paris to give you a better idea what to expect, what to do, and where eat while in Paris!

Researching the best neighborhood in Paris is a challenge for many tourists traveling to the city of lights for the first time. Given the charm and character unique to each Parisian neighborhood (or arrondissement), picking two or three (let alone one!) is part of the challenge before finalizing your Paris itinerary. 

Some of the best neighborhoods in Paris today cater to every type of traveler – whether luxury travelers, digital nomads, couples, or families – which makes it hard to decide which arrondissement you should visit if you have a limited amount of time in Paris. 

In this article, we will look at the different characteristics and charm of the best neighborhood in Paris to help you decide where to stay in Paris

Before Deciding Where to Stay in Paris

best neighborhoods in paris

Before we jump in on the best neighborhoods in Paris to explore, we should first discuss how the city of Paris is laid out. 

The Seine River divides Paris into two, half the neighborhoods in Paris on the left side of the river, and the rest on the right side of the Seine. 

As you can see from the map, there are plenty of things to do while in Paris. The left side is where you can find the iconic Eiffel Tower, while the right side of the river lies the Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre. 

The Paris Arrondissement Snap Shot

best neighborhoods in paris from arc de triomphe

Paris has 20 arrondissements or neighborhoods for you to explore. But before I share the best neighborhoods in Paris, let’s take a look at a few different neighborhoods depending on your type of traveler. 

The Best Neighborhood in Paris for Luxury Travelers

Some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Paris are the following:

Saint-Germain-des-Prés (6th arrondissement) – The chic Parisian neighborhood is full of cafés and restaurants frequented by intellectuals, writers, filmmakers, and philosophers back in the day. 

Eiffel Tower (7th arrondissement) – It should be no surprise that surrounding neighborhoods near and around the Eiffel tower are some of the most expensive in Paris. The price tags are slightly higher in accommodations, restaurants, shopping compared to the rest of the neighborhoods in Paris

Avenue Montaigne (8th arrondissement) – Although Avenue Montaigne is technically not a neighborhood in Paris, it is one of the wealthiest streets in the city. You can find some of the most expensive luxury brands.

Trocadéro (16th Arrondissement) – The “seizième” arrondissement houses some of the most expensive real estate in Paris, such as the Auteuil villas, a luxury gated community with chateau-like houses. 

The Best Neighborhood in Paris for Digital Nomads

best neighborhoods in paris with view of the eiffel tower
Where to Stay in Paris? Eiffel Tower is an option!

Although Paris is not traditionally considered a digital nomad hub because of its price tag, more cafés and coworking spaces are popping up in Paris. 

Opera (9th Arrondissement) –  One of the world’s biggest coworking space companies, WeWork, has an office in Rue LaFayette covering six floors of a stately Parisian building. It’s a great neighborhood in Paris to network for digital nomads. 

The Best Neighborhood in Paris for Restaurants

Le Marais (4th arrondissement) – Le Marais has a few of my absolute favorite restaurants, brasseries, and cafés to hang out while in Paris. It’s a type of neighborhood in Paris where you can head down from your hotel or Airbnb and easily find some of the trendiest and traditional French food in Paris. 

The Best Neighborhood in Paris for Cafés

The Latin Quarter (5th and 6th arrondissement) – One of Paris’ most historic neighborhoods is the Latin Quarter. Latin Quarter is where you can find Paris’ famous Sorbonne University, where students flock many of the cafés surrounding the neighborhood. 

The Best Neighborhood in Paris for Couples

Montmartre (18th arrondissement) –  Montmartre is perched on a hill that overlooks the city of Paris. It is a perfect neighborhood for couples to stroll and sit on the steps of Sacré Coeur while having a glass of wine and cheese, overlooking the spectacular views of Paris. 

The Best Neighborhood in Paris for Families

Luxembourg (6th arrondissement) – The Luxembourg arrondissement is a perfect neighborhood in Paris for families. It’s quiet and not as hectic as some of the more touristy neighborhoods in Paris

The 12 Best Neighborhoods in Paris 

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #1: Le Marais

Paris Metro Stop Line 1: Hotel de Ville, Bastille, Saint- Paul

The Marais has some of the most Instagrammable streets in Paris, with narrow, cobblestones streets in every corner of the neighborhood. I consider Le Marais as one of the best neighborhoods in Paris because it has everything you would want in an urban Parisian city: terrace cafés, boutique shops, trendy and traditional French restaurants, nightlife, classic French bakery, and a vibe that just make you feel right at home. 

Hotels in in Le Marais

Le Relais Du MaraisThe hotel location is within walking distance to plenty of cafés and restaurants, and a striking distance to two metro stations. We found it easy to get to and a decent room in a good location for walking or taking the metro. The rooms are rather small, so I wouldn’t suggest staying here if you plan to spend a lot of time indoors, but if you’re looking for a clean, tidy, comfy bed as a base of operations this place is perfect.

Hotel de Neuve By Happy Culture – This hotel is centrally located in the heart of the Marais, within walking distance to Bastille and Saint Paul metro station. 

Hotel du Vieux Marais The Hotel is centrally located in the Marais, with nearby metro stops that can take you virtually anywhere in Paris. Some of the tourist attractions that are walking distance from this hotel are the Centre Pompidou, Hotel de Ville, and Place des Vosges.  

Restaurants to Try in Le Marais:

1. Les Philosophes – one of my all-time favorite restaurants, not just in Paris but in the world. At certain times, you will see people lining up around the street for a table at this restaurant – it’s that good! I recommend trying the traditional French cuisine, boeuf bouirguignon. 

2. Café Vitto – Café Vitto is an Italian restaurant on Rue du temple with a terrace seating where you can just sit back, enjoy their delicious pizza and spaghetti bolognese, and people watch. I find myself just sitting there for a few hours a day, sometimes!

3. Au Petit Versailles du Marais – One of Paris’ award-winning patisserie! The locals come here specifically for their famous pistachio croissants.  

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #2: Latin Quarter

Paris Metro Stop Line 4: Saint-Michel

best neighborhoods in paris from latin quarter
Where to Stay in Paris Option: Bastille!

The Latin Quarter has the quintessential Bohemian Parisian vibe full of quirky Parisian cafés and bookstores, like the famous Shakespeare and Co. Many tourists consider the Latin Quarter as one of the best neighborhoods in Paris because of the energy and the eclectic atmosphere just by walking around in the area.  

I particularly enjoy strolling around this neighborhood just to people from a terrace café, usually surrounded by students from the famous University of Sorbonne in Paris. 

Hotels in Latin Quarter:

Les Rives de Notre DameThe hotel is located in a perfect position just in front of a RERB station to the airport and a metro station. There are plenty of bars and restaurants just around the corner in the Latin Quarter. Despite all are tourists, you can eat decently at a low price. My room had a beautiful window view on Ile de la Citè and Notre Dame (see photo). All the staff was amicable and helpful. My room and my bathroom were not too small, compared to the typical size in other hotels in the center of Paris. The room heating was working well. 

Hotel Montecristo – Featuring a bar, Hôtel Montecristo is set in Paris, 1.9 km from Notre Dame Cathedral. The property is around 2.5 km from Opéra Bastille and 2.8 km from Pompidou Centre. The hotel features an indoor pool and a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi throughout the property.

Hotel Cluny Square – The location is excellent: pretty close to Notre-Dame, a cozy bakery with delicious breakfast menu right in front of the hotel, it is very close to the metro station. Latin Quarter is a beautiful place to live in Paris. Luxembourg Garden is 500 m from the hotel, and Notre-Dame Cathedral is a 7-minute walk away. 

Restaurants to Try in Latin Quarter

Les Deux Magots – Les Deux Magots was frequently visited by intellectuals and artists such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Picasso, to name a few. Don’t forget to bring a book or two while you hang out in this Parisian restaurant and people watch from time to time. 

Le Polidor – Le Polidor is famous for its blanquette de veau (veal stew) and my favorite French cuisine, beef bourguignon. Fun fact: Victor Hugo was a frequent visitor at Le Polidor and wrote parts of Les Misérables in this historic restaurant. 

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #3: Montmartre

Paris Metro Stop Line 12: Abesses, Line 2: Anvers

best neighborhoods in paris from sacre couer
Where to stay in Paris – Go to Montmartre!

I love walking around Montmartre because it is one of the few neighborhoods in Paris that offers a romantic view of the city. Montmartre is set on a hilly part of Paris, where you will see a flight of stairs on virtually every corner of this arrondissement. 

Montmartre is home of the famous Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge. 

Hotels in Montmartre:

Maison Souquet – Mason de Souquet is a five-star experience with an astonishing level of detail and thought put into everything that you can see, hear, touch, and smell. Guests love the unique and thematic decor, as well as the location of the hotel. 

Mom’Art Hotel – A quirky Parisian boutique hotel that is only 400 meters from Sacré-Coeur and a short distance walk to the Moulin Rouge. Each room has a lovely patio that overlooks the Montmartre neighborhood. Also, the hotel offers a delicious buffet breakfast.

Restaurants to try in Montmartre:

Chez La Mère Catherine – The Paris neighborhood of Montmartre houses some of the oldest restaurants in the city. Chez La Mère Catherine was founded in 1793, and you can try some of the best traditional French food here like the classic onion soup with bubbling melted cheese. YUM!

Sacrée Fleur – If you are in the Montmartre neighborhood and feel like having meat for dinner, Sacrée Fleur has your name waiting for reservation. Try their escargot for starters before your main entrée! 

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #4: Saint-Germain-Des-Près

Paris Metro Stop Line 4: Saint-Germain-des-Prés

best neighborhoods in paris from saint germain des pres
Where to Stay in Paris – try Saint-Germain-Des-Prés!

The Saint-Germain-Des-Prés neighborhood is a playground for luxury travelers who enjoy sitting in chic Parisian cafés, in between shopping from their favorite designer boutiques. The Parisian neighborhood is also a short walking distance to theaters, art galleries, historic cafés frequented by some of the most famous intellectuals and artists like Hemingway and Picasso, and tourist spots like Notre Dame. 

Hotels in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés

Hotel D’AubussonThis hotel is a 17th-century luxury private mansion near Saint-Germain-Des-Près, featuring rooms with antique furniture and marble bathrooms. The charming Hotel D’Aubusson has a jazz bar and an interior courtyard with a fountain.

Grand Hotel de L’Univers Saint-Germain –  The fancy hotel is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Saint-Germain-Des-Près, only a 15-minute walk from the Louvre Museum 12-minute walk from Notre Dame. There are a ton of quaint restaurants and café for you to explore in this Paris neighborhood

Hotel La Villa Saint Germain Des PrésA beautiful hotel at the heart of Saint Germain Des Prés. The hotel is only a 270-meter walk from Sait-Germain-des-Près Metro Station, surrounded by nearby café and boutique shops for you to explore. Check out the charming streets of Rue de Buci and Rue St Andre des Arts when you are here!

Restaurants to Try in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés

Café de Flore – Although Café de Flore is more of a ‘café’ than a restaurant, it is still quite a must-visit while in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés given its long list of famous writers, intellectuals, and artists of the past.

Le Procope – If you are looking for fancier dining in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Le Procope would be the restaurant. Le Procope was founded in 1686 and is the oldest restaurant in Paris who served famous regulars such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin.

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #5: Champs-Elysées

Paris Metro Stop: Line 1 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Line 1 Georges V, Line 1 Champs-Élysées Clemenceau

best neighborhoods in paris with view of champs elysees
Where to Stay in Paris? Champs-Élysées is a great neighborhood.

Champs-Elysées is a neighborhood in Paris that feels very much “French.” Think of Haussman designed apartment buildings that line up the grand boulevards of Champs-Elysees, with charming cafés and patisserie shops in every corner of the street. Apart from the famous Parisian boulevard of Champs-Élysées, you will find the iconic Arc de Triomphe in this neighborhood. 

Hotels in Champs-Élysées

Hotel San RégisThe Saint Regis Hotel (or Hotel San Régis), is what every Instagram sponsored Influencer’s dream. Imagine having your breakfast on your gorgeous Parisian garden balcony, with the Eiffel tower as your backdrop. It can’t get any more Paris than that!

Hotel Chateau Frontenac – This beautiful hotel features a balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower, albeit a cheaper price tag than Hotel San Régis. Hotel Chateau Frontenac is a walking distance from the main boulevard of Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe.

Hotel BalzacThis hotel is set in Balzac’s 19th-century mansion, and is only a minutes’ walk from the Arc de Triomphe and Avenue Champs Elysées. Although the rooms might be small, the hotel is quite charming and features neoclassical decor. 

Restaurants in Champs-Élysées

Laduree – The famous macarons of Laduree has a flagship store in the Champs-Élysées neighborhood. This particular Ladurée serves more their signature macarons and patisserie; they also offer a full menu for you to enjoy before the long-awaited dessert. 

Le Fouquet – This restaurant is your classic Parisian brasserie, set right along with the famous Arc de Triomphe. You would think that many of the guests at this restaurant are tourists considering the location. Surprisingly, many of the patrons here are locals who come to Le Fouquet to unwind, eat, and people watch. 

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #6: Montparnasse

Paris Metro Stop: Line 4, 6, 12, and 13

montparnasse is one of the best neighborhoods in paris
Where to Stay in Paris: Montparnasse

Apart from Montmartre, Montparnasse is another neighborhood in Paris that is known for its art, museum, and galleries. Montparnasse is also known for the famous Catacombs, which tickets are generally sold out weeks in advance. 

Hotels in Montparnasse

Villa MontparnasseThis beautiful hotel is set in a beautiful location in the Montparnasse neighborhood, a walking distance from the Catacomb’s, Place Saint-Michel, and the Montparnasse train station. 

Hotel Le M – The hotel’s location is excellent, along a small street close to theaters, cafes, and restaurants.

Restaurants in Montparnasse

La Crêperie de Josselin – Montparnasse is famous for it’s crepes and galettes, and there is no better place in Paris than Montparnasse to have the most delicious sweet or savory crêpes to satisfy your hunger!

La Closerie Des Lilas – Another favorites of famous Paris’ famous intellectuals, La Closerie Des Lilas has some of the best traditional menu in Montparnasse. 

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #7: Ile de la Cité

Paris Metro Stop: Line 4 Cité

ile de la cité is one of the best neighborhoods in paris
Where to Stay in Paris – Ile de la Cité

Ile de la Cité is one of two natural islands in the middle of the Seine River. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Paris. Historic sites like Notre Dame, Conciergerie, and Saint-Chapelle sit in between bustling cafés, traditional restaurants, and artisanal pastry shops.

Hotels Near Ile de la Cité

Hotel de Nice – This hotel is only a five-minute walk from the historical sites of Ile de la Cité, such as the Picasso museum, the Seine River, and Notre Dame. Hotel de Nice is the perfect hotel if you want to be a striking distance from some of the historical sites of this Parisian neighborhood

Hotel Le Relais des Halles – The neighborhood location of Hotel Le Relais des Halles will make you feel like one of the locals. The hotel is located on a pedestrian street, with nearby cafés, restaurants, and only a 500 meter walk from the famous Georges Pompidou museum in one of the best neighborhoods in Paris.

Restaurants Near Ile de la Cité

Le Caveau du Palais – This restaurant specializes in traditional French cuisine, and is considered one of the best dining spots on Île de la Cité.

Restaurant Paul – If you want to dine in with local Parisians, head over to Restaurant Paul, where lawyers from the nearby Palais de Justice dine here for lunch. Don’t forget to try their vanilla crème brûlée for dessert!

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #8: Champ de Mars

Paris Metro Stop: Line 8 between Motte-Picquet – Grenelle and École Militaire 

best neighborhoods in paris from champs de mars
Where to Stay in Paris – Champs de Mars

There is no doubt in my mind that you will consider Champs de Mars as on eof the best neighborhoods in Paris. Champs de Mars has one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I love strolling around this neighborhood and meeting friends, usually with cheese and a bottle of wine, and spend a good chunk of the day relaxing, with the spectacular backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. 

Hotels Near Champ de Mars

Le Cinq CodetThis contemporary hotel has the perfect location near Champ de Mars, and is only a 15-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. Most of the suites have a private terrace with spectacular views of the Invalides Dome.

Hotel de la Paix Tour EiffelThis elegant hotel is only a 190-meter walk from the Eiffel Tower, and .04 km walk from Champs de Mars in one of the best neighborhoods in Paris.

Restaurants Near Champ de Mars

La Fontaine De Mars – If you are a massive fan of traditional French dishes such as seared foie gras, confit de canard (duck), and cassoulet, then La Fontaine De Mars should be part of your itinerary when you are in Champ de Mars neighborhood. The restaurant is almost always full, so reservations are recommended. 

Les Cocottes – A local favorite, Les Cocottes, serves some of the tastiest food in the neighborhood: squid risotto, eggplant caviar, beef cheek stew, potato stuffed pig trotter, and rice pudding.

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #9: Les Halles

Paris Metro Stop: Line 4, Les Halles

les halles best neighborhoods in paris
Where to Stay in Paris – Les Halles

Les Halles is the perfect neighborhood if you want to take a break from visiting all of Paris’ historic sites. This Parisian neighborhood has a funky vibe, and home to the city’s youngest and trendiest designers, boutique shops, and cafés. 

Hotels in Les Halles 

Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf – This hotel is in an ideal location in Les Halles, and is only a 700 meter walk from the iconic Louvre museum. Other sites nearby are Pompidou Centre and Le Pont-Neuf (10-minute walk) and Notre Dame (15-minute walk).

Relais Du Louvre – Centrally located in the heart of Paris, Relais Du Louvre is located between the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum. These surroundings of historical sites makes Relais Du Louvre part of one of the best neighborhoods in Paris.

Restaurants in Les Halles

Marche Ou Crepe – This restaurant is your quintessential French gastro experience. Indulge in delicious French crepes in a quaint restaurant for a reasonable price

Relais du Pont Neuf –  A small family bistro/café where you can have some light dishes such as quiche, omelet, and crêpes. A local favorite!

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #10: Bastille

Paris metro stop: Line 1, Line 5, Line 8 Bastille

best neighborhoods in paris bastille
Too many beautiful neighborhoods to decide where to stay in Paris

Bastille, or Place de la Bastille, used to be a fortress in Paris and was used as a state prison by the French Kings. Today, Bastille is a bustling and vibrant neighborhood in Paris where locals hang out in trendy cafés and restaurants.

Hotels near Bastille

Hotel Bastille – This hotel is within striking distance from some of Paris’ famous tourist spots. It’s a 1.5 km walk from the Opéra Bastille and Pompidou Centre, and 2.4 km walk from Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Maison Bréguet – Perfect location near the famous Opera Bastille, and a short walk away from quaint cafés and restaurants in one of the best neighborhoods in Paris.  

Restaurants in Bastille

Le Chardenoux – This restaurant in Bastille is famous for its household name celebrity chef, Cyril Lignac. Le Chardenoux is popular among the locals, so reservations are recommended!

Le Bistrot du Peintre – This restaurant gives an authentic bistro vibe, serving traditional French dishes at a reasonable price. The location of being in the best neighborhoods in Paris is also another plus.

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #11: Luxembourg

Paris Metro Stop: RER B Luxembourg

luxembourg best neighborhoods in paris
Where to Stay in Paris – Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg neighborhood in Paris is perfect for those who want to be away from crawling tourists. I find the neighborhood to be a lot more quiet and calm compared to other parts of Paris. 

Hotels Near Luxembourg:

Millésime Hotel – A hotel that feels very homey and is less than a kilometer away from the Luxembourg Gardens. 

Villa D’Estrées Guests love this hotel because of its stylish and spacious rooms. The location of Villa D’Estrées is also between the beautiful Saint-Germain des Prés and the Latin Quarter neighborhood.

Restaurants in Jardin du Luxembourg:

Angelina – This restaurant is over 120 years old and is famous for its hot chocolate, pastries, and hot tea. Angelina is conveniently located inside one of the best neighborhoods in Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg. 

Bread and Roses – A cozy restaurant providing casual dining experience just across from one fo the best neighborhoods in Paris, the Jardin du Luxembourg. I highly recommend this restaurant for breakfast!

Best Neighborhoods in Paris #12: Belleville 

Paris metro stop: Line 2 and Line 11, Belleville 

best neighborhoods in paris belleville
Where to stay in Paris – Belleville

The Belleville neighborhood used to be Edith Piaf’s old stomping grounds. I especially like this neighborhood compared to the others in Paris because of the street art hipster vibe, and a big community for the arts and culture.

Hotels in Belleville 

Hotel Scarlett A stylish Parisian hotel that reflects the Belleville vibe. Hotel Scarlett is only 1.6 km from Place de la République in one of the best neighborhoods in Paris.

Hotel de la Mare – This hotel is only a 200-meter walk from Parc de Belleville in one of the best neighborhoods in Paris. It’s also a great choice to look for a little bit of bigger accommodation space, as they offer studios and suites. 

Restaurants in Belleville

Le Baratin – This restaurant has been open for more than 30 years, and became a local institution in Belleville. Le Baratin is famous for its beef steak (or duck breast) with chanterelle mushrooms, gooseberry tartare, and beetroot.

Dong Huong – The perfect restaurant if you want to take a break from the traditional French food, and try a comforting bowl of pho and other savory Vietnamese food!