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Cathay Pacific First Class Review: Chicago to Hong Kong

cathay pacific first class


Cathay Pacific First Class Review: Chicago to Hong Kong

This was probably my most anticipated flight to date.

For weeks and months leading up to my flight from Chicago to Hong Kong, I’ve stalked pictures on blogs, instagram, and YouTube for pictures and videos of Cathay Pacific first class cabin, just to give myself a preview of what I was about to experience.

And looking at all those pictures and videos just made the wait for this flight even more agonizing!

I’ve been a big fan of Cathay Pacific since I was a little kid – it was the first airline I flew on my first ever international trip from Manila to Hong Kong at age seven. Apart from that sentimental reason, this airline has always been known for their world class hospitality and service. There’s a reason why Cathay Pacific consistently ranks on the top 3 of SkyTrax’s prestigious list of World’s Best Airlines in the world for years.

The idea of experiencing one of the longest flights in the world in first class, and on my favorite airline on the most modern aircraft, made the anticipation for this trip so much more!



Before boarding, we pampered ourselves with some snacks and drinks at the first class lounge for all One World first class passengers in Chicago O’Hare.

The lounge itself is really nothing special to write about, certainly not at the same level as Royal Orchid lounge in Bangkok. However, they had enough decent selection of snacks to keep us occupied before boarding.


chicago ohare one world first class lounge cathay pacific



Food & Beverage service starts the moment you board the cabin until preparation for landing. I was greeted with an amuse-bouche and a glass of Krug champagne (and grapefruit juice by request).

This is where the party really started – the moment I took my seat and got served all of these:


cathay pacific first class champagne



cathay pacific first class amuse bouche



While Cathay Pacific’s first class cabin doesn’t feature a private suite like other 5-star carriers like Emirates and Singapore Airlines, the seats (or pods) itself can easily accommodate three people.

Additionally, Cathay Pacific’s first class cabin only has 6 seats, spread on a 1-1-1 seating configuration, giving extra privacy for its passengers.

Other features of the seat include an LCD touchscreen for lighting and back massage controls, a sizeable personal TV, pajamas, private closet, and transforms into a bed when you ready to get some sleep.


cathay pacific first class cabin


cathay pacific first class seat control

Seat control



Cathay Pacific’s first class menu offers a wide range of selection of Western and traditional Asian cuisine. Just like many five-star airlines, the items on the menu are served on-demand throughout the flight.

So don’t worry if you really enjoyed the delicious prawns for lunch – you can order it later on as you please (provided its availability, of course.)


Cathay pacific first class


cathay pacific first class food





cathay pacific first class dining

Bon appétit!



Cathay Pacific’s in-flight entertainment selection certainly won’t keep you bored for the duration of the 16-hour flight.

I found that most of the movie choices were current, with plenty of recently released Hollywood blockbusters. I watched The Martian for the first during this flight!



One thing I appreciate about the Cathay Pacific’s cabin crew is their ability to make you feel like you are the only passenger on-board.

The crew will have your name memorized the moment you board the aircraft. They will then escort you directly to your seat, where a personal hand-written note is waiting for you.

World class service.

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