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Group Travel Made Easier

There’s great news for that one friend who consistently organizes the accommodations for their group travels. They no longer have to carry the burden of charging their card a hefty amount and chase everyone to pay their share shortly after.

It’s an unnecessary hassle that shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s travel experience.

AirBnb finally addressed the issue by announcing the rollout of their newest function, split payment. Following AirBnB’s acquisition of social payment startup, Tilt, the company has been quietly testing the newest feature for over a year. It has received promising results from 80,000 groups globally – leading the booking giant to launch anticipated feature this year.

According to AirBnB’s blog post announcement, here’s the main takeaway on how the new feature works:

  • Organizers can now hold a reservation for up to 72 hours when booking a group trip, charging the organizer only for their portion and blocking the host’s calendar   while awaiting payment from others  in the group.
  • Groups will have even more listings to choose from that often fall outside of what an organizer can afford to reserve if they had to front the total cost.


This sounds like a great feature that many people have been waiting for – myself included!