The importance of Instagram story views is a lot more important than you might think. Knowing the statistics of your Instagram story views goes beyond the vanity metrics of wanting to know how many people have seen your stories, or if a specific person (maybe your crush) has seen your latest post. 

For travel influencers, we use the feedback from our Instagram story views to guide us on what type of content we can potentially produce, and if our stories are getting seen by potential tourism campaigns that could hire us.

But for others, knowing the stats of your Instagram story views could be just for you to know if your crush is stalking you – and that’s perfectly fine too!

We recently made some tests on how to increase our Instagram story views, and we’re here to share the report below!

Increase Your Instagram Story Views Strategy #1: Engage With Other Accounts

how to increase instagram story views strategy #1

Engaging with other accounts on Instagram is our number strategy for increasing your Instagram story views. 

Instagram has a way of rewarding accounts who take part of the “Instagram community” by posting quality content and engaging in community discussions (leaving thought provoking comments rather than a simple heart or smiley emoji). 

Engaging with other people’s content can be time consuming, but can be rewarding in the long run.

Here are different ways you can engage with other accounts:

1) Watch their stories

It should be no surprise that watching other people stories puts you on other people’s radar. Watch their stories and even react to a few, and Instagram will adjust their algorithm to prioritize your profile on top of their stories lineup.

2) Leave a comment

Leave a meaningful comment on their posts – more than an emoji if possible – that encourages them to reply back. If Instagram sees a dialogue between both accounts, it sends signals to Instagram to prioritize showing your account over other people. 

3) Like their posts

Even if you don’t have time to leave a comment, liking their post would count as an engagement!

Increase Your Instagram Story Views Strategy #2: Use hashtags

how to increase instagram story views strategy #2

Using hashtags is an effective strategy to increase your Instagram story views. People who don’t follow you can still watch your stories, as long as they follow the hashtag. 

It’s a feature of Instagram story that many seem to not realize considering that many people don’t seem to use it. 

Post a story next time with a hashtag and scroll your story views and see if you recognize anybody from that list!

Increase Your Instagram Story Views Strategy #3: Use Location Tag

how to increase instagram story views strategy #3

Location tag is also another trick to get discovered by a new audience on Instagram and ultimately increase your story views. 

Instagram users can find the location tag by going through search, and choosing the location tag on the top right hand of the screen. 

With the amount of traveling we do as content creators, we tend to get spikes in our Instagram story views when we are traveling. 

Increase Your Instagram Story Views Strategy #4: Post on Other Mediums on Instagram

We believe that being active on all parts of Instagram gives you participation points, which translates to your content being shown to more people. 

To further increase your Instagram story views, don’t neglect posting on your main feed to keep so that your followers won’t forget about you!

Increase Your Instagram Story Views Strategy #5: Don’t Use Bots

Using bots is the surest way for Instagram to hide, or “secret ban”, your content. 

If you’ve ever used those annoying bots such as auto likes and comments, or the follow/unfollow tactics, Instagram will give you a timeout and will limit the visibility of your stories and feed post. 

Another bot that recently gained popularity is the Instagram story viewer bot, where an automated tool watches your stories even though they aren’t following you.

Before the bot became popular, many wonder why accounts with big following are appearing in the people who viewed their stories. It turns out, the Instagram story viewer tool was just another tactic to gain followers.

Increase Your Instagram Story Views Strategy #6: Use Polls

Using polls in your stories is a fantastic way for people to engage with your stories. When Instagram sees that people are interacting with your posts, they are more likely to show it to more people.