Choosing the best restaurants in 2nd arrondissement in Paris can be a challenge, and we are here to help!

Considering its prime location in Paris (just behind the Louvre Museum), this district provides great value for your money for a classic French cuisine experience that is quintessential Parisian – without having to splurge on other more expensive neighborhoods in Paris.

Rather, the 2nd arrondissement in Paris provides a great ambiance where you can meet your friends for lunch and spend a couple of hours catching up while enjoying traditional Paris Bistro cuisine, or having an easy lunch on some of the best streets dotted with restaurants in Paris.

We list some of our favorite Paris restaurants in the 2nd arrondissement, from restaurants that are hidden gems with delicious flavors to Michelin restaurants.


Best Restaurants in 2nd Arrondissement


Quick Tip for Finding a Restaurant in 2nd Arrondissement: Head to Rue Montorgueil

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Rue Montorgueil is one of the best street in Paris when it comes to finding the best restaurants. Although the 2nd arrondissement isn’t that vast, Rue Montorgueil has a solid stretch from one side of the 2nd arrondissement to the other. This famous street covers an area that has become a hub for many start-ups in Paris. It’s no surprise that the 2nd arrondissement has developed a food culture unique to the rest of Paris – and that says a lot considering we are talking about Paris – one of the best cities in the world when it comes to culinary experience!

Apart from traditional French dishes that you will find in Rue Montorgueil, this famous street in the 2nd arrondissement also offers international cuisines as options. The cobbled stone street is full of all kinds of international options such as Brazilian, Thai, and Mediterranean – plus some of the oldest bakery and patisserie shops in all of Paris that date back to 1730!



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This pastry bakeshop in the 2nd arrondissement is not your typical patisserie in Paris. Stohrer is Paris’ oldest patisserie that dates back to 1725 with connections to King Louis XV. Once you make your way to Stohrer, you will see a fine selection of embellished sweet & savory desserts & baked goods. Be sure to try their Baba Au Rhum, which was once served to the Courts of Versailles.

This patisserie is rather compact, so expect to enjoy your pastries as you walk and explore the charming streets of Rue Montorgueil. If you happen to get to Stohrer on a weekday towards the end of the day, you will see local Parisians stopping by for a few treats to take home.


Au Rocher de Cancale

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This restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement is rich in history, opening its doors back in 1846 in the cross paths of Rue Saint Denis and rue Montorgueil. Some of its notable guests that were frequent visitors to the restaurant were Gavarni and Baudelaire. It has a recognizable powder blue and gold-trim façade, which has become its signature among the restaurants in the 2eme arrondissement.

Be sure to try their oysters, which they are widely known as having the best in Paris!


Le Valentin Vivienne

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This is a lovely little restaurant inside the beautiful Galleries Vivienne with seating in the galleries. This restaurant is an ideal location in the 2nd arrondissement, about a 10-minute walk from the Louvre, and a short distance from Le Palais Royal and Les Halles. This restaurant is perfect for those who are looking for a nice meal without having a full menu in a bistro experience. Be sure to try their goat and cheese quiche along with the countless options for vegetarian options on the menu. A personal favorite was the avocado spread on toast with a soft-boiled egg on a green salad with a tasty oil vinegarette dressing – delicious!


La Fontaine Gaillon

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The restaurant stands in a beautiful place in a middle of a wonderful small quarter of Paris, about 10 minute walking distance from the Opera. It is a classic convenient business venue. The food is French classics with generous portions. Be sure to try the fresh seafood, which was cooked to perfection. Do ask for a table on the private terrace that has a central Renaissance-style fountain adorned with a sculpture.


Le Petit Colbert

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Le Petit Colbert offers a pleasant bistro atmosphere with traditional French dishes. Grand mirrors and the mosaic floor will whisk you back to old Paris. From the menu, try the tasty onion soup, the homemade duck foie gras, and the organic beef tartare. To conclude the dinner, do not miss the vacherin: a meringue crust full of crème chantilly and raspberry.


Boneshaker Donuts

boneshaker donuts near passage des panoramas

There is no other option if you want a good doughnut in Paris. Boneshaker would be fabulous anywhere in the world, and in Paris, it stands out as a monument to the Eternal Art of the donut.

The donuts are freshly-baked every 2 hours from morning ’til evening by pastry-chef-trained Amanda Bankert, who owns the shop with her Irish husband. This place sells out quickly, so make sure to get there early enough! There are a lot of quirky flavors on display (and they are sure to be delicious), but be sure to try the normal glazed, beer, cinnamon sugar, and cinnamon buns – all incredible.


Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

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The Park Hyatt Paris Vendome is a Michelin restaurant with a menu from the famous chef, Jean-François Rouquette. It’s a restaurant that provides more than a French bistro experience, think of minimalist plates, and a stylish atmosphere, with a price tag to match. Come in for a coffee, a snack, a pre-dinner drink, or a fancy meal.


Caffé Stern

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This is a beautiful restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement, with a great authentic atmosphere and lots of charm with its decor and furnishings.

Caffe Stern serves Italian cuisine with a French twist. Their dishes have generous servings of sauces, specifically on the linguine with seafood with creamy sauce on the top. We highly recommend it for the ambiance!


Favorite Lunch Spot in 2nd Arrondissement

Rue Mandar is a hidden secret that locals know about in Paris for an inexpensive quick meal. Below are some restaurants you can try:

  • Miss Banh Mi – Be sure to try their chicken Bahn mi, and vegan salads and soups.
  • House of Poutine – Great poutine in the heart of Paris and the 2nd arrondissement. They offer traditional poutine as well as some more unusual toppings like pulled pork with popcorn
  • Filakia – Fabulous Greek kebab that is generally full with local Parisians
  • Canard et Champagne ( Passage Panorama ) – I recommend a set menu where you can have an excellent 2-course meal with a Champagne cocktail for €36