Shopping in Budapest is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

When shopping in Budapest, there are plenty of places to explore. Most of the best spots are set along pedestrian-only strips and within vast plazas on the metropolitan fringes. Here, you can find a variety of stores ranging from trendsetting boutiques to sprawling shopping malls. Additionally, there are plenty of international labels and vintage gems to choose from. 

For those who need a break from all the shopping, plenty of restaurants and cafes are nearby. This makes for a great way to relax in between bouts of shopping. 

Budapest is an excellent destination for anyone looking for a unique shopping experience. With its charming age-old streets and endless options to explore, it’s no wonder this city is one of the top destinations for shopping in Europe.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Budapest


1. Vaci Street

shopping in budapest vaci street

Vaci Street is the top pedestrian shopping street in Budapest. Starting at Vörösmarty Square in central Budapest, it stretches over 1 km to Central Market Hall. Along the way, visitors have their pick of restaurants, cafés, and retail stores. Souvenir stores offer plenty of opportunities to take home a special memento from the trip. Additionally, popular fashion and homeware brands such as Zara, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, and Adidas ensure visitors can find the latest trends to fill their suitcases with.


2. Central Market Hall

shopping in budapest central market hall

The Great Market Hall (sometimes referred to as Central Market Hall) is a popular destination for tourists visiting Budapest. It was inaugurated in 1897 and spans three floors and 10,000 square meters. The basement floor offers an array of fresh fish and meat, while the ground floor has groceries, pastries, sweets, spices, and spirits. On the second mezzanine floor, there are eateries serving local street food, as well as souvenir shops.

The market hall is easily recognizable due to its unique architecture featuring Zsolnay tiles for the roofing. It is located just a 2-minute walk from Fővám tér subway station.


3. Rákóczi Square Market

shopping in budapest market hall

Rákóczi Square Market is a delightful grocery shop located in Budapest. It boasts high ceilings and a spacious blue-yellow hall, making it a pleasant place to shop. Here, you can find an array of fresh fruit and vegetables and specialty meats, cheese, and wines. Many of the vendors have been selling at this venue for decades, passing down their stalls through generations.

The market hall has been open since 1897 and was renovated in 1991. It is conveniently situated opposite the Rákóczi Tér subway station, making it easily accessible to visitors.


4. Fashion Street Budapest

shopping in budapest fashion street

Fashion Street is a small but mighty shopping destination. It features a pedestrian-only design, allowing shoppers to leisurely roam the pavement while window shopping before entering one of the upmarket clothing stores. Many of the world’s leading fashion brands, such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Cos, and Philipp Plein, are found here. In addition to clothing stores, visitors can find luxurious homewares stores set among opulent hotels like The Ritz-Carlton Budapest.


5. Lehel Market

shopping in budapest lehel market

Lehel Market is a must-visit when shopping in Budapest. It stands out from the crowd with its vibrant and funky design, and it’s easy to find – located next to the Lehel tér subway station and a 10-minute walk from Nyugati pályaudvar (Western Railway Station). Across its two floors, you’ll find an array of fresh groceries, including honey, wines, spices, and fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget to try lángos – a delicious fried dough snack – while you’re there!


6. Andrássy Avenue

shopping in budapest

Andrássy Avenue is an iconic shopping destination in the heart of Budapest’s historic district. It is lined with trees and boasts a wide selection of world-renowned fashion labels, such as Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and The North Face. Aside from its impressive shopping opportunities, Andrássy Avenue also offers visitors a chance to explore the city’s cultural highlights. 

From the Museum of Fine Arts to the ultra-sleek Q Contemporary, there are plenty of attractions to discover during your visit. So why not experience the best that Budapest has to offer and head down to Andrássy Avenue?


7. Szimpla Sunday Farmer’s Market

shopping in budapest farmer's market

The Szimpla Sunday Farmer’s Market is located in the oldest ruined pub in Budapest. Every Sunday, locals come here to buy fresh produce directly from the producers, such as honey, vegetables, spices, and specialties. Additionally, visitors can enjoy live music by local bands and a cozy atmosphere that is kid-friendly with arts and crafts activities for the little ones.

Getting to the Szimpla Sunday Farmer’s Market is easy. You can take a bus to Uránia stop or the 74 trolley bus to Nagy Diófa, and it will only take 3 to 5 minutes on foot from there.


8. Falk Miksa Street

shopping in budapest falk miksa street

Falk Miksa Street is the place to go if you are looking for some of Budapest’s most renowned antique shops. These stores cater to an affluent clientele, offering rare pieces of jewelry, silverware, and furniture at a premium price.

If you’re in the area, there are plenty of other attractions to explore. The Kieselbach Gallery is a great place to spend time; it hosts modern exhibitions and art auctions, allowing visitors the opportunity to participate in a competitive bidding contest.


9. Fény Street Market

shopping in budapest feny street market

The Fény Street Market is an amazing destination for shoppers and foodies alike. It has the charm of a local market but with the convenience of a shopping center or plaza. You can find almost anything here, from teas and spices to leather goods and electronics.

In addition to the variety of items for sale, plenty of restaurants and food stalls are around the market. Visitors can enjoy famous Hungarian dishes such as lángos (flatbread) with toppings piled high or indulge in some ice cream.

The Fény Street Market is easily accessible by public transport. It’s served by several bus and tram stops and is just 2 minutes away from Széll Kálmán tér metro station.


10. Retrock Designer Vintage Store

shopping in budapest retrock vintage store

Retrock Designer Vintage Store is the perfect place for those who want to express their unique style. Located in Budapest, a city renowned for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, Retrock Designer Vintage Store offers top-quality vintage fashion that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

This two-level store is full of amazing items from world-renowned labels that have been left behind in someone’s wardrobe. With so many racks to explore, you are sure to find a great deal at Retrock Designer Vintage Store.


11. Westend Shopping Center

shopping in budapest westend shopping center

The Westend Shopping Center is a popular retail experience in Budapest. The complex is located in the upscale Terézváros neighborhood and boasts three sprawling rooftop gardens with stunning views. It’s worth setting aside a few hours to explore its 400+ stores. Fashion lovers will find leading brands such as Nike, Orsay, Columbia, and Superdry.

In addition, there are also 50 restaurants and eateries to choose from when you need to rest your feet. Notable spots include TGI Fridays, Okay Italia, and Bellozzo – all of which offer delicious meals.


12. Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market

shopping in budapest christmas market

The Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market is a truly magical experience. With dozens of warmly lit wooden stalls, the atmosphere is filled with the sweet smell of mulled wine and cinnamon pastries. Adding to the festive ambiance is a comforting choir performance. 

Visitors can find all kinds of handmade items and tasty snacks to get them in the holiday spirit without any tat or exaggeration. There are also light painting shows and family events that make it an unforgettable market experience.


13. Arena Mall Budapest

shopping in budapest arena mall

Arena Mall is an impressive retail shopping center in Budapest. It offers a wide selection of some of the world’s most popular brands, such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Desigual, and Levi’s. This mall is perfect for travelers who want to get their shopping done quickly and conveniently in one place. 

In addition to the shops, Arena Mall also houses Cinema City, which features an IMAX theatre. Here, visitors can watch the latest blockbuster movies until late evening. With so much to do at this massive complex, it’s easy to spend a whole day exploring Arena Mall before winding down with a film.


14. Gouba Gozsdu Bazaar

shopping in budapest gozsdu bazaar

The Gouba Gozsdu Bazaar is a great place to visit in Budapest. Located just south of St. Stephen’s Basilica, it is easily accessible by the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út subway station, which is only a 5-minute walk away. This compact and cozy street offers an array of rare antiques and local art you won’t find anywhere else. 

After browsing through the selection, you can take a break at one of the nearby restaurants or cafés while enjoying some live music. The Gouba Gozsdu Bazaar is definitely worth checking out on your next trip to Budapest.


15. ÁRKÁD Mall Budapest

shopping in budapest arkad mall

ÁRKÁD Budapest is a large-scale shopping mall featuring more than 200 retail brands. It includes some of the most popular shops, such as Nike, Foot Locker, Bershka, and H&M, offering a variety of high-street and upmarket fashion labels to explore.

Food lovers will also be delighted at ÁRKÁD Budapest with its selection of delicious restaurants. Enjoy authentic Thai dishes from Padthai Wokbar or savor Italian cuisine from Okay Italia. With plenty of options, visitors can enjoy a meal throughout the day.


16. Esceri Flea Market

shopping in budapest flea market

The Esceri Flea Market in Budapest is ideal for those looking to find unique memorabilia bursting with character. This market hosts some of the city’s best antique shop owners and smaller-scale entrepreneurs under one roof. You can find an array of antiques, from watches to furniture, and it’s almost unheard of to buy at the asking price, so make sure you brush up on your bartering skills!

Getting to the Esceri Flea Market is easy – just take a bus to Használtcikk piac stop, and you’ll be there in no time. It’s well worth the journey for all that this market has to offer.


17. Paloma Budapest

shopping in budapest paloma

Paloma Budapest is an amazing place to discover the exciting work of Hungary’s emerging designers and artists. It is located in a 19th-century building that was in disrepair until 2014 when it was taken over by 40 local creatives. The interior features soaring archways and a beautiful courtyard. You can find luxury leather goods, jewelry, ethical clothing, and more here. If you’re looking for something unique and special, plan a visit to Paloma to see what the next generation of Budapest-based creators are creating.


18. Hunyadi Square Market

shopping in budapest hunyadi square market

Hunyadi Square Market is a national treasure of Budapest. It is located near Grand Boulevard and is divided into an indoor market hall and an outdoor farmers’ market. It’s easily accessible, being only 3 minutes away from Vörösmarty utca subway station.

The market provides a cozy atmosphere and a great selection of local produce, such as artisan yogurts and moist cakes. Visiting Hunyadi Square Market will make you feel like a true local.