Shopping in New Orleans is a unique and exciting experience. From small boutiques to large retail stores, shoppers can find something to suit their tastes and desires. Local markets offer great deals and unique finds, while high-end fashion stores bring the latest trends to the city.

For those looking for the best places to shop in New Orleans, our list covers something for everyone. Shopping is only one way to experience the city’s charm. There are also delicious restaurants, iconic nightlife, and plenty of opportunities to support local businesses. Take the time to explore the city and find something special to bring home with you.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in New Orleans



shopping in new orleans magazine street

Magazine Street is a fantastic place to shop and explore. It runs from Canal Street to Audubon Park, spanning six miles of unique boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. Along the street are Greek Revival homes and, Victorian shotguns, many now house shops. Here, visitors can find a variety of items, from housewares to period furniture, chandeliers, books, toys, clothing, jewelry, and antiques.

The street has an interesting history; it was named for a “magazine,” a warehouse built by Spanish Governor Esteban Rodriguez Miro y Sabater in the late 1700s. It was used to store products awaiting export.

The shop and gallery owners are very friendly, making visitors feel welcomed and not pressured. This is one of the reasons why Magazine Street is so highly recommended for Best Shopping. Here, people can hunt for antiques and enjoy century-old cottages. There’s always something interesting to find along the six-mile retail stretch.



shopping in new orleans french quarter

The French Quarter of New Orleans is the city’s top attraction for visitors. Not only is there food, music, and nightlife but also a variety of shopping opportunities. On Decatur Street, visitors will find big-name stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M. Royal Street is a great destination for those looking for something special, with antique stores and art galleries. Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights offers timeless gas lighting pieces, while Fifi Mahoney’s has a wide selection of wigs. 

Krewe has stylish glasses made in New Orleans, and Bourbon French Parfums offers a variety of fragrances. For a truly unique experience, visitors must check out the historic French Market. This spans six blocks, with flea market vendors, craftspeople, eateries, and produce. Whether you’re looking for something special or simply something weird, the French Quarter of New Orleans is sure to have it.



shopping in new orleans french market

The French Market is a must-see for anyone looking to shop and explore New Orleans. Located across six blocks on the outskirts of Crescent Park, it is the perfect spot to find all sorts of traditional New Orleans souvenirs and one-of-a-kind handicrafts. If you’re looking for something to eat, plenty of small eateries and vendors sell fresh produce.

In addition to its unique shopping experience, the French Market has a long and exciting history. Established in the 1700s, it started as a Native American trading post and eventually became a hub for French and Spanish colonists.



shopping in new orleans outlet collection riverwalk

The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk was completely redone in 2014, transforming it from a cavelike structure to one filled with natural light and river views. Located in the heart of downtown New Orleans, it is the first Outlet Collection to be located in the downtown area of any American city. It is conveniently situated near the Convention Center and the Cruise Terminal and French Quarter.

The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk is a popular destination for city-dwelling New Orleanians due to its discounted parking and many well-known brands, such as Neiman Marcus Last Call (the first in the state), Nordstrom Rack, Kenneth Cole, Coach, and Forever 21.

It is highly recommended for the best shopping experiences, as it is easily accessible to convention-goers and cruise passengers.



shopping in new orleans shops at canal place

The Shops at Canal Place is a popular destination for locals looking for a unique shopping experience. Anchored by the renowned Saks Fifth Avenue, the tony Shops includes other high-end stores such as Anthropologie and Tiffany & Co., home to the iconic little blue box. Located at the foot of Canal, The Shops offer visitors and locals a retail experience of unparalleled élan.

In addition to its extensive selection of stores, The Shops at Canal Place also boasts a food court and the full-service Prytania Theater. The theater, which offers snacks, wine, and cocktails to be enjoyed in the comfort of your seat, is a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon. For more substantial meals, The Shops also house a Shake Shack, Starbucks, and Morton’s Steakhouse.

The Shops at Canal Place is widely recognized for its great shopping and is recommended for Best Shopping due to its beloved Saks Fifth Avenue, located near the French Quarter.



shopping in new orleans oak street

Oak Street is an eight-block stretch of Main Street located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has many claims to fame, such as great local music and amazing food. Take the St. Charles Avenue streetcar from the French Quarter to get there. Shopping is a huge part of this street, with a few vintage clothing shops, second-hand stores, and an antique shop (Driscoll).

Live Oak Cafe is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and enjoy live music. Blue Cypress Used Book Store is a top book store in the city, and More Fun Comics always entertains. There are also several local art galleries with great deals on authentic streetscapes. For lunch, head towards the river and try Cowbell.

Oak Street is recommended for best shopping because it is home to top-notch music and food but also offers great shopping options. From vintage clothing to second-hand stores, this eight-block stretch of Main Street is sure to please.



shopping in new orleans jax brewery

The Shops at Jax Brewery is a great example of how a historic New Orleans space has been updated for modern times. It was originally constructed in the 19th century as a brewery but has since been transformed into a mall with various fashion and gift stores

Among the stores, there are recognizable brands like Sephora and H&M and unique stores like Big Easy T-Shirt Co. and Gumbo Kids. International travelers will be pleased that The Shops at Jax Brewery offers tax-free shopping up to $500.



shopping in new orleans south market

The South Market District in New Orleans’ downtown is a unique experience, combining old and new. Here, shoppers can find various stores ranging from high-end boutiques to local specialty shops, selling items such as home goods, fashion, beauty products, and even pet supplies. 

Additionally, several barbershops and beauty parlors are scattered throughout the district, making it a great destination for anyone hoping to spruce up their look.



shopping in new orleans little flea

Little Flea NOLA is an outdoor flea market in a tiny park in the Garden District of New Orleans. This unique and quirky market offers a variety of vendors selling antiques, furniture, vintage clothing, handicrafts, and more. Each time you visit the market, it’s like a treasure hunt as you search for truly special items.

Little Flea NOLA also provides live music and food vendors, however, if you’re looking for additional entertainment, you can easily walk to any surrounding bars or restaurants.



shopping in new orleans frenchmen art market

The Frenchmen Art Market is an excellent place to find unique artwork in the city. Located a short walk from the French Quarter, this outdoor market is visited by nearly 100 artisans each day. Whether you prefer sculptures, paintings, or any other form of art, you can find something here to suit your taste.

Plus, the market is open late, even past midnight on some evenings, so you don’t have to get up early to find the best deals. With so much talent and selection, the Frenchmen Art Market is an awesome place to explore and discover the art of New Orleans.


Shopping in New Orleans FAQ


Does New Orleans have shopping?

Yes, New Orleans does have shopping. There is a wide variety of unique shops, ranging from Voodoo stores to art galleries, cooking shops, outlet stores, clothing boutiques, and bookstores. All of these can be found along a six-mile-long stretch, which is a hub for fine dining, casual restaurants, shopping, art galleries, cocktail lounges, and dive bars.


Does New Orleans have a fashion district?

Yes, New Orleans does have a fashion district. Located in Uptown New Orleans, this shopaholic’s paradise features rare antiques, luxurious artwork, and stylish boutiques, all within miles of retail therapy opportunities along Magazine Street.


Is Fashion District cheap?

Yes, the Fashion District is quite cheap. It has more than 1,000 stores that sell to the general public at discounted wholesale prices. These stores offer discounts of 30-70% off the regular retail prices on apparel and accessories for all ages and genders.