Shopping in Newport offers a unique retail experience with many stores and shops. Fortunately, we narrowed the options to the best of the best. We carefully vet each establishment to ensure shoppers have the best experience possible.

For those with limited time, our best shopping list of ten places is the perfect way to make the most of a shopping trip. Each selection promises an enjoyable experience and a true taste of the city.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Newport, Rhode Island


1. Bowen’s Wharf

shopping in newport bowen's wharf

Welcome to Bowen’s Wharf, Newport’s premier year-round destination! Here, you can experience a little bit of the past as the 18th century commercial wharf buildings, brick walks, and granite quays bring you back to the city’s beginnings as a thriving seaport.

Bowen’s Wharf has long been a central piece of Newport’s commerce and culture, as it has seen trade with all corners of the world from its inception up until today. It truly is the anchor of the Newport Waterfront!


2. Aardvark Antiques

shopping in newport aardvark antiques

Aardvark Antiques is a high-end antique store that offers a wide selection of impressive architectural components and antiques. The store is carefully arranged to direct customers through the building, and the ceilings are filled with unique items that are sure to catch your eye. 

During our visit, we found a great charcoal rubbing framed picture that complemented one we already had, and we were delighted to discover so many other intriguing pieces. Whether you are looking for something specific or just browsing, there is something for everyone at Aardvark Antiques.



shopping in newport brick market place

Located at the intersection of Thames Street and America’s Cup Avenue, the Brick Market Place offers an exclusive mix of shopping venues, gift shops, specialty stores, and eateries. This seaside entertainment destination is known for its charming atmosphere, featuring outdoor benches, brick walkways, and a nautical feel. Visitors can expect to enjoy a unique shopping experience in a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.



shopping in newport thames street

The lower half of the popular street is great for “tooling around” and exploring. However, don’t forget that the upper section of the street holds its own unique attractions. The district starts at the intersection of Thames and Farewell Street, which is known for its two adjoining cemeteries. There are numerous restaurants, nightspots and shops in this area, making it a great place for a good time. Furthermore, Washington Square has the largest concentration of Colonial buildings in the entire United States.



shopping in newport bannisters wharf

Bannister Wharf is a historic destination located between Old Port and Bowen’s Wharf. It was a major hub of activity during Colonial days and remains popular today. The area features art galleries, boutique and specialty shops, cafes and restaurants. The most renowned restaurant is the Clarke Cooke House, which offers Continental cuisine and includes two additional establishments – the Candy Store Lounge and the Boom Boom Room. Visitors to Bannister Wharf can find a variety of items for sale, including jewelry, specialty coffee, handbags, accessories and clothing.



If you’re a fan of antique items and beautiful crafts, you should add Spring Street to your travel itinerary. This charming street is home to a variety of shops, each offering exclusive and unique items. MacDowell Pottery is a great place to find beautiful ceramics, and Antiques at the Drawing Room is a great spot for fine furniture. Additionally, there are many other interesting galleries and shops to explore.



shopping in newport franklin street shops

Franklin Street is a great destination for antique enthusiasts and treasure hunters alike. This small street is home to a variety of antique stores, offering a wealth of unique and vintage wares for sale. Among the numerous shops are those specializing in fine porcelain and china, European antiques, Americana, and folk art.

From furniture and jewelry to clocks, these stores offer a wide array of goods for shoppers to browse. Whether you are looking for a special piece of furniture or a unique item to add to your collection, Franklin Street is sure to have something for everyone.



shopping in newport thames street

Head to the lower part of Thames Street in Newport if you’re looking for a true shopping paradise. This popular waterfront street is lined with a variety of eclectic and unique shops that offer everything from sea chests to books and specialty gift items. You’ll also find plenty of dining options, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon. With its wide selection of shops and restaurants, Thames Street is sure to provide an enjoyable experience for all.



shopping in newport bellevue avenue

Bellevue Avenue is renowned for its grand, awe-inspiring mansions. Spanning almost 2.5 miles, it is the longest and widest street within the city. In addition to its palatial residences, Bellevue Avenue is also a great shopping destination. Unique specialty shops and art galleries line the street, offering visitors a variety of quality merchandise and one-of-a-kind works.

If you’re touring one of the mansions, be sure to visit the gift stores located at The Breakers, Rosecliff, The Elms and Marble House. Each of these stores features a fine selection of gifts, jewelry, books and stationery.


10. Primavera

shopping in newport primavera

Prisma is an excellent gift shop located in the heart of the city. It offers a vast selection of items for all types of customers. From beautiful birdhouses and scented candles to greeting cards and home decor pieces, they have everything you need to find the perfect gift. The staff is always friendly and willing to help, ensuring that no matter what your style or budget is, you are sure to find something to love. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of both local and domestic crafts, so you can be sure to find something special and unique. Primavera is the perfect place to find the perfect gift for any occasion.


11. Soap and Water Newport

Soap and Water Newport is a boutique store that specializes in natural, organic, and environmentally conscious cosmetics. The store has a unique atmosphere, with a fresh and beachy scent and tropical candles and bath products. 

The store offers a wide range of products, including soap, lotion, lip balm, body wash, shampoo bars, bubble bath bombs, body scrubbers, and shaving cream/soap combo sets. In addition, the store provides consultations to help customers learn how to make natural versions of popular mainstream products.


12. Kiel James Patrick Flagship Store

The Kiel James Patrick Flagship Store is a clothing and lifestyle store located in New England. It offers a variety of high-end items such as clothing, accessories, and home decor. Despite the higher prices, customers are impressed with the quality of the merchandise. 

One area that the store could improve on is its pet section. Expanding the pet section could bring in more customers, as many people like to buy things for their pets. Therefore, it would be beneficial to the store to consider expanding this area.