Shopping in Osaka is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

Osaka has long been known as a merchant city with a wide range of goods available for all budgets. The locals are known to be avid shoppers and have plenty of places to spend their money. In the downtown area, one can find a variety of small specialty stores with unique trinkets, antiques, and art pieces. 

There are also clothing boutiques, national and international chain stores, and department stores in the large shopping malls. No matter what you are looking for, Osaka has something for everyone.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Osaka


1. Umeda Shopping Arcade

shopping in osaka umeda

Umeda Shopping Arcade is the perfect destination for a day of shopping, no matter the weather. Located close to Umeda Station, this retail spot is composed of a series of underground malls that are connected together. It offers a great variety of stores, from fashion boutiques and bookstores to big department stores and small gift shops

What’s more, the atmosphere within the concourse is quite unique. It features rivers, gardens, fountains, and bubbling waterfalls, creating a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience.


2. Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

shopping in osaka tanjinbashisuji

Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street is a must-visit destination for shoppers in Japan. Located in Osaka, it is the longest shopping street in Japan, measuring 2.6 kilometers in length. With over 600 shops of many kinds, including food, souvenirs, and clothing, this shoppers’ paradise has something for everyone.

Divided into seven streets, the atmosphere of Tenjinbashisuji starts with a street influenced by the shrine nearby. Here, one can find a wide variety of street foods ranging from Japanese-style croquettes to okonomiyaki. Further down the street, visitors can explore numerous traditional shops, clothing stores, and accessory shops that are popular among the youthful residents of Osaka. With so much to do and see, it is easy to spend hours exploring this amazing shopping street.


3. America Mura

shopping in osaka america mura

America Town, colloquially known as Ame-Mura, is a popular shopping district for young Japanese people. It is known for its selection of international brands and styles. This district has a long history; it was the first to sell imported American clothing and accessories. Over the years, it has grown to encompass over 3,000 shops.

Shopping at Ame-Mura is a distinctly Japanese experience. It is located near Shinsaibashi station on the Midosuji line, making it easily accessible to visitors.


4. Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street

shopping in osaka sennichimae doguyasuji

Have you ever heard of Kappabashi in Tokyo? This street is aptly nicknamed ‘Kitchen Street’ as it is the go-to place for both professional and amateur chefs to purchase kitchen utensils and items that are related to cooking and running a restaurant.

The Osaka equivalent of Kappabashi is Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street. This 150-meter-long street is filled with a variety of kitchen specialty stores. Here, you can find items you may not have even known you needed to make your life as a home cook more convenient. So, if you didn’t get a chance to visit Kappabashi in Tokyo, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street!



shopping in osaka hep five

HEP FIVE is an iconic leisure complex in Umeda, close to Osaka Station. It is also known as Hankyu Entertainment Park and combines shopping, dining, cinemas, an entertainment arcade, and a rooftop Ferris wheel. It has over 300 stores offering fashion from Japanese and Western brand names and unique specialty shops

The rooftop is a great place to visit to get a view of the city. It is the heart of the district and provides a lot of fun activities for people to enjoy.


6. Shinsaibashi-Suji Street

shopping in osaka shinsaibashi-suji

Shinsaibashi-Suji Street has a long and storied history, having been around for almost 400 years. Located in Osaka, it is one of the most fashionable shopping districts in the city. Stretching over 600m, it is a covered shopping arcade featuring premier brands such as Prada, Chanel, and Gucci. Additionally, a wide variety of stores sell clothing, cosmetics, and international goods. This makes Shinsaibashi-Suji Street a great destination for any shopping enthusiast.


7. Kuromon Market

shopping in osaka kuromon market

Kuromon Market is a renowned fresh food market in Osaka. It is a great place to shop for fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Additionally, many ready-to-eat items such as yakitori, takoyaki, and other snacks exist. For seafood lovers, there are a variety of delicacies like crab, oysters, sea urchins, and unagi eel. Visitors can immediately savor these treats and explore the market with their taste buds. Indeed, Kuromon Market is a great place to appreciate the gastronomic culture of Osaka.


8. Namba NanNan Town

shopping in osaka namba

Japan’s Namba NanNan Town was built in 1957 underneath Namba station and is known as the country’s first underground shopping mall. It quickly gained popularity, inspiring similar shopping subterranean retail centers around Japan. 

Nan Nan Town is a casual shopping destination, providing shoppers with basic rather than luxury items. It is connected to other shopping venues, such as Namba City and Namba Walk, which offer exclusive boutiques, brand-name stores, and interior design shops.


9. Janjan Yokocho

shopping in tokyo janjan yokocho

Janjan Yokocho is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience the nostalgia of the Showa era in Osaka. Nestled within the neon-lit city, this small alleyway is a delightful throwback to the past. Here, you can find a variety of traditional shops and goods, as well as the sounds and smells of the era.

Furthermore, at a reasonable cost, you can enjoy a range of delicious Osaka treats such as okonomiyaki, kushikatsu, and takoyaki. If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, Janjan Yokocho should be one of your top destinations.


10. Den Den Town

shopping in osaka denden town

Den Den Town is a haven for electronic enthusiasts. Located in south Osaka, it follows the tradition of Tokyo’s Akihabara, with over 150 shops providing the latest computers, video game consoles, digital cameras, hi-fi equipment, and electronic gadgets. The neon signboards that decorate the area are brilliant and draw in customers from all over.

Bargaining is always welcome in Den Den Town and can often reward those savvy enough to haggle with discounts or extras. It is important to check if a product can be programmed in one’s native language, as sometimes it can be stuck in Japanese.

Den Den Town is also popular with fans of Manga and anime figurines. Here, you can find all sorts of collectible items and statues to add to your collection.


11. Karahori Shopping Street

shopping in osaka karahori

Karahori Shopping Street is almost 1 kilometer long and provides a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon. It has been around since the Meiji era and became popular because it was the first location to organize a sale with a lottery. Sadly, the district was destroyed during World War II but was quickly rebuilt. The buildings you see today have a nostalgic atmosphere, as they date back to the Showa era. 

Karahori Shopping Street is becoming popular with the younger crowds despite its older-looking environment. Many original buildings are transformed into trendy shops and cafes that appeal to Osaka’s fashionable youth.


12. Crysta Nagahori

shopping in osaka crysta nagahori

Crysta Nagahori is a massive shopping arcade located underground from Yotsubashi Station in the west to Nagahoribashi Station in the east. Its design is unique in that it gives customers the impression of walking along an actual street-level shopping area

The shopping arcade is illuminated with glass ceilings and filtered daylight and also features gardens and waterfalls to create a calming atmosphere. Customers can find a wide range of products and services, including cosmetics, fashion, and bookstores, all within a short distance of five major train and subway stations.


13. Senbayashi Shopping Street

shopping in osaka sensabayashi

Senbayashi Shopping Street is a must-visit destination if you are an avid bargain hunter. This 700-meter-long shotengai is packed with a wide variety of specialty stores. From Asian pharmacies to tea shops, souvenir shops, and even a dedicated hat store, you will find it all here. 

Although Senbayashi Shopping Street is not well-known among international travelers, it is a local favorite. Restaurants in the area tend to have long lines, especially during lunch and dinner times, so it is advisable to visit during off-hours if you want to enjoy a meal here.


14. Tennoji

shopping in osaka tennoji

Tennoji is a place of great historical significance. Its atmosphere beautifully combines Osaka’s commercial past with its modern present. The area around Tennoji Station has a unique blend of old-style specialty shops and contemporary shopping malls

You can find anything from valuable antiques to the latest fashion trends here. Shopping venues include Kitetsu Abeno Department Store, Avetica Underground Mall, Abeno-Suiji Street, and the Apollo Building. The area is also surrounded by the stunning Tennoji Park, which provides a lovely green space to explore.


15. Tengo Nakazakidori Shopping Street

shopping in osaka tengo Nakazakidori

If you get off at Tenma Station, you will find yourself walking through Tenma Ekimae Kita Hondori. This street is full of small restaurants and standing bars, where office workers like to go after work. It is approximately 400 meters long. 

Tengo Nakazakidori Shopping Street offers a wide variety of old and new shops. In addition to the shops, there are many small restaurants that serve Osaka’s tastiest dishes. This makes it a perfect place to combine shopping and dining.


16. Rinku Premium Outlets

shopping in osaka rinku premium outlets

Rinku Premium Outlets is the perfect shopping destination for bargain hunters in a hurry. Located just a few minutes from Kansai International Airport, this outdoor shopping center offers a wide selection of discounted designer gear. 

The center is designed like a mini town, where shoppers can explore the many boutique shops featuring famous international brands like GAP, Ralph Lauren, and Kate Spade. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes for those needing a break from shopping. There’s even a 100-yen shop for picking up some cheap souvenirs.


17. Tsuruhashi Shopping Street 

shopping in osaka tsuruhashi

Tsuruhashi Shopping Street is the largest Korean shopping district in Japan. Located in Osaka, it has over 800 shops where visitors can find a variety of Korean products. These include groceries, dry foods, traditional garments, and other items. It is also the best destination in Osaka for yakiniku, a Korean barbeque type. There are dozens of restaurants in Tsuruhashi that offer this style of cuisine.


18. Tempozan Marketplace

shopping in osaka tempozan

Tempozan Marketplace is located on the city’s western side, close to Osaka Harbour and Universal Studios Japan. It’s a 3-story shopping mall that houses around 100 international restaurants, nightclubs, and shops selling clothes, souvenirs, and other items targeted at tourists. It is beautifully decorated with modern art pieces and has a wonderful art gallery and a public events arena. 

For traveling families, there are many attractions surrounding the mall. There is an aquarium, an amusement park called Lego Land, and one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels. All these attractions make Tempozan Marketplace a great destination for families.