Shopping in Rome is some of the best in Europe.

There is something for everyone, from high-end designer stores to affordable fast-fashion outlets. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your wardrobe or just window shopping, you can find the perfect spot to explore and enjoy. 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to ensure you don’t miss out on the best shopping in Rome. You can find everything from luxury department stores to budget-friendly shopping malls here. There is sure to be something that catches your eye, no matter what you’re looking for.


The Best Places for Shopping in Rome 


1. Via dei Condotti

shopping in rome Via dei Condotti

Located close to Rome Luxury Suites is Via Condotti, a street that dates back to the ancient days of Rome. This street is named after the conduits which once carried water to the Baths of Agrippa. Starting at the Spanish Steps, Via Condotti is known for its designer stores, including Prada, Bulgari, and Valentino. Visitors can stop for coffee at the renowned Caffé Greco when visiting this main shopping street in Rome. This café was frequented by Byron and Keats, and they admire the stately architecture of the Palazzo di Malta, Palazzo Della Porta Negroni Caffarelli, and Chiesa della Santissima Trinità degli Spagnoli.

Leading from the Spanish Steps towards Piazza del Popolo is Via Babuino, nicknamed ‘street of the Baboon’ due to the statue of a baboon on a fountain at the beginning of the street. This street is twinned with Madison Avenue in New York and is home to designer stores, historic labels such as Borsalino, and independent shops. 

Shops at Via Condotti

Louis Vuitton
$$$$ · Leather goods store
Via dei Condotti, 13 · +39 02 0066 08888
Opens 10 AM
A luxury brand for handbags & more
Google Map Here
Via dei Condotti, 59 · +39 06 6979 7535
Opens 10 AM
Upscale Italian leather goods & fashion
Google Map Here
Women’s clothing store
Via dei Condotti, 8 · +39 06 679 0405
Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM
Luxury Italian-designed fashions
Google Map Here


2. Via Borgognona

affordable shopping in rome

If you’re looking for a shopping experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Via Borgognona is the street for you. This quiet and green avenue is full of high-end fashion labels such as Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney, BlueMarine, and a selection of smaller boutiques. Via Borgognona is one of the best Rome luxury shopping street.

When it’s time for lunch, visit Ginger, a vibrant health-focused restaurant renowned for its inventive vegetable dishes. Options include creative salads, quinoa with goji berries and cucumber, and delicious fruit plates served in silver buckets. Head to the nearby Laudurée and sample some of their delicious macarons for dessert.

Shops at Via Borgognona

& Other Stories
Via Borgognona, 38-40, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Hours: Opens 10 AM
Google Map here

Zegna Boutique
Via Borgognona, 7E, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Hours: Opens 10:30 AM
Google Map here

CH Carolina Herrera
Via Borgognona, 24, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Hours: Opens 10:30 AM
Google Map here


3. Via Frattina

best places to shop in rome italy

Via Frattina is considered by many as the best shopping street in Rome.

With a number of shops in Rome, such as Geox, Brighenti, MaxMara, Stefanel, Falconeri, Trussardi, Swarovski, Pinko, Comptoir des Cotonniers, and Polo Ralph Lauren, it’s a great place to find something special. Andrea Fabiani is a great option for those looking for value-for-money shoes, offering a wide selection of shoes, some even made in Italy. On the opposite side of the street is Fausto Santini, one of the great Roman fashion houses. They offer luxurious and stylish bags and shoes of high quality.

After a day of shopping, take a break at Enoteca Regionale Palatium, a contemporary wine bar/restaurant serving wine exclusively from the Lazio region and various entrees. Bar Frattina is another great spot. This small neighborhood bar/café serves good coffee and delicious gelato. Be sure to get your receipt (“scontrino”) first, and then go to the counter to order. Also, avoid sitting outside as they charge extra for anything acquired there.

Shops at Via Frattina

Boutique Central
Address: Via Frattina, 149, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Google Map Here

Address: Via Frattina, 86, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Google Map Here


4. Via del Corso

shopping in rome via del corso

When it comes to luxury shopping in Rome, Via del Corso is a street that should not be missed. This historic street is one of the main shopping areas in Rome and is home to several luxury fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Armani, and Versace. This street is perfect for fashion lovers who want to indulge in high-end shopping while enjoying the city’s charming atmosphere. Via del Corso offers some of the best places to shop in Rome.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world, and their flagship store on Via del Corso is a true work of art. Inside, you’ll find a wide range of clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories that embody the brand’s signature style. From classic monogrammed bags to trendy ready-to-wear clothing, Louis Vuitton has something to offer for every taste.

Armani is another luxury brand that you’ll find on Via del Corso. This high-end fashion brand is known for its elegant and timeless designs. Inside their flagship store, you’ll find a wide range of clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories that embody the brand’s signature style. From classic suits to trendy streetwear, Armani has something to offer for every taste.

Versace is a brand that is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. The store on Via del Corso is a true temple of luxury. Its beautiful architecture and an impressive selection of clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories embody the brand’s signature style. From sparkling diamonds to colorful gemstones, Versace has something to offer for every occasion.

In addition to some of the best designer shops in Rome, Via del Corso is home to several high-end department stores, making it a great place to find a wide range of designer brands under one roof.


5. Via del Governo Vecchio

shopping in rome via del governo vecchio

Take a stroll down Via del Governo Vecchio, a five-block cobblestoned street in Rome’s Centro Storico, and you will find an abundance of stylish boutiques and vintage shops. This charming area is the perfect destination for those searching for unique, historic items. You will also come across some lively bars, delightful restaurants, and a plethora of historic buildings from the 15th and 16th centuries. 

One of the most popular spots is the Otherwise Bookshop. This Insta-worthy English-language bookstore is home to a wide selection of books for all ages, from classic novels to the latest releases. 

Via del Governo Vecchio is located behind the stunning Piazza Navona and is conveniently close to other attractions like the bustling Campo de Fiori square. With so much to offer, this street is a must-visit in Rome.


6. Via del Babuino

via del babuino

Via del Babuino is a road that connects Piazza di Spagna to Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Italy. It forms the Tridente with Via del Corso and Via di Ripetta and has often changed its name over the centuries depending on which pope was paying attention to it. Popular imagination has given it the name it bears today, as a public fountain depicting a Silenus lying was placed in the street and nicknamed “bambino.”

The shopping street is home to many famous stores and landmarks. Tiffany & Co. and the building on the corner between Via del Babuino and Via Alibert, once the home of Carolina, wife of the Prince of Wittgenstein, and her lover Franz Liszt. Here, shoppers can find innovative designs at Emporio Armani, a sophisticated selection of products at Gente Roma, and unique creations at Dodo, among many other stores.

The Canova Tadolini Museum-Atelier is located here, with its café-restaurant occupying what was once the studio of Antonio Canova and Adamo Tadolini. The Church of Sant’Atanasio dei Greci, designed by Giacomo Della Porta and intended for the Byzantine rite, is also in Via del Babuino and Hausmann & Co., Fratelli Rossetti, and Canali. The Neo-Gothic Anglican Church of Ognissanti, the Hotel de Russie with its Piazzetta Valadier, and the Fontana del Babuino can also be found in the street.

Via del Babuino is a must-visit for those looking for a mix of history, art, and shopping. With its famous stores and landmarks, it provides a unique experience and the perfect setting for a romantic stroll.


7. Via Cola di Rienzo

shopping in rome via cola di rienzo

Via Cola di Rienzo is  in the Prati neighborhood, just north of the Vatican, making it the perfect destination for those looking for a local shopping experience in Rome. This tree-lined street offers a variety of Italian and international stores, including the renowned Falconeri, well-known for its luxurious cashmere knitwear. Intimissimi, another Italian brand, specializes in lingerie, while well-known stores such as Zara Home, Tiffany & Co., Sephora, and Tomy Hilfiger can also be found here.

The highlight of Via Cola di Rienzo is undoubtedly COIN Excelsior. In this department store, shoppers can find desirable items from top brands such as Armani Exchange, Marc Jacobs, and Guerlain. Whether looking for a unique Italian shopping experience or high-end brands, Via Cola di Rienzo has something for everyone.


8. Via di Monserrato

shopping in rome via di monserrato

For those looking to add a bit of sparkle to their day, the sparkling jewelry shop of Paolo Piccinelli is a must. Here you’ll find unique pieces of jewelry and vintage and antique items. The shop also carries a range of modern and contemporary jewelry, all crafted with precious metals and gems.

If you’re looking for something to enjoy during your stay in the area, check out Le Cave di Monserrato. This is a cozy wine bar where you can enjoy a wide selection of Italian wines and regional snacks. The bar also offers an interesting selection of craft beers, including some of their special blends.

For some delightful pastries and snacks, head to Forno di Ottavia. Founded in 1790, this is one of Rome’s oldest bakeries and still serves traditional Italian treats. Indulge in its sweet and savory specialties, such as pizza bianca, panini, and supplì.

Via di Monserrato is an idyllic street full of hidden gems and unique shops. Whether you’re looking for a special souvenir, a romantic dinner, or a place to enjoy a glass of wine, this is the perfect spot.


9. Via dei Coronari

shopping in rome via de coronari

Via dei Coronari is one of Rome’s top shopping streets in the city center, close to the renowned Piazza Navona. The street is known for its 15th and 16th-century buildings, which house a variety of stores selling antiques, jewelry, home decor, and clothing. 

If you want to indulge, Essenzialmente Laura is a must-visit destination on Via dei Coronari. This dreamy boutique is known for its luxury perfumes, all handmade in Italy. If you are not in the mood for splurging, you can still enjoy the street’s atmosphere by simply window shopping and taking in the sights. 

Regardless of your agenda, Via dei Coronari is a must-visit spot in Rome. With its unique architecture, luxurious stores, and overall dreamy atmosphere, it is no wonder why this street is one of the city’s top shopping destinations. 


Shopping in Rome FAQ


What is the famous shopping street in Rome?

The famous shopping street in Rome is Via del Corso. It is a long street that runs through the historic center of Rome, connecting Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia. Via del Corso is lined with various shops, from luxury fashion brands to more affordable high street stores. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists looking for a shopping experience in the heart of Rome.

What Shopping is Rome Known For?

When you tour the beautiful city of Rome, Italy, there are many things you can buy as souvenirs. Here are the top 15 items to consider: 

Italian Ceramics
A Leather Hand Bag or Travel Satchel
Silk Neckties and Scarves
Gourmet Foods
Italian Cookbooks
Coffee Products
Religious Items

What’s the Shopping Like in Rome?

Rome is a shopping paradise for fashion enthusiasts, offering a wide range of options from high-end boutiques to budget-friendly street markets. The city is famous for its fashion scene, with designer brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Valentino having flagship stores in the city center. Via Condotti, Via del Babuino, and Via Borgognona are some of the most famous streets for luxury shopping. 

For those on a budget, markets like Porta Portese and Campo de’ Fiori offer a variety of affordable goods, including clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. Additionally, Rome is known for its traditional artisanal crafts, such as leather goods and handmade ceramics, which can be found in small boutiques throughout the city.

Is it Better to Shop in Rome or Florence?

Rome is renowned for its ancient history and Roman ruins. It is a great destination for anyone interested in exploring the past. On the other hand, Florence is known for its Renaissance history and classic Italian culture. Both cities offer excellent food and drink, however, if your main interest is shopping and fashion, then Rome is the ideal choice.


Affordable Shopping in Rome

It is easy to find high-end spots, but where can one find the best Rome shopping at an affordable price?

The Porto Portese Flea Market is held every Sunday morning and is the largest market in Rome. It is the perfect place to find a bargain, with a mix of second-hand and new goods, food, antiques, and general bric-a-brac. Sparing a couple of hours to browse the endless rows of stalls is recommended.

Via del Corso is a great place to shop, with a mix of high street stores, small designer boutiques, bookstores, and the elegant Galleria Alberto Soldi shopping center. Stores such as H&M, Mango, Diesel, Levis, and Zara are all available to explore.

The Best Clothes Shopping in Rome

Coin is one of the most famous Italian clothing stores. Founded in the early 1900s by Vittorio Coin in Venice, this multi-story shopping haven features hundreds of Italian and international brands. From luxury Italian clothing brands such as Salmoiraghi, Gucci, and Calvin Klein to cute Coin designer costume jewelry perfect as souvenirs for friends, here you’ll find it all. Additionally, Coin sells cosmetics and house decoration, and organization items.

You’ll easily spend a few hours inside the store, browsing the endless options. Although it isn’t the cheapest shopping in Rome, they have year-round sales, and Coin is one of the best department stores in Italy.


Shopping Street Rome

Via Cola di Rienzo is a bustling shopping stree in Rome. It is famous for its wide variety of shops, ranging from high-end boutiques to budget-friendly stores. It is the go-to spot for locals and tourists alike who want to take home a reminder of the city. Here, one can find everything from clothing and accessories to souvenirs and collectibles. 

The street is always alive with people and music, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. There are also plenty of places to stop and grab a bite, from pizza and gelato to paninis and espresso. 


Designer Shopping in Rome

If you’re looking for luxury shopping, Rome is the place to be. The most popular streets for this are Via Condotti, Via del Babuino, and Via Borgognona, close to the Spanish Steps and just a five-minute walk from Hotel Eden.


Outlet Shopping in Rome

Castel Romano Designer Outlet is the perfect shopping destination for anyone looking for a great deal. Located just 30 minutes from Rome’s city center, it offers a wide selection of designer brands at up to 70% off. Brands like Nike, Armani, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Coach, and Roberto Cavalli are available at the outlet. No matter the occasion, Castel Romano Designer Outlet is sure to have something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.