Shopping in Zurich is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

Zurich offers a variety of shopping experiences to suit everyone. The main shopping area is the Bahnhofstrasse, which runs from the main station to Lake Zurich. Here, fashion chains such as Mango and Zara are located on the lower half of the street, while luxury brands such as Dior and Chanel can be found near Paradeplatz. 

The old town, referred to as the ‘Dörfli’ by locals, provides visitors with quirky stores such as the Travel Book Shop and Limited Stock. Whether you’re looking for a department store, a boutique, or a vintage store, Zurich is sure to have something to offer.


The Best Places for Shopping in Zurich


1. Shopping in Zurich’s Old Town

Shopping in Zurich’s Old Town is a unique experience. The city is home to both young and well-established enterprises, all located in close proximity. One can find a myriad of fashion boutiques, watch stores, souvenir shops, and several unique treasures that represent Swiss history and design.

shopping in zurich old town


Barbara Wick

The Neumarkt square in the Niederdorf quarter is home to the Kantorei restaurant, a theater, and Barbara Wick’s interior design boutique. For 25 years, Barbara Wick has been diligently searching for quality items to add to her product range, attending Swiss small businesses and international trade fairs to ensure that her clientele can enjoy her products for a long and sustainable time. She has an eye for trends and novelties, and quality is of utmost importance to her.


Schweizer Heimatwerk

Founded in 1930, the Schweizer Heimatwerk label has become a trusted symbol of Swiss handicrafts of the highest quality, functionality, and design. The extensive product range includes items from traditional Helvetian designs to current trends. It features everything from wooden spinning tops to glass bowls and jewelry.

The products in the Schweizer Heimatwerk range are unique in the world and are highly appreciated by visitors and locals alike who are looking for special gift ideas from Switzerland.


Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren

Upon entering the Schwarzenbach colonial grocery store in Zurich’s Niederdorf quarter, one is immediately immersed in the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. The store is lined with containers of coffee beans from all over the world, as well as tea leaves, dried fruit, and nuts.

Just next door, chocolate fanatics will find something to suit their tastes. The chocolate specialty store offers more than 300 artisan chocolate creations, from those flavored with Canadian maple syrup and fleur de sel, to 100% chocolate and even chocolates from a Philippine manufactory. While browsing, customers can enjoy a strong and spicy coffee, a nutty cappuccino, or any of the many different drinking chocolate variations at the espresso bar.

Schwarzenbach has been the place for gourmets and those who want to treat themselves since 1864.


Rosenhof Market

The Rosenhof Market in the picturesque Old Town of Zurich offers a unique shopping experience. Here, visitors can find an impressive selection of items from all over the world and original Swiss handicrafts. 

Among the items for sale are clothes, jewelry, precious stones, leather goods, handmade pottery, culinary delicacies, and antiques. These products are carefully selected to ensure visitors enjoy the highest quality and variety. 

Visiting the Rosenhof Market is a great opportunity to purchase truly one-of-a-kind items. Whether you are looking for a souvenir to take home or a special gift for someone special, this is the place to find it.


Max Chocolatier

The Max Chocolatier Shop is a dream come true for all chocolate lovers. The master chocolatiers use top-quality, natural ingredients to create unique chocolate creations in harmony with the four seasons. They produce Marc de Champagne truffles in winter, while in summer, they make passion fruit “SchoggliPlättli.” Valentine’s Day brings heart-shaped pralines, and chocolate gourmets can treat their taste buds all year round with a range of chocolate bars from pure white to extra dark and dragées filled with hazelnuts, coconut, or coffee beans.

To explore the world of chocolate, guests can attend a chocolate tasting at Max Chocolatier. Over a period of one hour, they can find out more about the firm’s history and sample their way through the product range with the help of expert chocolatiers.

Finally, those who prefer to browse and purchase in person can visit one of the Max Chocolatier shops located in the department stores Globus Bellevue and Globus Bahnhofstrasse.



At DrechselWerk, located in the heart of Zurich’s Old Town, traditional craftsmanship and modern design merge together to create exquisite home accessories. Upon entering the shop, the customer is welcomed by a beautiful scent of freshly made wood. 

The family-run business specializes in creating high-quality pieces from local woods sourced from sustainable cultivation. Unique pieces are crafted from different materials, such as wood, gold, and platinum, with the option of bespoke work. 

The Swiss stone pine shavings that are a by-product of the manufacturing process fill luxurious pillows. When laying one’s head on one of these pillows, one can experience the aroma of a Swiss stone pine forest and drift off into a peaceful sleep.


RRRevolve Fair Fashion & Eco Concept Store

Located in the heart of Zurich’s Niederdorf district is the RRREVOLVE Fair Fashion Store, offering a broad selection of sustainable and fair-trade fashion. The entire range of products is carefully sourced from raw materials, such as organic cotton, Tencel, and other sustainable materials.

The RRREVOLVE Eco Concept Store in Zurich’s Kreis 5 district is also worth a visit. This store offers a selection of accessories, home textiles, gifts, as well as household and garden items. All items have been chosen according to style, quality, sustainability, and fairness criteria. You can find rucksacks from Sandqvist, wooden framed sunglasses, or a cool beanie from the local Streetwear label.


2. Viaduct Arches

shopping in zurich viaduct

The Zurich-West Railway Viaduct, built in 1894, is now a place of life and activity. Spanning 550 yards, the area under its arches has become a busy urban meeting place. Visitors can walk, shop, enjoy, eat, and drink in the array of boutiques, galleries, and delicatessens. 

The Market Hall is the center of this bustling scene. Here, 20 farmers and food vendors from the region sell their products, providing a unique shopping experience. 


3. Europaallee

shopping in zurich europallee

Europaallee is a tiny quarter located in Zurich, stretching from behind the Main Train Station to Langstrasse. It has many stores, restaurant concepts, and cultural venues. Shoppers can find a variety of different items, such as fashion and accessories, sports and outdoor articles, and everyday items. There are also hairdressing and beauty salons and plenty of eateries ranging from burger bars and takeaways to gourmet restaurants. The Cinchona Bar, located in the 25-hour Hotel close to Langstrasse, is popular for its exquisite drinks. 

In addition, Europaallee also has plenty of cultures to offer.


4. Bahnhofstrasse

shopping in zurich

Bahnhofstrasse is a world-renowned shopping boulevard in Zurich that connects Lake Zurich with the Main Railway Station. Spanning a length of 1.4 kilometers (0.87 miles), this area was built upon the city moats that existed 150 years ago. Here, visitors can find a variety of boutiques, department stores, and timepiece stores, as well as the Swiss banking center at Paradeplatz. 

It is popular among locals and visitors and is always worth a visit. One can take a leisurely stroll along the lake in the summer, while in the winter, hot chocolate or mulled wine can be found at every corner. Rennweg and Augustinergasse depart from Bahnhofstrasse and lead into the charming old town.


5. The Circle

shopping in zurich the circle

The Circle is the newest quarter at Zurich Airport. It’s an exciting meeting place for people from near and far with its numerous shopping opportunities, restaurants, and two Hyatt hotels. 

The shopping experience at The Circle can’t be beaten, with Jelmoli Lifestyle House and Sports House, an immersive boutique by Omega, Läderach Chocolatiers, and various pop-up stores. 

Gastronomy is also a highlight of The Circle, offering options such as the cosmopolitan rooftop restaurant Sablier, Leon’s Loft for soul food, and the wood-fired oven pizzas at L’Oro di Napoli.

The Circle Park is a natural oasis that has something for everyone. Locals and airport employees alike can take in the fresh air, picnic at the covered pavilion, or experience the sky platform with views of the Alps on clear days.