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Over the past three years, digital marketing has given online entrepreneurs the tools, knowledge, and profit to pursue our passions full-time – and we are here today to share everything we’ve learned in a digital marketing course to download in PDF format. 

And there’s no better time to start your journey in digital marketing than RIGHT NOW.

Digital marketing is one of the few industries that is striving despite the COVID-19 world pandemic. There is a shift in behavior with consumers (and businesses) staying indoors – and presumably online – and the demand and opportunity in the digital marketing industry are bigger than ever. 

Having the marketing knowledge and skillsets of a digital marketer can catapult you to launching your digital agency, or generate passive income online to allow yourself the freedom with your time and finances to pursue your passions, wherever you are in the world. 

In 2017, I was laid off from my traditional 9-5 desk job and took the risk to travel the world instead of finding another full-time job. From then on, I spent countless hours (during my travels) to figure out how to make money online as a digital marketer so I can continue traveling and not having to work in an office space again. 

I read countless digital marketing course ebooks and watched hours and hours of YouTube videos to train myself. But it wasn’t after two years after I started learning about digital marketing that I started earning a full-time income online. 

And once I figured out the secrets that were not shown in the digital marketing pdf course and YouTube videos, I finally was earning a monthly salary that I was making yearly from my old job. 

With the digital marketing books below, my objective is for you to learn everything in a few weeks instead of learning in a few years. 

The Digital Marketer Elite course comes with three different subjects: 

Digital Marketing Strategy #1: How to make money launching ads on Facebook and Instagram 

Digital Marketing Strategy #2: How to create a sales funnel and the other type of codes we use to optimize our sales

Digital Marketing Strategy #3: How we rank niche websites to generate passive income. 

Digital Marketing Course: How to Launch Facebook Ads Complete Masterclass

digital marketing course pdf facebook ads

Facebook is a marketing and advertising haven with 2.6 billion active monthly users. The audience is so big that Facebook developed an advanced advertising platform that enables marketers to target very specific audiences depending on your objectives.

Advertising on Facebook was my introduction to digital marketing and making money online, launching ads, and earning through affiliate marketing

Millions of digital marketers earn five to six figures a month, launching ads on Facebook, either through affiliate marketing or dropshipping.

On Digital Marketer Elite course ebook, you will uncover over 100 pages, a digital marketing strategy with a step-by-step action plan on how to sell or get valuable leads using Facebook and Instagram ads.

Digital Marketing Facebook Ads Course – Here’s What You’ll Learn:

The success of your marketing campaigns starts here. Learn how the Facebook pixel works, how it finds people who are most likely to buy from you, and where to find it (Module 1.1 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #1: How to find the RIGHT target audience, so you don’t waste your advertising budget! (Module 6.1 – 6.9 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #2: How to catch people’s attention who are randomly scrolling through their feeds with your Facebook and Instagram ads (Module 5 and Module 12 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #3: Master Facebook analytics so you understand the key metrics to look for that will save you a lot of money (Module 8.1-8.5 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #4: How to turn losing campaigns into winning ones (Module 9.1-9.6 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #5: How to scale winning campaigns (Module 14.14-14.15 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #6: How to turn those clicks into conversions by using these ad psychology tricks on your landing pages (Module 7.1-7.7 – PDF Download)

>> Click Here To Download Your Access To Digital Marketer Elite

Digital Marketing Course: From $0 to $16K in 30 Days

Digital marketing books pdf to make money online

Digital Marketers who earn five to six figures a month know the secrets and strategies of how to build a money-making landing page. It takes a complete marketing strategy from start to finish.

In this course, you will get my digital marketing blueprint on how I build my landing pages, with the secrets and tactics that top-selling advertisers use.

Over 100 pages, a step-by-step action plan that guides you on how we set up our landing pages, the ad marketing tactics we use, the Facebook pixel codes we used, and the simple funnel step we implemented – all of which resulted with sales nearing $17K in 30 days.

Digital Marketing From $0 to $16K in 30 Days: Here’s What You Will Learn:

Digital Marketing Skills #1: Deciding what products to sell – from creating your own, or jumping to affiliate marketing, or starting your online store via drop shipping (Module 1)

Digital Marketing Skills #2: How sales funnels work and how they are used by digital marketers to SELL, SELL, SELL  (Module 11)

Digital Marketing Skills #3: Knowing which pixel code to use so that Facebook and Instagram can find people who are more likely to purchase from you! (Module 12)

Digital Marketing Skills #4: How we sold close to $17K of our e-book using this straightforward 3-step funnel (Section 14)

Digital Marketing Skills #5: The step-by-step process we use to launch our campaigns on Facebook and Instagram (so you can copy the same method)  (Module 14)

Digital Marketing Skills #5: Finding the right target audience (so you don’t waste your money and show your ads to people in the internet who aren’t interested in your offer!) (Module 6)

Knowing what to troubleshoot in your landing page when something is not working (so you don’t lose sales!) (From 0 to $16K in 30 Days, Section 8: p. 107-119)

>> Digital Marketing PDF Download: Click Here To Get Your Access To Digital Marketer Elite

Digital Marketing Course: Make Money While You Sleep 

Digital Marketing pdf download course

The Make Money While You Sleep course teaches you an alternative method of earning passive income in the internet by showing you a step-by-step strategy on how we rank niche websites on the first pages on Google.

Digital Marketing Make Money While You Sleep Course: Here’s What You Will Learn:

Digital Marketing Skills #1: How to start your research process for what niche to get into (so you don’t lose time!)  (Module 4 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #2: Knowing the right strategy for selecting the right domain (so you can rank faster!) (Module 4.4 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #3: The methods and strategies we use that boost our niche websites to the first pages of Google (and the service we use to help us achieve this within 30 days!) (Module 4.3 – PDF Download)

Digital Marketing Skills #4: The tools we use to spy on our competition (so you can outrank them, which means more traffic and sales to you!) (Module 4.4 – PDF Download)

>> Digital Marketing PDF Course Download: Click Here To Get Your Access To Digital Marketer Elite

Free Bonus PDF Book : The Traveler’s Playbook

Digital Marketing pdf download for social media

Over 100 pages to download in PDF format, detailed guide on how we use social media (specifically Instagram), to travel the world and secure Instagram sponsorships and hotels.

Traveler’s Playbook PDF Download: Here’s What You Will Learn:


Building a social media brand plays a big part in our managing to secure travel sponsorships the last few years.

You get a FIRST-HAND look at the emails and marketing materials such as media kits we send to brands that allowed us to work with and get paid by them!


Do you notice that your engagement is not as good as it was before?

Let’s face it, no matter which social network you’re using, the algorithms will always change. We will go over on certain practices we do to counter the algorithm changes that directly affect our engagement rate!


Brands love working with micro-influencers, even if their audience size is only a few thousand. This is because micro influencers usually have a stronger relationship with their followers, along with a higher engagement percentage compared to a macro-influencer, who typically has a higher following but lower engagement.

We show you how we contact brands and the emails we send to book a gig!


Mikki shares his strategy and techniques for taking his pictures. Over the last five years, Mikki has accumulated over four million followers, thanks to his mastery and understanding of photography.

A FREE e-book to download on how to get started with affiliate marketing and how to promote offers using Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

Digital Marketing Skills #1: How to get yourself started RIGHT AWAY with making money online with affiliate marketing

Digital Marketing Skills #2: Which platforms to choose to promote products online so you can get paid!

​Digital Marketing Skills #3: How to promote affiliate products and target the right audience and niche using Facebook and Instagram!

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