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Flight Experience: Thai Airways First Class Boeing 747-400

My flight from Bangkok to Sydney was my first experience to fly with Thai Airways. On this flight, I flew the ageing, but iconic, Boeing 747-400.

This trip was a memorable one because I got to cross off two “to-do” list on my bucket list, which was to fly first class to Thailand and visit Australia via Thai Airways.

And what a way to do it in style!

Here’s the breakdown:



Without a doubt, the Thai airlines first class is the best check-in/lounge experience I’ve had to date.

Upon arriving at the Thai Royal First counter, the staff will ask you to relax on the sofa while they verify the rest of your travel documents and check you in. Upon completion of the check-in process, they will physically guide you all the way through security to a motored golf-cart type vehicle that will directly take you to the Royal First Lounge.

My favorite part? The complimentary one-hour Thai massage just before I boarded for my 9 hour flight to Sydney.

I’ve never been more impressed by a lounge than Royal First Lounge.


Royal first thai lounge thai airways bkk airport


royal orchid lounge first class thai airways

Thai Airways Royal first class lounge


royal orchid first class thai lounge

Pre-massage selfie!


royal orchid thai airways first class

About to get on that pre-flight massage life!



The Boeing 747-400 aircraft for this Thai airlines first class flight was not refurbished. Unlike the majority of modern first class cabin, the seats do not have their own pods that allow for some privacy.

Regardless, even if this is the old version of the 747-400 aircraft, the comfort throughout the entire flight was second to none.

Put that feet up!


thai airways first class boeing 747



Just like any other first class service, food & beverage service starts the moment you board the cabin until preparation for landing.

During the 9 hour or so flight, the meal service included breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. We took off around 8 a.m. in Bangkok and was served breakfast shortly after airborne. One thing is for sure, I was never hungry at any point in time during this flight.

The only thing I missed out on is lobster in flight!! I found a little too late that I could have ordered this lobster online prior to departure.

Take notes!


thai airways first class food


thai airways food first class


thai airways first class food



For a first class product, this specific flight was ordinary.

Considering they used an old configuration of the 747-400, the in-flight entertainment system was not up-to-date. There was even an antiquated projector screen that was pulled down from the ceiling to play the safety information video. It was something that I used to see in planes back in the 90’s – so this was a total throwback!


thai airways in flight entertainment first class



The flight attendants knew my name even before boarding the aircraft (without even showing my boarding pass). I felt like Thai Royalty during the whole entire flight.



If it wasn’t for the old 747, this would definitely be a 5 out of 5 for sure. The best flight experience from start to finish (starting with the first class lounge at BKK airport) until I got off the plane.

And to top off the whole experience is the complimentary Rimowa amenity kits!


rimowa amenity kit thai airways first class lounge

Rimowa amenity kit