Can’t beat the location. A few minutes walk from Kawaramachi train station, a couple minutes walk from bus stop (very convenient if you re arriving from the train station), and a hop and skip away from the Gion neighborhood – all close to shops and restaurants.


It’s . I think the last thing I thought about was my own safety … because it’s Japan. I think it’s the only country where I feel comfortable leaving the whole apartment or hotel door open for the whole day while sightseeing and come back knowing everything is still in tact.

But for the building of this particular AirBnb, there is a security guy at the entrance and you must have a key to enter the main door.


Daisuke was my host for my Airbnb – and he was a great host. He was right on top of answering my probably annoying emails (ie. will I find my soul mate in Kyoto or will Godzilla make an appearance…)?

Apart from that, you can expect clear instructions upon your arrival to Kyoto.


The room felt very Japanese. Watch video below:


You know the place is clean when the requirement is taking your shoes off before entering the room (Japanese custom – or should I say an Asian custom).


I did laundry and it was kind of challenging that everything was in Japanese. I was blindly pressing buttons and crossing my fingers and taking deep breaths praying I won’t cause a flood. Also, trying to figure out which is the shampoo and which is the shower gel….

Which one is the shampoo and which is the shower gel?!


It’s a small studio apartment – but perfect size for a solo traveler.


Mostly walked around. But if needed, train and bus stations are just a few minutes walk away.


This place was great – I had the complete Japanese experience from staying here. Link to Airbnb here.