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Siquijor Travel Guide: 7 Tips to Plan Your Trip

Posted by on Sep 3, 2018 in Uncategorized | 8 comments

Siquijor is one of the many stunning islands in the Philippines that is still relatively under the radar. This island doesn’t share the same limelight (not yet, at least) as other Philippine destinations such as...

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7 Reasons to Stay at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua

Posted by on Aug 4, 2018 in Places to Stay | 17 comments

In many cases when I stay in bigger, well-known hotels, I tend to feel like I could be anywhere in the world as the settings are very similar: nice lobby, modern rooms with comfy bed, and a sizable shower and...

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15 Places to Visit in the Philippines

Posted by on Aug 4, 2018 in Asia, Places to Go | 18 comments

If you are looking to visit the Philippines for the first time, or need ideas or suggestions to visit new destinations in the Philippines, then definitely take a look below! This past year, I spent around 8 months...

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The Majestic Banaue Rice Terraces: 6 Tips You Should Know

Posted by on Jul 21, 2018 in Asia, Places to Go | 13 comments

At long last, the Banaue Rice Terraces are finally crossed off my bucket list! For as long as I can remember growing up in the Philippines, the Banaue Rice Terraces were perhaps the most advertised destination I...

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10 Stunning El Nido Resorts That Make You go WOW

Posted by on Jun 20, 2018 in Places to Stay | 24 comments

When we think of stunning luxury resorts in paradise (i.e. overwater bungalows in the middle of clear turquoise waters), we usually think of heavenly getaways such Maldives, Tahiti, and remote islands in the...

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3 High Intensity Jump Rope Workouts that Burn Belly Fat Fast

Posted by on Jun 19, 2018 in Health and Fitness | 0 comments

3 High Intensity Jump Rope Workouts that Burn Belly Fat Fast We all know how stubborn belly fat can be and how difficult it is to get rid of it. Even when we are fully committed to our diet and workout routine,...

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8 Tips from a Health & Wellness Coach While Traveling

Posted by on May 13, 2018 in Health and Fitness | 0 comments

I realized a few days ago that I’ve been on the road for a solid 9 months, starting my trip in late September in Europe, South America (Colombia), before making my way to the Phiippines. It’s been a wonderful and...

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22 of my Favorite Filipino-isms

Posted by on Apr 11, 2018 in Thoughts on the Go | 1 comment

For those who don’t know, the Philippines was once a U.S. territory back before any of you (most probably) were born. Since gaining independence from the U.S., the American culture is still alive and strong even...

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