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How to Travel and Earn from Instagram

It wasn’t that long ago that I got laid off from my corporate 9-5 desk job.

For six years, I went to work and waited until I accrued enough vacation days to travel far and away, fulfilling experiences and checking off places to visit on my bucket list. Today, this little platform called Instagram has allowed me to live a fantasy that I didn’t think was possible: travel while earning income at the same time.

But the process was definitely not overnight.

I was already posting travel photos before I even knew I was going to start a travel blog Instagram. It just got to a certain point where my travel pictures started snowball by attracting followers little by little, to the point where I started getting gigs from different brands.

In this article, I will show you how to approach brands for possible collaboration or sponsorships, how to create an online brand, growing your audience, and other ways you can start becoming an online entrepreneur!

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How do you get sponsored on Instagram

One of the sure ways of monetizing Instagram is to get sponsored by brands. With enough following and engagement with your followers, you can definitely approach brands and start a conversation if your followers are aligned with theirs.

For those just starting out, a collaboration between brands and influencers usually start out as a “non-paid” collaboration. This means that once you’ve contacted the brand and agreed on the partnership, they typically provide something for free in exchange for making a post (or two) on your social media accounts.

In the travel industry, this is most prevalent in contacting hotels and airlines where they usually provide complimentary lodging or airline tickets. With that said, it’s often a lot more challenging to get a paying gig in the travel sector compared to other industries, unless your following is in the millions.

But before you start contacting brands, you need to prepare a media kit, which is a document that details key statistics on your blog or Instagram page. In the blogging and influencer world, the type of information that is usually laid out on media kits is the type of audience, age range, location, blog traffic or number of followers, or other previous collaborations you’ve had with other brands.

Creating an Online Brand

Having a solid online brand gives you an edge when you get to the point of monetizing your Instagram, either through paid collaboration or using Instagram to promote products or services through affiliate marketing or drop shipping.

But what are the critical elements of creating your online brand?

If you are shooting to gain a following in the travel industry, there are three elements that you need to focus on to capture the attention of brands and new followers alike: content and voice.

I’ll break it down below:

1) Content
Content means your photography and video.

Considering Instagram is a highly visual platform, your brand image will be defined by the quality and style of your photography and videos. As you’ve most probably seen with popular travel pages on Instagram, they have a very distinct style in their photography and videos that makes the overall look of their feed look polish and “branded.”

The way they create this mood in their feed could be their photography techniques or style, or sets of filter that is used on every photo or video.

Sidenote: it’s also essential, especially nowadays, to explore going “off-brand.” People are very much interested in getting to know the person behind the account that they are following. Luckily for us, Instagram stories have become a platform where you can go “off-brand” and share a little bit more of your personality and connect to your audience on a different level.

2) Voice
When talking about “voice” in regards to branding on Instagram, this mostly refers to the distinct expression of your brand through words, which are mostly the captions for each of your content.

When trying to find your brand’s voice, think of how you want to be perceived, i.e., personality (playful, cheeky, or serious), or in vocabulary (plain and straightforward vs. rich and poetic).

Once you have your brand all figured out, brands would be able to determine if you share a similar target audience and if a collaboration would be a good fit.

Grow your Audience on Instagram

Once you’ve defined your branding on Instagram, it’s time to focus on posting consistent content and using the right hashtags to attract new followers.

Back when Instagram implemented any algorithm changes, it was a lot more simple to gain followers by having one of your content show up on the “explore” page, where users can directly see similar material to the ones they are following.

Nowadays, it’s a lot more difficult considering the algorithm changes have made it a lot more competitive to show up on the explore page.

We recently tried this method by Gary V., where you select 9 popular hashtags and 9 popular accounts, and leave meaning comments and engage in discussions on their posts.

By doing so, you are taking part in a community and could eventually show up in the comments section, just like below:

Considering that this post is part of the “9 most popular post” of a hashtag or 9 most popular account in your niche, your username could easily be seen by people who are also engaging in the post, thus giving you exposure to users who are interested in your niche.

How much money do Instagram Influencers Make

One of the most common questions thrown around, how much do Instagram influencers make.

I’ll break it down to three levels of Instagrammers, which basically determines their usual rates for each post they do for brands.

1) Micro-influencers

These are every Instagram users who typically have a following between 1,000 and 50,000 followers.

The current rate for standard Instagram micro-influencer is usually $100 per 10k followers, which translates to .01 per follower.

2) Macro-influencers

For macro-influencers, who usually have a following of 50k- 1M followers, the rates are typically negotiated between the influencer and the brand.

There really isn’t a standard one-size fit all rate. There are different factors to consider such as engagement rate, client budget, and other specifics regarding the campaign that determine the final rate a macro-influencer can charge.

I’ve seen Instagrammers who have over 200K followers and charge starting from $2000 per post.

3) Celebrities

This a whole different level of a brand collaborating with a celebrity (ahem, the Kylie Jenners of the world).

But brands typically pay MINIMUM six-figures per post for celebrities who have massive following such as the Kardashians.

Other ways to make money on Instagram even if you don’t have a big following

You still want to earn money on Instagram but do not have the following of a Kardashian or a Kylie Jenner?

No problem!

Many online entrepreneurs today are cashing in on promoting offers or selling products by running ads on Instagram (and Facebook). These social media advertising platforms are so powerful that it can target very specific audiences and different niches, allowing you to be able to sell or promote whatever products or offers to the right customer.

Being able to use the power of social media is definitely one of the ways on how to make money on Instagram and/or Facebook while traveling.

As long as you know how to use the advertising platform of Facebook and Instagram, you can quickly launch campaigns selling and/promoting offers anywhere in the world!

And the best part: you don’t need hundreds and thousands or millions of followers to do so!

How to make money on social media with affiliate marketing and drop shipping

There are billions and billions of active users on Instagram and Facebook, who are engaged on the platforms more so than ever.

And this is the opportunity that is waiting for those who are looking to quit their 9-5 and travel wherever they want because they can earn money online.

For those who left their traditional 9-5 and pursued the laptop lifestyle, many started off with affiliate marketing and/or drop shipping.

These two business model allows you to work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a good WiFi connection.

For myself, I started launching affiliate marketing campaigns for a client, where I learned and seen first hand the potential to be making six-figure a month just by launching the right product and targeting the right people on Facebook.

The income potential is enormous once you find the right product or offer. And the best part, you DO NOT need SUBSTANTIAL capital to start an affiliate marketing or drop shipping business!

A. What is affiliate marketing

In plain English, affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting somebody’s products or services online.

Basically, if somebody clicks on the link you are promoting and took action, through a purchase or something simple like giving their email, you will receive a commission through that affiliate link.

Signing up for these programs are for free.

The affiliate links are unique to you and you only. These links contain the affiliate ID that is used by the affiliate programs to track if the sales are coming from you.

Generally, when people are exploring and researching the idea of making money online, they decide whether to pursue affiliate marketing or drop shipping.

The payout depends on the offers your promote and the industry you are in. But as an example, you can get a payout of $8.50 for every item that is purchased. Now think about it, how many users are out there on Instagram and Facebook?


As long as you know how to target those billions of people through their interests, that $8.50 can add up rather QUICKLY!

B. What is Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is essentially having your own online store. But the appeal of drop shipping is you don’t have to carry any inventory at all!

This is how it works:

1) You research a niche and product that is popular in that niche
2) Once you’ve done your research, you contact a supplier (most likely suppliers in China) and negotiate to price.
3) You open an online store (most likely Shopify).
4) You put the items in your Shopify store
5) Launch ads on Facebook and Instagram
6) Once somebody orders, the supplier will directly handle the shipment to your customer!
7) $$$

The key with a successful drop shipping store is knowing your product is a hot seller and could potentially go viral AND knowing how to launch Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

I’ve seen people in their early 20’s making $100K a month solely on drop shipping. The return on investment is insane once you find a winning product!


There you have it!

If you’ve been thinking on how to leverage your social media (mostly Instagram and Facebook) to earn while traveling the world, I hope this article is a great reference when you are doing your research!

This is how I was able to start traveling using Instagram (and launching Facebook ad campaigns), so I hope I was able to share something valuable for you to pursue the same!

But keep in mind that not everything happened overnight! With enough dedication, hustle, and a positive attitude, you are very well on your way!

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