You’ve probably wondered at one point what it’s like for digital entrepreneurs, who have a digital business and can work anywhere in the world, travel without having to ask permission for vacation time, while earning a full-time income online.

Thanks to the power and wonder of the internet, the rise of Digital Entrepreneur, or Digital Nomad, became a sought-after career for anybody who wishes to have more control of their time and finance.

The term or title, ‘Digital Entrepreneur,’ sounds like a term of the century that nobody knows what it means. 

After all, did the term ‘Digital Entrepreneur’ exist before the start of the 21st century?

Digital entrepreneurs, in essence, are entrepreneurs who have the skill sets to leverage the power of the internet and take a piece of the billions of dollars they spend online every day.

One could argue that today’s entrepreneurs are essentially all digital entrepreneurs. After all, many – if not all – businesses are virtually (no pun intended) online.

Although there’s a lot of truth to that, my definition of a true digital entrepreneur revolves around one thing: the lifestyle. 

After I was laid off from my 9-5 desk job in 2017, I made an unpopular (see: risky) decision to use whatever saving I had to travel as the world for as long as I can, instead of looking for another job to advance my career.

So I searched far and wide to figure out how to sustain the digital entrepreneur lifestyle of traveling and earning full-time online. After all, the savings that I had can only go so far that I would eventually need income coming in.

I eventually discovered the world of digital entrepreneurship and the lifestyle that comes along with it.

Starting a digital business takes just as much perseverance and work ethic as starting any traditional business. 

However, the perks and benefits for digital entrepreneurs outweigh those of any other entrepreneurs. 

Below are nine benefits that I enjoy working as a Digital Entrepreneur: 

1) You Can Do What You Love as a Digital Entrepreneur

One of the greatest gifts of the internet is that you can pursue your passion and find a way to make it a business online. And this is what many digital entrepreneurs have done.

That alone may be the single best reason to be an entrepreneur, especially a digital entrepreneur.

Digital entrepreneurs can effectively create their dream job instead of fitting into a box designated by an employer.

And as a digital entrepreneur, anything is possible. 

Do a list and inventory of your hobbies and interests, and explore different avenues for building a digital business around it. 

One way or another, there’s a sure way to turn your hobby into your full-time income online. Explore different digital business models such as affiliate marketing, launching an online e-commerce store, or creating a digital product such as an e-book or online course.

The opportunities for digital entrepreneurs are endless!

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2) You Can Work in Your Pajamas as a Digital Entrepreneur

Online entrepreneurs enjoy the benefit of not having to show up for work in dress code regularly.

When they want to be comfortable, even business casual isn’t casual enough. Online entrepreneurs get to work while wearing sandals, sweatpants, and even pajamas while raking in that dough.

Personally, the perk of having your own digital business goes beyond working in your pajamas.

Having a digital business allows you to control your work environment, where you feel like working at any given moment – whether inside your cozy home, in front of the beach, or a café somewhere in the world.

The choice is yours!

2) Digital Entrepreneur’s Work is Your Own

When you work for someone else, all of your efforts go to helping a business that doesn’t belong to you.

As an entrepreneur, your effort goes to increasing the value of something (a business) that you own outright.

Getting a monthly paycheck is great, but it’s a short-term fix compared to developing an asset that can bring you wealth for years to come.

I remember a time when I would work tirelessly to move up the corporate ladder. 

But at one point, I came to realize that all my extra hard work and effort wouldn’t mean that promotion, or pay raise, is guaranteed. 

At the end of the day, somebody else controls my destiny, regardless of how much work and effort I put into my job. 

When you become an digital entrepreneur, your income is a direct reflection of your hard work. 

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3) Scaling your business

The internet is a healthy, growing industry. If you start an online business today, it will enjoy the benefits of that growth.

Successful Digital Entrepreneurs who earn five to six figures a month understand the limitless opportunities of scaling a business online. 

But what does scaling your digital business exactly mean?

To put it simply, scaling your digital business means increasing your revenue without adding the cost.

There are different ways and strategies for scaling your online business and deserves a blog post dedicated to the topic altogether.

For myself, I was able to grow my digital business by creating multiple niche websites that make passive income.

The secret is finding (or creating) the right digital product and finding a targeted audience and increasing the traffic over time. 

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4) As A Digital Entrepreneur, You Don’t Have a Boss

A great boss is a leader, mentor, and friend.

A bad boss is hell on earth.

Employees spend more than half of their lives at work, which means it is vital for our mental and well-being to get along with our superiors. 

Unfortunately, many of us experience more bad bosses than good ones in our careers.

And that’s not a healthy environment to be in, considering we spend more time at work than being at home!

If you don’t want to have to risk getting a bad boss, then you may like becoming an online entrepreneur. You don’t have to answer to anyone other than yourself. 

5) Digital Entrepreneurs Can’t Get Fired

One of the worst things about being an employee is that you never know when you might get the ax. 

Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs, and annual salaries are one of their biggest expenses. 

Any day, you could go to work with a career and come home unemployed.

As an entrepreneur, you can lose clients, visitors, or followers, but you can never lose your job. 

Your future is in your hands.

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6) You Don’t Have to Quit Your Day Job as a Digital Entrepreneur

Making money online doesn’t usually happen right away. It takes time to develop a website, product or following. 

Even the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs (think Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page) didn’t earn money from their websites for years.

But even though becoming an online entrepreneur is a huge commitment, the time can be spread out over as many days as you like. So, you don’t need to quit your day job. 

You can keep earning a full-time income and build a digital business in your free time.

7) Digital Entrepreneurs Can Quit Their Day Job

At some point, your digital business may become so profitable that your 9-to-5 job becomes obsolete. That’s when you put in your two weeks’ notice and become a full-time entrepreneur.

Besides winning the lottery, entrepreneurship may be the best way to never need a “real job” again.

After being laid off from my traditional 9-5 desk job, I started traveling full-time for a year. 

During that time off, I knew that I could never return to an office space setting again. 

I want to be able to travel and work whenever and wherever possible. 

So I kept my head down and worked as hard as I can to learn more about being an online entrepreneur to sustain that lifestyle I always wanted. 

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8) Digital Entrepreneurs Can Travel the World

When your office is online, you can work from virtually anywhere. All you need is a power outlet and a wifi connection – a nice perk for digital entrepreneurs.

We travel the globe year-round as digital nomads, mostly found in cafés with strong wifi. 

There’s a big, beautiful world out there. There’s no better time than right now to join the millions of other Digital Entrepreneurs and start an online business to experience it yourself.

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