Tour D in El Nido has some of Palawan’s most spectacular sceneries with its impressive rock formations, crystal clear waters, hidden beaches, and spectacular lagoons. 

The itinerary that is part of Tour D is why El Nido consistently ranks as one of the world’s top island destinations. This tour boasts some of the most exotic beaches in lush tropical settings, matched with the softest, creamy sand that melts under your feet. This island hopping tour will give you a memorable experience during your trip to El Nido. 

Admittedly, Tour D is not as popular as the other three island hopping tours in El Nido. Overall, Tour A, Tour B, and Tour C get more attention than Tour D. With that said, the number of tourists that sign up for Tour D is not as many, which means there are fewer crowds to contend with at the beach. This island hopping tour generally has fewer tourists, which is advantageous for those who prefer fewer crowds. Imagine having exclusive access to some of the most exotic beaches in the world without having to worry about it being overcrowded. 

In this article, we will explore the itinerary and what to expect for El Nido Tour D to help you plan your next trip!

Ipil Beach

ipil beach on tour d el nido
tour d beach itinerary

Ipil Beach is part of the Tour D itinerary, featuring a stunning beach and an island with breathtaking views. The beach offers soft white sand and some nice snorkeling spots. According to our guide, the ending scene of the Bourne trilogy and Survivor was shot here. You may see a guy selling fresh buko (young coconut water) with rum during your visit. 

This island beach is really quiet, and hardly any visitors were on it (maybe one small boat with a couple for about 20mins). We pretty much island to ourselves. Some adorable dogs waited to greet you when you arrive! We had lunch on the island and did give some water for them. A must add that most tours don’t get in El Nido.

Pasandigan Beach

pasandigan beach tour d el nido

Pasandigan Beach is a popular destination in Tour D because of its stunning creamy white sand and emerald waters, with a backdrop of stunning limestone rocks and green vegetation. 

This beach highlights why Tour D is the perfect tour for those who want to explore the best beaches in El Nido. Pasandigan Beach is a prime example for those who wish to discover beautiful and peaceful white sand beaches. 

Cadlao Lagoon

cadlao lagoon tour d el nido

Cadlao Lagoon is one of the several stunning attractions in El Nido and is part of Tour D. The towering limestone and emerald waters surrounding the lagoon are alone good reasons to go on this tour. Since there aren’t many tourists who go on this tour, expect to swim with barely anybody else around you. Apart from swimming, there is a place where you can jump from the deep part of the lagoon. The clear emerald waters make a perfect snorkeling spot as well. 

In many ways, Cadlao Lagoon is very similar to Small and Big Lagoon, the two most popular destinations on Tour A. Just like those two famous lagoons, Cadlao Lagoon boasts impressive towering lime rock walls with crystal emerald waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. 

Cadlao Lagoon is typically where your guide prepares your delicious lunch. Just like the rest of the island hopping tours in El Nido, your guides grill fresh seafood, delicious meat, and fresh vegetables and fruits for your lunch. 

Paradise Beach

tour d el nido palawan paradise beach

The name Paradise Beach says it all. It is one of the many white beaches with a crystal clear sea that is part of Tour D. In fact, you can also get here with a kayak along the coast, which can take roughly 30 minutes. Paradise Beach is one of the best beaches of Cadlao Island without the crowd. There could even be a chance where you can have the whole island all to yourself. 

Natnat Beach

el nido tour d natnat beach palawan

Natnat Beach is a highlight of Tour D, offering an impressive stretch of white sand, perfect for those looking to work on their tan and swim in the beautiful crystal waters. One of the perks of going to this beach is feeling like you have it all to yourself. The beach has towering limestone cliffs surrounding the area, which gives a feeling of privacy once you reach the beach. 

Bukal Beach

el nido tour d bukal beach

Bukal Island is a picturesque tiny island right beside Cadlao Island. This charming island has a beautiful stretch of white sand beach, a feature on all of the beaches on Tour D. Bukal Beach is the perfect beach to enjoy downtime and relax before heading back to El Nido town. 

Where to Stay In El Nido 

where to stay in el nido

Matinloc Shrine – Matinloc Resort is a popular El Nido resort because of its stunning property, location, and hospitable staff. 

This El Nido resort is only a short boat ride away from the famous Big Lagoon and small lagoon. It features a spa center, private beach access, infinity pool, complimentary snorkeling and kayaking, table tennis, and private boats. 

Each of the rooms at Matinloc Resort has stunning ocean views of El Nido and offers an in house restaurant where guests can enjoy a buffet or a la carte meals.

Matinloc Resort offers guests a free shuttle service from El Nido Airport to El Nido town shuttle.


The Nest El Nido Beach Resort – The Nest El Nido Beach Resort is one of the most popular resorts on this island in recent years. 

This stunning El Nido Resort is only a short distance away from the iconic Big Lagoon and Small Lagoon, and a short boat rides away from the beautiful Matinloc Shrine, where you get some of the best jaw-dropping views of El Nido. 

All rooms at The Nest El Nido Beach Resort come with modern amenities, a seating area, and a balcony for select rooms. The resort also features a restaurant, serving continental breakfast and a la carte menu, offering a stunning view of Cadlao Island.


Vellago Resort – The stunning Vellago Resort has an idyllic location in El Nido, a short distance away from some of the island’s picture-perfect beaches. Some of the popular beaches near Vellago Resort are Seven Commandos Beach (50 meters away from Vellago Resort), Papaya Beach (150 meters away), and Ipil Ipil Beach (800 meters away). 

This beautiful El Nido Resort features stunning suites with tropical, elegant decor, each with a million-dollar view of El Nido. 

Vellago Resort can arrange various activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and island-hopping tours.