Shopping in Taipei is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

Taipei is well known for its fashion-conscious and business-oriented attitude, reflected in the variety of shopping opportunities available. The city has something to offer, from high-end malls to bargain stores. Additionally, parts of Taipei are comparable to the top Western shopping streets. 

The city is divided into distinct areas for shopping, such as Camera Street, electrical malls, clothing districts, and the Flowers and Jade Weekend Market. Our list of the best shopping in Taipei picks out the best of a wide selection of outlets from across the city, giving you a representative sample of the most popular places among visitors.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Taipei


1. Raohe Street Night Market

shopping in taipei raohe street night market

Raohe Street is the oldest night market in the city and has been a tourist attraction since 1987. It is located on a 600m road and features a decorative archway at its entrance. Upon entering, visitors face a great variety of shops and stands that offer a broad range of items, from food to electrical goods, DVDs, clothing, and accessories. There is even a small amusement arcade for the kids. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, it can get very crowded, making it uncomfortable. 

The main attraction of Raohe Street is its food. There is an impressive selection of stands selling local dishes and delicacies. Popular dishes include spare ribs stewed in Chinese herbal medicine, oyster vermicelli, and spicy stinky tofu. The street is so popular that it is often visited by TV crews working on cookery programs.


2. Taipei 101 Shopping Mall

shopping in taipei 101 mall

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall is one of Asia’s top places to shop, located in the lower floors of the iconic tower, which stands tall over the Xinyi skyline. It has seven floors, starting from the B1 level with a gourmet food court, gift shop, and group counter for the Taipei 101 Observatory.

On each floor, international brands such as Maserati Shoes, Calvin Klein Jeans, Pandora, Sony, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Swarovski, Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cerruti 1881, Hugo Boss, De Beers, Cartier, Armani Collezioni, Patek Philippe, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Versace, Saint Laurent, Burberry, Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, and Prada can be found.

The 5th floor is home to the record-breaking elevators that take you up to the Taipei 101 Observatory, local brands, and boutiques. Level 6F houses the luxurious World Gym Elite, a 2,640-sq m facility. A variety of restaurants, including the popular Din Tai Fung outlet on B1, offer both Taiwanese and international cuisine.

The mall is elegantly designed with open spaces, bright marble floors, and polished brass fixtures, and the prices are generally high due to the high-quality goods and famous brands offered.


3. Ximending

shopping in taipei ximending

Ximending is one of the most popular places in Taipei and is renowned for its youthful vibrancy. It has been a well-known entertainment and business area since the Japanese rule of Taiwan, offering many cinemas and entertainment venues. Nowadays, Ximending has a designated pedestrian zone with a variety of fashion stores, restaurants, hotels, and cinemas. 

The area is especially popular among the youth who come here to find the latest fashion trends. From American and Korean to Japanese brands, Ximending has it all. It is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll to search for trendy clothes and fashionable and easy-to-match apparel. Every weekend, the area bustles with young people, making it a vibrant and exciting place to explore.


4. ATT 4 Fun

shopping in taipei att 4 fun

ATT 4 Fun department store is a great destination for fashionable shoppers. It provides a one-stop shop for clothing, accessories, and homeware, with a variety of international fashion brands, such as Zara, Che Che New York, Nami&Yami, and GAP. The store’s fifth floor also offers a small selection of restaurants and handmade cosmetics. 

The building also boasts a 500-seat auditorium and some of the top nightclubs in the city. With its range of shopping and dining options, ATT 4 Fun is an attractive destination for those looking for a stylish shopping experience.


5. Gongguan District

shopping in taipei

Gongguan District is a popular destination for students due to its proximity to National Taiwan University. It lies at the crossroads of Roosevelt Road, Tingjhou Road, and Hsin Sheng South Road and is home to various shops, bookstores, and affordable shopping malls. The area also has student-friendly restaurants, cinemas, and opticians, making it a one-stop shopping paradise for students. 

Furthermore, the district offers a wide selection of sporting goods, including training shoes and functional sportswear. Hsin Sheng South Road is especially popular for its official outlets of well-known sports brands, which often have discounted out-of-season items.


6. Bellavita Shopping Mall

shopping in taipei bellavita mall

Bellavita is a bespoke luxury mall renowned for its chic surroundings and high-quality retailing. The classical-styled building, featuring cathedral-like stone construction and high ceilings, is spread over nine levels. It features an exclusive selection of stores, including Vera Wang, Yohji Yamamoto, Giorgio Armani, and Tiffany & Co.

The bottom two levels, B1 and B2, are particularly noteworthy. The B1 level contains an art gallery as well as a Lamborghini showroom. B2, meanwhile, has an almost incomparable food court. The upper levels boast some of the best restaurants in the city.


7. Xinyi District

shopping in taipei xinyi district

Xinyi District in Taipei has been redeveloped after years of urban renewal planning and is now a prosperous shopping district. It is scattered with major department stores and boutiques, offering a variety of brands from Taiwan and around the world. You can find beauty-care products, European-style accessories, and personalized cultural and creative items here. 

Visitors to Xinyi District can explore these stores and all that they have to offer by walking through the connecting aerial bridges. These bridges link Breeze Xin Yi, Breeze Nan Shan, Eslite Xinyi Store, Taipei 101, and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store. Shopping at these department stores is a must when traveling in Taipei!


8. Shida Night Market

shopping in taipei shida night market

Shida Night Market is in a trendy town area behind the National Taiwan Normal University. It is renowned for its fashion and is full of young entrepreneurs selling unique designs. 

Furthermore, there are many musicians who come to the market to practice their craft. The market also has a great selection of local and traditional food. It is highly popular with the local students, giving it a bohemian, boutique feel. If you’re looking for something unique, you are likely to find it at Shida Night Market.


9. Camera Street

shopping in taipei camera street

Camera Street near Taipei Station is the perfect place to buy cameras and other equipment. Located around Bo’ai Road and Hankou Street, it is filled with a variety of camera shops. Despite the prevalence of online shopping, Camera Street is still the first choice for many Taipei locals as it provides both professional and common photographic equipment at affordable prices.

The main benefit of shopping here is the expertise of the shop owners. Many of them are professional photographers familiar with the specifications, technologies, and latest trends in photographic equipment. As such, they can provide advice and guidance on what to buy, making the shopping experience more fulfilling.

That said, comparing prices across several shops is important before settling on the one that appeals to you most. This is because Camera Street is known for its competitive prices, and you may find the same piece of equipment at a cheaper price elsewhere.


10. Breeze Center Mall

shopping in taipei breeze center

Breeze Center Mall is the first American-style recreational shopping center in Taipei. Located in the Songshan District, the mall opened on 26 October 2001 and has become the flagship mall of the Breeze brand. It is known for its mid-range to high-end stores, such as Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and Jimmy Choo.

The mall has a variety of attractions, including a large food court on its lower floors (B1 and B2). Breeze Super is also a supermarket that stocks supplies imported from Japan and the US. In addition, the Breeze Gourmet food hall serves an array of quality cuisines, such as sushi, European dishes, pastries, and bread.

The upper floors of the mall are generally themed. On the ground floor, shoppers can find a wide selection of shoes, including Tino Bellini, Aldo, Jowalk, Pierre Mantoux, London Sole, and more. The 1st floor has international luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada, and De Beers. There is also a UNIQLO store on the 4th floor and a cinema on the 8th and 9th floors.


11. Zhongxiao Dunhua

shopping in taipei

Zhongxiao Dunhua is located at the intersection of Zhongxiao East and Dunhua South roads in Taipei, often referred to by locals as the “East District.” This vibrant shopping destination has become popular for its large department stores, flagship stores of famous brands, individual street fashion stores and boutiques, as well as affordable chain stores. 

The area has seen an influx of visitors since the opening of the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit, which has made it even more accessible. Visitors can shop at the Zhongxiao store, Fuxing store, and Dunhua store of Pacific SOGO Department Store, all popular shopping landmarks in Taipei.


12. Shilin Night Market

shopping in taipei shilin market

The Shilin Night Market in Taiwan is the biggest and most famous of the many night markets in the country. It is always busy with locals and tourists and is a paradise for bargain hunters. The central market is covered to protect it from the rain, and the shopping opportunities spread around the surrounding streets.

Popular wares offered at the market include souvenirs, clothes, and over 500 food stalls. There are also Chinese tea sets, ceramics, and pottery, which make for interesting and original gifts to bring home.

A visit to the brightly-lit and vibrant Shilin Night Market is considered a must for any visit to Taipei.


13. Wu Feng Pu

shopping in taipei

Wu Feng Pu is a popular shopping district next to Songshan Station in Taipei’s Songshan District. It is renowned for being the city’s main wholesale center of ready-to-wear clothes, where items from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Mainland China are sold at relatively low prices. This attracts a large number of wholesale buyers. 

The stores in Wu Feng Pu are spread along small streets and alleys, each crammed with fashionable clothing items. It is the go-to place for those looking for inexpensive clothing in Taipei, and when shopping here, bargaining is essential.


14. Core Pacific City

The Core Pacific City shopping mall, sometimes also known as Living Mall, is recognizable due to the 11-story granite-clad sphere in front. This mall is aptly described as a city within a city, as it reaches 12 floors up and seven floors underground. 

The mall is home to a variety of stores and services. The Mira Department Store offers premium trendy designer labels, and there is a range of restaurants to choose from. Additionally, the mall has a large cinema and 1,650 sqm of floor space devoted to pampering and cosmetics. 

The Shoes Gallery on 1F is particularly impressive, containing over 10,000 items of footwear and a foot spa spread out over 1,650 sqm of floor space. This is a great spot for those who want to find the perfect pair of shoes.


15. Tianmu Market Place

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Tianmu Market Place when traveling in Taipei. The market is open at the intersection of Zhongshan North Road Section 7 and Tianmu West/East Road in the Shilin District of Taipei, and the market is open from Friday to Sunday evening. 

Tianmu Market Place is ideal for visitors looking for affordable pre-loved apparel. It consists of creative markets and second-hand flea markets and attracts many Taipei locals who set up stalls for their used fashion items. Bargaining is expected in this market, and you can even chat with the vendors and learn more about the unique goods.


16. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall

shopping in taipei

The Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall in Taipei Station is the largest and most popular of its four locations in the city. Located inside the Shin Kong Tower, the mall offers an array of stores ranging from budget-friendly to high-end brands. This makes it the perfect destination for a one-stop shopping experience. Moreover, the mall is conveniently situated near several transport networks, giving customers easy access to the location.

As an added bonus, the mall houses a large food court and a selection of restaurants. This makes it a great place to shop, eat, and have a good time.


17. Taipei City Mall

Taipei City Mall is a bustling activity and commerce hub divided into three sections: clothing, electronics, and food. With its history as a market, shoppers can find a variety of inexpensive items throughout these sections. Visitors can also find street musicians performing at massage shops, specialist stores, and stalls offering anime-related items. If you are an anime fan, Taipei City Mall is the perfect place to browse and shop.


18. Eslite Spectrum Mall

Eslite Spectrum Mall is a 4-floor shopping in Taipei. It is conveniently located right next to Songshan Cultural Park. At the heart of the mall is the popular Eslite bookstore. On the first floor, customers can find high-end fashion items. 

The second floor offers unique handicrafts. The third floor, called ‘Tea with books,’ has a bookstore and a selection of cafés. The B2 level features a food court, an art gallery, and a performance hall. With its selection of cultural and artistic products, Eslite Spectrum Mall is a great place to find something different in Taipei.


19. Tianmu Creative Market

Tianmu Creative Market is located in the suburbs of Taipei, an area popular with Western expats. This makes it an ideal place to find foreign wares, especially food. Visitors to the market can expect to find a range of delicacies from stalls and shops in the area.

In addition to food, visitors can find clothing, accessories, Buddhist statuettes, bone china, and jade ornaments. Many of these items are pre-loved and in great condition. As no trader registration is required, each weekend’s market is unique as vendors come and go.


20. Far Eastern SOGO

Far Eastern SOGO is the perfect shopping destination for the whole family. It has 14 spacious floors with a wide range of big-brand fashion items, including children’s wear, sports equipment, lingerie, accessories, and more. There is a supermarket on the bottom floor (B2), while the top floor (12F) has an events hall. 

Additionally, there is a good selection of restaurants on 11F. Located conveniently next to Zhongxiaofuxing MRT Station, Far Eastern SOGO is the ideal spot for extensive clothes shopping in Taipei.


21. Guang Hua Digital Plaza

shopping in taipei

Guang Hua Digital Plaza is a shopping destination for anyone looking for second-hand computers and book bargains. Located at the intersection of the Zhongzheng and Da’an districts, this 6-story mall holds a variety of stores offering CDs, computer parts, and other electronics at very reasonable prices. 

On the mall’s top floor, you will find numerous repair shops that can help give a new lease of life to any tired old computers. The market is very competitive, allowing shoppers to haggle for the best deals.


22. Huaxi Street Night Market

shopping in taipei huaxi street night market

Huaxi Street Night Market, also known as Snake Alley, is located in the Wanhua District of Taipei. It’s famous for its unique food offerings and draws a lot of attention from tourists. Popular dishes include deer penis, turtle testicles, and snake meat and blood, as well as dishes containing Chinese herbs and medicine.

The entrance to the market is marked with a traditional Chinese gate, which leads to a collection of stalls and stores. Huaxi Street Night Market is conveniently located near the smaller Guangzhou and Wuzhou night markets and Longshan Temple, making it a great starting point for a tour of the ancient part of the city.


23. Jianguo Weekend Jade and Flower Market

The Jianguo Weekend Jade and Flower Market is a unique and lively shopping experience in the city. Located in a car park underneath an overpass, the market takes place every weekend and on holidays, with vibrant displays of jade and flowers.

Shoppers can find a variety of jade goods, including bracelets and Buddhist charms, as well as other trinkets and handicrafts. The market is popular with both tourists and locals, who come to browse the colorful and fragrant displays.

In addition to the main market, a small artists’ corner is also a popular attraction. Here, visitors can find unique pieces of art and handmade goods.

The Jianguo Weekend Jade and Flower Market is a great place to find souvenirs and explore the local culture.


24. Miramar Entertainment Park

Miramar Entertainment Park is an exciting place to visit. It boasts one of the tallest Ferris wheels in Taiwan and one of the largest cinema screens. The mall also offers an array of shopping experiences, with mid-range and top-class stores on its six floors. 

Fashion aficionados can find brands like Chanel, Roberta di Camerino, and Montblanc, while sports enthusiasts, toy lovers, and cosmetics fans have plenty of choices too. The mall also has an excellent food court. All in all, it is an attractive destination for those who wish to shop, eat, and be entertained.


25. Ningxia Night Market

shopping in taipei ningxia night market

Ningxia Night Market is a popular attraction in Taipei, known for its traditional old-Taiwan style and its abundance of affordable gourmet snacks. Fried taro balls, oyster omelets, and Imperial Guangdong Porridge are some of the most popular delicacies. As a result, the market is loved by both tourists and locals alike.

In addition to the traditional snacks, the market is home to various old-school arcade attractions and unique stalls. Furthermore, it is a great place to buy Chinese New Year goodies, as it has been around for many years. Spanning 300 meters, Ningxia Night Market is an absolute must-visit for those looking for an authentic Taiwanese experience.