Update: Backpacking the Luzon Region

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Asia, Thoughts on the Go

UPDATE: Backpacking the Luzon Region

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the lack of update since leaving for my backpacking trip in the Luzon region. The lack of and speed of WiFi is quite the challenge of getting work done. But I hope everyone had a great Christmas/holiday celebration!

I’m currently in Pagudpud in the Ilocos Norte province, located at the very north of the Luzon region. This is actually my first time celebrating Christmas in the Philippines in 22 years – and the atmosphere during Christmas time in the Philippines is exactly how I remember it. It’s magic!

My itinerary includes spending Christmas Eve in Vigan and continuing on my journey on Christmas day. I was actually worried of buses not operating since it was a holiday. But to my surprise, there were plenty of buses and local travellers even on Christmas day.





I arrived in Pagudpud without any concerns. Unfortunately, the weather is not the most ideal right now. Since arriving two days ago, the weather has been cloudy, rainy, and kind of cold – not quite the picture perfect weather you’d envision when traveling to a beach town!

Regardless of the weather, Pagudpud is still stunning. There are beaches with fine and powdery white sand that stretches for miles, and waves as big as you’ll ever see. Add the scenery around the area, Pagudpud is a destination I will definitely come back to.






I also met other solo travelers from Baguio and Vigan. I stayed in a dormitory housing in Baguio in hopes of meeting another backpacker (there aren’t that many backpackers –  mostly local tourists). To my surprise, I met a very young female solo backpacker from the Netherlands on my second to last day in Baguio. She had plans to go to Sagada, but changed her itinerary slightly when she tagged along with me to explore Vigan.

And on my bus ride from Vigan to Pagudpud, I picked up (haha) this only foreigner among a bus full of locals. His seat was just in front of me and took notice that his backpack is a French brand – giving an indication where he is from. I tapped his shoulder to strike a conversation, and lo and behold, he is from Lyon, France. He was caught by surprise when I started speaking to him in French – he wasn’t quite expecting to meet another Filipino who speaks his language in the middle of nowhere.  We clicked right away and now exploring Pagudpud together!




There you have it, a quick update. I will be posting shortly a complete review of my trip in Hundred Islands, Baguio, and Pagudpud!

I am leaving for La Union today, another beach town about 5 hours south of Pagudpud. Keep an eye out for the next update – hopefully I will have better WiFi!

Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!





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