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7 Reasons to Stay at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua

In many cases when I stay in bigger, well-known hotels, I tend to feel like I could be anywhere in the world as the settings are very similar: nice lobby, modern rooms with comfy bed, and a sizable shower and bath.

But this is far from the case at Sofitel in Nusa Dua, Bali. The moment you enter the lobby, you immediately feel as if you are somewhere exotic, somewhere special. I just love the way Sofitel kept the traditional Balinese architectural design, but stayed true to its brand by adding a touch of French flair.

After checking-in, I was given a tour around the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua property. While walking around, I knew right away that I would stay in the resort more so than explore Bali itself.

Check out these 7 Reasons Why Sofitel Needs to be a part of your itinerary on your next visit to Bali!

1. The Room

One of the sexiest rooms I’ve stayed at so far.

The moment I entered through the door, there was this elegant fragrance that (I kid you not) tickled every sensation in my body, which ultimately set the tone/the vibe of the room.

Overall, there was a lot of thought that came into decor of the room. Every little detail creates a cozy, modern, and sexy ambiance.

You’ll love it.

sofitel bali nusa dua

2. The pool lagoon

When you check-in to Sofitel, make sure you ask for the room with the direct access to the pool lagoon.

Why walk to the bat when you can swim to the bar?!

sofitel bali nusa dua luxury hotel pool lagoon

3. L’OH Pool Bar

Speaking of the bar, the pool bar at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua has great selection of food and drinks.

I also very much enjoy the atmosphere and vibe here. One of the highlights of my stay at Sofitel was meeting a mother and daughter on their vacay from Australia at L’OH pool bar. We chatted for a bit and I ended up being the adopted son and brother for the duration of my stay in Sofitel!

4. The short walk to the beach!!

Sofitel has their own private beach with lounge chairs and cabanas waiting for you!

5. The Sunday Brunch

Every calorie was seriously worth it. I wasn’t even ashamed doing the walk of shame back to the buffet line.

6. The SPA!

When you are in paradise and been baking out in the sun all day, it’s not a bad idea to visit Sofitel Bali’s Beauty Clinic to make sure you are still looking fresh after all that sun exposure 😉

It was a crisp, clean, and woodsy scent which complemented the exotic location of the resort, but also had undertones that resonated with the Sofitel brand (aka: sexy)

7. The Staff

Well, it goes without saying the staff at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua was so hospitable and gave first class treatment the moment I checked-in until I checked-out. But what I loved and remember the most was being greeted with “Bonjour” at any moment and at any time I passed a Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua staff.


Loved having our own pool off our room. Staff were lovely. Buffet breakfast was great! The beach lounges and permanent shade huts were awesome!



Sofitel Bali has an amazing interior design of the room and hotel ground area. It is one of the best hotels we have stayed in. Staffs are friendly and what we like the most is the architecture and plantation design and layout of the hotel, walking around inside the hotel is a delight. Swimming pool is much better than we expected, with a nice pool bar and swimming tunnel in both wings with beautiful plantations. Hotel buffet was great with many options and dishes rotate throughout the week so we have always had surprises for the two times we went there for dinner. Furniture in the room is modern and comfortable.



Food was fantastic, the best breakfast I’ve seen in a hotel. Easy taxi service from hotel but must bargain your fares. Many different attractions and places to see in Bali. A true lost paradise!!

-United Kingdom



Location was good, nice walk to main shopping area of Nusa Dua. Swimming pool offered comfy day beds with quality towels with a swim up bar for cocktail hour each afternoon.



The swimming pool was amazing staff spectacular.everything was beyond perfect will definitely visit next time!



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  1. The room looks nice, but you had me at swim up bar! And the spa is an added bonus. I love the tropical vibes and grass style cabanas on the beach. Darling!

  2. This is definitely one for the list, that bar pool alone looks incredible. I’m always looking for cool, sexy hotels, with a nice relaxed vibe and a stunning location. This looks like just the place. Can’t go wrong with a spa hotel either!

  3. The Sofitel at Nusa Dua seems the perfect place to head to Bali for a serene and rejuvenating stay. I really like the way the hotel seems to seamlessly integrate its interiors with traditional Balinese elements. The pool and the access from the room is something really convenient.

  4. You right, many hotels look pretty much the same no matter where you are. But some of them like Sofitel tried to do something extra. When I was in Bali I looked more for villas with private pool but Sofitel looks like place I would love to be! Love that room and pool and fact that its so close to the beach I stayed in Sofitel in Singapore and it was also pretty wonderful!

  5. You definitely had me at spa! I’ve stayed at a few Sofitels, but not this one, yet! The room is very sexy and it’s great that it’s a short walk to the beach! Will remember it if I’m ever back in Bali.

  6. The hotel looks gorgeous, but I do hope you did venture out a bit and explore Bali. But then again, short walk to the beach and a spa, why would you need to? Would you recommend the spa treatments?

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous room! Hopefully I can treat myself to this hotel on my next visit to Bali. You had me at pool lagoon and spa 😉

  8. Wow! Sofitel in Nusa Dua seems so charming and lovely. It looks like the perfect place to stay in when exploring Bali. Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Wow the hotel looks really exotic! I was imagining the fragrance of the room as you I read your description. The room is really nice, I’ve to say! I also love the lagoon pool and the fact that it’s right on the beach is perfect. Oh, the highlight for me would be the pool bar!

  10. What a great place to stay in Bali! We’ve wondered whether to stay at an Airbnb or go hotel but Sofitel sounds great. I would certainly like a room with my own pool and I can those beach chairs look fabulous! It is always a bonus when the staff is friendly and helpful!

  11. That looks like an absolute holiday luxury. Last time I was in Bali, we did go to Nusa Dua, but stayed somewhere else that was nowhere near as great. MAybe next time would check this place out. Sure seems amazing!

  12. Definitely going to check out Sofitel, now that I am in Bali. Its amazing to see how Sofitel has kept the Balinese charm intact, by the careful planning of their architecture. Will keep your advice for asking for the pool lagoon access room.

  13. I was already sold at number 1, ahah. What an amazing hotel! I’ll definitely keep this place in mind for when I need a super relaxing gateway! The pool lagoon looks pretty cool and so does the beach!

  14. Sofitel in Nusa Dua, Bali does look like a place one should definitely explore! These 7 reasons to stay here offer everything you would want – nice architecture, lovely rooms, pool, food and the fact it’s just a walk to the beach makes it even better!! A perfect combination for a great vacation! Would keep on the list for the visit to Bali. If not a complete stay, Sunday brunch would be a great idea too!

  15. Sofitel, Nusa Bali looks the perfect place for luxurious holidays with family. It is good that they have not a typical 5-star hotel type of interiors and they have matched the Balinese themed decor too. I loved the lagoon pool, straight out of the room. And spa treatments also looks very promising. Thanks for reviews!

  16. Bali in on my list to visit and surely I would consider Sofitel. I have lived in Sofitel properties and really appreciate their attention to detail. Great service your room looks stunning. Like the walk into the pool. Overall looks like a great place to
    Live in

  17. Sofitel has a reputation for its exceptional luxury and service.
    Good to know Bali isn’t an exception!
    Pool access rooms? Swim to bar? Weekend brunch??? I’m already sold!

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