El Nido, I got my eyes on you… again!! When I pick my travel destinations, I try my best to diversify and pick destinations where I have yet to visit. BUT – sometimes – I fall in love with the place so much that I tend to come back over and over (case in point: El Nido in 2013 and again in 2016 – and now we are talking potentially again in 2017).

I stumbled on a pic of El Nido Pangulasian Island Resort, and it made weak in the knees. Take a look below:


That’s one sexy looking bed…no?


Room with a view

El nido-lagen-island-resort

Bathroom view: El Nido Pangulasian Island resort

From the website:

Pangulasian Island has 42 deluxe accommodations built in contemporary Filipino architecture. There are eight Canopy Villas perched on stilts above the forest, and 24 Beach Villas and six Pool Villas close to the water. Each villa has a floor area of 65 sqm plus a 15 sqm private balcony, and can accommodate up to three persons. Villa features and amenities include Wi-Fi access, satellite TV, iPod dock, mini-bar, and coffee and tea- making facilities.

The best part, the resort offers multiple villas – each having their own distinct characteristics to match what you are looking for. And from the prices I see online, it starts at $500USD a night.

So this is definitely on the “experience” bucket list. Wanna come?!

Visit El Nido Resorts for more info