Last week, I published a blog post on our most recent trip to Mexico City over Easter weekend. I traveled with two of my friends from Chicago  – and it was our first time visiting the Mexican capital.

Mexico City left quite the impression on us. It was definitely a destination that surpassed any of our expectations. Every neighborhood we stumbled on, every restaurant we feasted at, every person we interacted with, collectively brought such positive experiences, which made boarding our flight home back harder than we anticipated.

Without a doubt, our hotel played a major role in making our Mexico City experience memorable. Despite having only three full days to pack in our list of “must-do” items, leaving the hotel was a challenge. Our 2-bedroom apartment truly became a home away from home…but better. We questioned our judgment every time we stepped out of the hotel. After all, it’s not everyday we are royally pampered 24/7, in what feels like a scene straight from a telenovela series.



This boutique hotel was originally built as the home residence of a rich family. Some years later,  the home was converted to a luxury boutique hotel by Mexican TV personality, Lolita Ayala.

The hotel originally operated under the name Casa Vieja, where the concept of the interior decor was centered around colonial design, splashed with vibrant colors that you would typically find in historic, old “pueblos” of Mexico.

Busue hotel has since revamped its brand. The new decor still retains the charm of its original colonial design – but adding a touch of modern and contemporary to the overall ambiance.



The hotel is nestled between the plethora of fancy residential houses that make up the high-end neighborhood of Polanco. For those who aren’t in the know, Polanco is dubbed as the Beverly Hills of Mexico City – and for good reason.

The neighborhood features one of the world’s most upscale shopping district, Avenida Presidente Masaryk, a street littered with high-end boutique shops, trendy restaurants and cafés. I was convinced I would spot a Kardashian wandering around the neighborhood (…but to no avail).



I’m a big fan of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture – there’s something about the overall design that is very inviting and gives off a homey feel.


Busue hotel lobby


The old-colonial design is particularly noticeable the moment you enter the stucco archway entrance of the small but intimate lobby. The stenciled ceilings, designed by artists straight from Oaxaca, along with the exquisite ocher tilework create a romantic, warm, and inviting environment. Blend that with modern furnishings, you get the unique vibe that is the Busue Hotel.



Alright, I’m just going to run down a list of things that I truly enjoyed about the rooms and why it was so difficult to leave the hotel and explore Mexico City.


Reason numero uno: The design

I love how Busue hotel combines contemporary Mexican design with the charm of hacienda-style architecture. The exposed wooden beams, stucco arches, heavy wooden doors, modern furnishings, wrought iron accents, neutral tones with a splash of colorful artwork, all of these elements of your typical Spanish colonial revival design.


Busue hotel

Stylish decor


I can’t tell you how many times I just stood at the entrance to take it all in by looking around to appreciate the momentt.


Reason numero dos: The Bathroom

Whereas the rest of the room feels traditional with modern touches, the bathroom is the opposite. The design concept is  stylish and contemporary with subtle traditional touch.

I particularly love the stone sinks, the extra spacious stand alone shower, plush robe, and stack of L’Occitane amenities.


L’Occitane products


Reason numero tres: The beds

I woke up like dis!

The beds are covered in 500-threadcount Egyptian linens. I woke up every morning feeling like a new man…. Or feeling like Beyoncé.



Reason numero siete: The staff

Our guardian angels – they helped us with everything and anything. Shout out to the general manager Jesus for such a hospitable welcome and making us feel right at home! Thank you very much!