As if Bangkok doesn’t have enough quirkiness, check out this article ! Clearly, I imagine guests opt to stay here for the ‘experience’ more so for the comfort.

While Thai prisons are nowhere anyone wants to end up, a new hotel in Bangkok features a jail theme and offers a cartoonish riff on life behind bars for its guests.

Located just off Sukhumvit Road in the up-and-coming Udomsook neighborhood, Sook Station is a hotel with a very unusual theme.

For just THB1,080 (USD$30) per night, guests can pout behind a fake set of bars that act as the door to their room, hunker down in oversized black-and-white pajamas, and pose for mugshots.

To complete the anti-luxury feel of the hotel, the bathrooms are shared. They feature harsh hanging lights and metal shower stalls. The benches nearby are grim slabs of concrete dug into gray brick walls.

The absence of TVs in the nine rooms adds to the prison feeling, as does the lack of closets. Instead, guests can hang their clothes from pegs made of pen hammers, which can also be used to dig themselves out of the hotel, should the prison experience become too intense, suggested co-owner Piyanat Teekavanich.

Room 203 is the best choice if for those traveling with anyone that might actually try to escape. They call this room “the darkness” and it’s so spartan that it doesn’t even have a window. It’s Sook Station’s answer to solitary confinement.

Curated from Celling It: Pay to get locked up at Bangkok’s new prison-themed hotel | Coconuts Bangkok