For those already planning their post-summer travel destinations in South East Asia, this is a great article to guide you with your decision making if you have Thailand on your list of countries to consider.

Thailand is that one country where everyone has been to, or at least, has it on their bucket list of places to visit (most especially in Southeast Asia). For this very reason, many travelers try to seek other destination to avoid the over-saturation of tourists that can be seen in virtually every pocket of the country.

But who wouldn’t want to visit Thailand?

It has it all: mouth-watering cuisine, clear turquoise water set on a dramatic landscape, lush jungle populated by those iconic elephants, adventure activities, and so much more.

John Borthwick’s article highlights places in Thailand that are lesser known to the “general” tourists.

It’s worth a read – it may just give you a little push to book those tickets after reading this article!

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Photo by: John Borthwick

In 2016, Thailand saw a whopping 32 million tourists flock to its island-studded shores. But Australian travel writer and Thailand aficionado John Borthwick knows a few places you might still be able to dodge crowds and fill your adventurous boots, no matter your inclination.

With 2,700 kilometers of shoreline, Thailand has miles of isles, some of them celebrated, some not. The likes of Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan might entice the lion’s share of sun-snogged travelers, but there are still plenty of koh (islands) where full-mooning, bucket-boozing or marble-clad spas don’t necessarily define a good time. These are some of those.Curated from Thailand’s lesser-known islands: A definitive guide |