Island hopping is sure to be a part of your itinerary on your next travel to El Nido. This beautiful island in Palawan is famous for dramatic rock formations, secluded beaches, and some of the most stunning lagoons you will find in the Philippines. 

It’s important to know that there are four different island hopping tours that you can take in El Nido, creatively named Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, and Tour D. Out of the four island hopping tours, Tour A and Tour C are the most popular because of the different lagoons and islands that are part of the itinerary. Considering the popularity of both Tour A and Tour C, some of the lagoons and islands can get quite crowded. 

In this article, we will go over El Nido Tour B as an alternative option if you prefer to avoid less crowded beaches and islands. 

What To Expect in El Nido Tour B

When deciding which island hopping tour in El Nido to take, many first-timers are apprehensive about choosing Tour B. You may find other travelers, tour operators, or other locals to persuade you to go on Tour A or Tour C instead. But it would help if you considered the popularity of those two tours can cause overcrowding on the islands and your boat. 

With that in mind, expect El Nido Tour B to have few tourists. On our trip, we only had five people on our boat while exploring beautiful destinations on a lovely day out. 

Snake Island

el nido tour b snake island

Snake Island is sure to be the highlight for many travelers when choosing El Nido Tour B. If you are still undecided about whether Tour B is worth the trip compared to the other three tours, Snake Island alone could be the best reason why you should go. 

But don’t you worry, there aren’t actual snakes on this island. The island got its name by how the sand forms and connects the two islands, which is visible at low tide. 

This beautiful island is usually a lunch stopover, where your tour guides prepare a delicious meal. So while you are waiting for lunch, you have time to wander the island a bit, swim, and relax for the rest of the time before you continue the rest of your itinerary on Tour B. 

Cudognon Cave

el nido tour b cudognon cave

Whereas Tour A and C have stunning lagoons and beautiful beaches on its itinerary, Tour B will have you exploring a different side of El Nido. 

Cudognon Cave is the first of two caves that you will be exploring while on the El Nido Tour B. The cave itself is not particularly grand, but the beautiful rock formations and the way the lights land inside the cave makes for a beautiful (and Instagrammable) picture. 

Cathedral Cave

el nido tour b cathedral cave

Cathedral Cave is the second cave on the El Nido Tour B itinerary. The height inside the cave is rather high, resembling a traditional Cathedral you’d see anywhere in the world. Although the cave is tall, the entrance to get inside is rather narrow. The majority of the boats aren’t able to go too far inside without damaging the rocks. 

The Cathedral Cave is a short stop on the El Nido Tour B itinerary, but long enough for you to take pictures of the cave. If you choose to hire a private boat, you can request to stay longer and perhaps have some swimming time in the area. 

Pinagbuyutan Island

el nido tour b pinagbuyutan island

Pinagbuyutan island is a stunning island with pristine aquamarine waters and powdery soft white sand, not to mention the backdrop of the gorgeous neighboring islets. But what you will appreciate most about Pinagbuyutan Island is the lack of crowds, allowing you to have complete privacy and enjoy the peace of the island. Lack of crowds is not something you can say to the other island hopping tours in El Nido.

Entalula Beach

Entalula Beach is a lovely beach with a beautiful stretch of powdery white sands with a backdrop of coconut trees. There is not much to do once you get here, perhaps swim and hang out for a bit before you head to your next El Nido Tour B island stop.

Look out for the diamond shaped, giant rock that stands by itself in the middle of the beach – it’s Instagram worthy!

How to Book El Nido Tour B

You can book your group island tour in El Nido through Klook, which you can book through here.

Klook also has a private boat tour to Tour B with a luxury wooden boat, which I will check out on my next visit to El Nido. You can see the private wooden boat to Tour B here