Tour C in El Nido is one of the most popular islands hopping tours on the island. It boasts some of Palawan’s most incredible scenery (and the Philippines) has to offer, with beautiful beaches and exotic islands surrounded by towering limestone rocks. 

Truthfully, any of the four island hopping tours in El Nido – Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, Tour D – will give you incredible memories and a lifetime experience. Each tour has its unique itinerary and experience, so you really can’t go wrong selecting which tour to pick.

However, if you only have a limited time in El Nido, it’s best to know what kind of itinerary you’ll get for each tour. This post highlights the itinerary for El Nido Tour C and what to expect when you get there!

What to Expect in El Nido Tour C

I remember traveling to El Nido for the first time in 2013, where the islands were hardly known outside of the Philippines. Flash forward to today, El Nido is one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world.

Considering its rise in popularity, more crowds are on the island, most especially the island hopping tours. Along with Tour A, El Nido Tour C could get crowded, especially during peak seasons. Some of the itinerary destinations can get overcrowded, with boats lining up just to enter lagoons. 

Regardless of the crowd, Tour C is a trip worth going. Just make sure to bring enough sunscreen to last you for seven to eight hours!

Itinerary For El Nido Tour C

Helicopter Island

helicopter island tour c in el nido

Helicopter Island is typically the first or the last stop of Tour C in El Nido. The island got its name because of its shape, though you may see it differently depending on the angle you are looking at it from (personally, I see the island resembling more of a dolphin or a camel). You have to see with your own eyes to decide which form it reminds you the most.

This island has a beautiful white beach with crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkeling and seeing fishes even in shallow water. Don’t forget to wear aqua shoes since there are stones and dead corals in the sea.

Secret Beach

secret beach el nido tour c

Secret Beach is one of the most memorable stops in Tour C. Getting to this beautiful beach is quite the challenge – boats can’t get near the beach as the passage is narrow, so you have to wade past itchy jellyfish.

But don’t get turned away by the challenge. In addition to the jellyfish, some waves make it harder to get to this beach through shallow water full of slippery rocks and sharp corals. But once you get to Secret Beach, you won’t regret it. The beach is gorgeous, surrounded by untouched nature, with a jungle full of monkeys right above the beach, making this one unforgettable experience. 

Matinloc Shrine

Matinloc shrine el nido palawan tour c
Magical view from the Matinloc shrine

Part of tour C, the view from Matinloc Shrine, could be the reason alone to travel to El Nido. The majestic views atop the limestone rocks look like it’s out of this world. You will be at a loss of words in describing the beauty of this place once you reach the viewpoint of Matinloc Shrine. 

Apart from the fantastic views, Matinloc Shrine used to be a place of worship, but now a tourist destination in El Nido. The entrance fee is 100 PHP. 

Tourists usually get an hour to roam this area. Alternatively, you also have the option to snorkel for one hour. On my other visits to Matinloc Shrine with Tour C, I chose to snorkel and experienced seeing multi-colored fish, starfish, corals, etc. 

Hidden Beach

hidden beach tour c el nido philippines

Hidden Beach is one of the places you’ll visit when you book Tour C. It is far, but it is worth the trip because of its secluded location, fine white sand, and clear waters. It has a rugged appearance, giving it a raw appeal. Relax on the beach, swim in the waters, and just marvel at the stunning limestone surrounding it.

Unlike other beaches in El Nido, its location is invisible from ship parking spots, so you can’t imagine how great this place is from the outlook. Once you approach the beach, you’ll find the beautifully isolated beach surrounded by rocks. You can enjoy the transparent and blue oceans there.

Talisay Beach

talisay beach el nido tour c palawan

Talisay Beach was the lunch stopover for our Tour C trip. It’s a beautiful strip of white sand with shallower, calmer water than most places in Tour C. Across the strait, you could see Matinloc Island. There are vendors on boats selling drinks (even liquor). If I’m not mistaken, there were also toilets—a great place to wait while waiting for lunch to be prepared.