The famous Big Lagoon in El Nido is one of the most visited places in Palawan, considered by many as the best island in the the province. It boasts some of the most dramatic limestone rock formations on the whole island, on a scale unmatched by anything else you’d find in the Philippines. The landscape surrounding the lagoon is a treat in itself.

Neither words and photos alone can justify the sheer beauty and magic of Big Lagoon. The experience of being there and witnessing the majestic views is the only way to describe the experience accurately.

Your boat will stop outside the lagoon, and you will have to rent a kayak to enter the lagoon. The kayak will cost you around 300 Pesos for about an hour. Your boat will give you life jackets that’s included in your Tour A cost.

Once you enter the lagoon, there are crystal clear shallow waters, and one can quickly get off the kayak and have fun in the water. 

The lagoon is as big as the name suggests. There aren’t many places in El Nido where you can explore a cave (with a kayak) inside a lagoon.

big lagoon el nido palawan

How Do You Get to the Big Lagoon?

The Big Lagoon is part of Miniloc Island, about a thirty-minute boat ride from El Nido port. 

Big Lagoon is accessible by El Nido Island Hopping Tour A. Apart from the Big Lagoon, other destinations on the itinerary include Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and Seven Commando Beach. 

Alternatively, you can also rent a private boat where you can arrange a customized itinerary. 

Big Lagoon El Nido Entrance Fee

When island hopping in El Nido, it is standard to pay the environmental fee of 200 Pesos. This fee includes access to all of the island hopping tours, including Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, and Tour D. 

You will pay the environmental fee upon signing up for an island hopping tour, with a receipt with your name on it. 

Kayaking in Big Lagoon

One of the best experiences visiting the Big Lagoon is the chance to kayak around the area. 

You will get the opportunity to kayak the moment your boat arrives in Blue Lagoon. There is a selection of Kayaks upon your arrival, where you can choose between a single, double, or triple passenger kayak. It’s important to note that in some cases, most especially during peak season, kayaks may run out because of how crowded it can get at the Big Lagoon. 

But once you get a kayak, you can easily spend an hour or two just roaming around Big Lagoon. It is big enough for you to discover different hidden gems for that amount of time without getting bored. 

Truthfully, it’s hard to imagine getting bored for an hour or so kayaking around the area, given the amount of natural beauty that surrounds you. In between kayaking, expect to take some time getting off the kayak and swimming around the lagoon. It’s absolutely stunning. 

How Deep is Big Lagoon El Nido

big lagoon

For most non-swimmers (this includes me), the first question we always ask is, how deep is the water?

Since I’m not a very good swimmer, I wasn’t very confident that I would actually get to see the Big Lagoon, not knowing if I have to swim the deep waters just to get there. But to my surprise, this was not a problem at all!

The entrance to the lagoon has shallow water where you can walk around. For non-swimmers, the only thing you should look for is the emerald color of the water, indicating deeper areas where you most likely would need a life vest.  

Other Lagoons in El Nido 

Apart from the Big Lagoon, El Nido has other stunning lagoons for you to check out. Let’s take a look below:

The Small Lagoon

big lagoon el nido

If there’s a Big Lagoon, there’s got to be a Small Lagoon as well. 

The Small Lagoon is adjacent to the Big Lagoon, where many tourists prefer to visit because it is typically less crowded. Although the lagoon is smaller in scale, you still get the same experience as you would visiting the Big Lagoon. 

Secret Lagoon 

The Secret Lagoon is a popular destination in El Nido, most especially during peak season (between February and June). It’s a beautiful lagoon and worth checking out, although it can get overcrowded at times. The Secret Lagoon is also part of the El Nido island hopping Tour A, which you will visit after the Big Lagoon.