Nacpan Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in El Nido, Philippines. This beach boasts an impressive stretch of soft creamy sand, with a backdrop of towering coconut trees all over the island. 

In many of El Nido beaches, you would need to take an outrigger boat that takes at least thirty minutes to get to. Nacpan Beach provides an excellent alternative to spend a whole day at the beach without taking the boat out of the main island in El Nido. 

Out of my several visits to El Nido the past ten years, I make it a point to spend one day in Nacpan Beach between the island hopping tours. It allows me to reset and relax after spending all day in a boat and enjoying the beach for as long as I can without being restricted for a specific time like on an island hopping tour.

Although tourism in Nacpan Beach has increased over the years, it’s still big enough where you’ll never have to worry about fighting for space with crowds. On my most recent visit, my friends and I are isolated from the rest of the tourists even though it was in the middle of a busy summer season. 

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Nacpan beach

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Why is Nacpan Beach Famous?

Domestic and international travelers visit Nacpan Beach because of its picturesque stretch of cream-coloured sand, that rivals the soft and fine sand of Boracay. Then you add the bright, aqua blue waters of Nacpan Beach with the backdrop of swaying palm trees – it’s honestly a world-class destination that is yet to be fully saturated by tourists.

Every single time that I’ve visited Nacpan Beach with my friends, it always feel like we have the whole beach to ourselves!

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Nacpan Beach Location

Nacpan Beach is 15 kilometers or roughly a 40-minute scooter ride north of El Nido town. It’s a perfect location for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle in El Nido town. 

The area where Nacpan Beach is located is still relatively undeveloped. There are a couple of new hotels in the area, but for the most part, you will find peace and quiet in the area. As I mentioned earlier, much of the surrounding area in Nacpan Beach consists of white, sandy beaches and fields of towering coconut palm trees. 

How To Get to Nacpan Beach

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On the way to Nacpan!

If you are staying in the El Nido town area, there are two ways you can get to Nacpan Beach: rent a scooter or hire a private van for the day. 

Renting a scooter will cost you between 300 to 400 PHP, or $7 USD per day. On the other hand, hiring a private van from El Nido town to Nacpan Beach costs around 350 PHP one way or $7 USD.

If you feel comfortable driving a scooter, I highly recommend going this route because of the experience. There is part of the journey where the road is smooth heading to the Nacpan Beach – the only challenge will be the unpaved road on the latter half of the trip where it can get really muddy if there’s rain. 

Nacpan Beach Resorts

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Nacpan Beach is still in its infancy stages in terms of hotels and restaurants available for tourists. But compared to what it was on my first visit in 2013, Nacpan Beach has a lot more options for people visiting. 

Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan

Mad Monkey Hostel features a location with breathtaking beachfront property. This slice of Filipino paradise is twinned with Catlilang Beach and sits around 17 km from El Nido. You’ll approach the majestic shores through a maze of swaying palm trees, which lead up to the calm, turquoise waters. You can easily reach this hotel by hiring a motorbike or tricycle and heading north from El Nido. 

Mad Monkey Hostel is a unique experience that goes beyond your typical hostel. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the beach during the day, while the hostel provides a nightlife ambiance where guests can get together and party the night away. 


MG Chateau Hotel

MG Chateau Hotel is 400 meters from Nacpan Beach, featuring accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a shared lounge, and a garden.

The hotel has a large room and is well equipped (safety box, hot shower, aircon), surrounded by a colorful garden with plenty of flowers and an unforgettable sunset. MG Chateau Hotel is located straight along the seashore, making bathing possible at any time with no transportation hassle. 


Nacpan Beach Glamping

Nacpan Beach Glamping is a unique state of the art lotus pond tent hotel that provides a luxury stay in the middle lush tropical paradise. The luxury tents are on a pristine white sand beach, set in front of the crystal clear turquoise blue waters of Nacpan Beach. 

Stunning location, great food and cocktails in the neighboring bars, fantastic breakfast, and the tents are just excellent. The inclusion of a free sunset sailing trip and several other camp activities were a welcome and unexpected surprise. The staff was excellent too.