Shopping in Athen is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget. 

Athens offers a wide range of shopping experiences for all tastes. The bustling city has something for everyone, from traditional markets to modern malls. Traditional Greek products such as dried spices, nuts, and souvenirs can be found in the city’s flea markets and artsy squares. For those interested in fashion, there is an abundance of vintage apparel and international designer brands. 

Shopping in Athens is an exploration of the city’s diverse culture, with streets, squares, and malls filled with locals, tourists, and vendors. It is an experience that allows visitors to savor the city’s unique atmosphere and purchase unique items and gifts to take home.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Athens


1. Athens Central Market

shopping in athens central market

The Athens Central Market is an exciting place to explore. It is a farmers market with a glass roof that gives it a bright and airy feeling. In the morning, the market is alive with people gathering to buy the freshest local goods. All the ingredients you need to make a traditional Greek meal can be found here, from seafood and meats to feta cheese, olives, and nuts.

The atmosphere is filled with tantalizing scents, and the produce is arranged in bright and vibrant displays. You can even take a break and refresh with a classic hovoli coffee, brewed on hot sand from the historic coffee roastery. This is a unique experience not to be missed.


2. Aiolou and St. Markou Street

shopping in athens aiolou street

Aiolou and Agiou Markou Str. located near the historic center of Athens, it is the perfect spot for budget-friendly retail therapy. For decades, locals have flocked to these streets for their wide variety of products, from shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories to furniture and homeware. 

With so many people visiting these streets daily, it is clear that the love of these markets is still strong. Even if you don’t find anything to buy, you can still enjoy strolling around and mingling with the locals to gain an insight into true Greek culture.


3. Monastiraki Square

shopping in athens monasteraki square

Monastiraki Square is one of the most unique places to visit in Athens. It is full of historical and cultural significance and a vibrant shopping scene. The narrow alleys are lined with restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops. You can take in beautiful murals, graffiti, and vendors selling nuts and sweets. The Acropolis ruins also overlook the square.

The stores in Monastiraki Square offer a range of items, including traditional Greek souvenirs, local foods and spices, apparel, books, vinyl records, antiques, and more. There is something for everyone, from the touristy souvenirs to the more unique finds.


4. Exarcheia

shopping in athens exarcheia

If you are a fan of vintage shopping, Exarcheia is the place to be. This artistic neighborhood is home to a number of vintage and second-hand shops offering a wide selection of products. One of the most popular vintage stores in Athens, Yesterday’s Bread, has an amusing name and offers a great selection of bags, accessories, shoes, coats, shirts, jackets, dresses, and jeans at very reasonable prices (ranging from 2-90 €). Despite the shop being quite small, there is a huge variety of stock available.

In the same area, two of the most renowned second-hand stores in Athens, Skoros and Execute Fashion, are on one of the city’s liveliest streets. Both stores are worth visiting, as they provide a wide range of products at affordable prices.


5. Kolonaki District

shopping in athens kolonaki district

The Kolonaki District is the perfect place to explore if you’re looking for a trendy and historic area in Athens. It boasts an ancient column, or Kolonaki, which the district is named after, and is home to art galleries, museums, fashionable bars, exquisite restaurants, and upscale shops. You can explore the zigzagging alleys and browse the variety of stores selling designer clothing and shoes.

You can capture Athens’s authentic busy, cool vibe as you peruse the boutiques. Here, you can find designs from up-and-coming local designers and exclusive high-end pieces from international brands. Between shopping, take a break to take pictures of the beautiful architecture or enjoy a Greek coffee and people-watch at one of the cafes.


6. Ermou Street

shopping in athens ermou street

Ermou Street is the ideal place to explore the authentic side of Athens. Its cobblestone pavement, and lively aromas make it a charming spot. As you stroll down the street, you will find a variety of stores that offer a range of name brands and local Greek products. Shoe shopping is a favorite here, with a plethora of styles to choose from. 

At the end of Ermou Street, you can take a break and enjoy a cafe, taverna, or ouzeri. However, it is important to note that most shops are closed on Sundays, so plan your visit accordingly.


7. Plaka

shopping in athens plaka

Athens’ city center is a popular destination for visitors and locals due to its rich historical background and vast shopping choices. One of the best places to start a shopping stroll is Plaka, an island-like area where one can find hidden gems and specialty shops between coffee shops and restaurants. Here, one can explore original Greek and Byzantine jewelry, second-hand books, Greek boutiques, and traditional food shops.

Additionally, Monastiraki in central Athens is another popular shopping destination. Its paved laneways attract visitors and locals alike to buy traditional Greek souvenirs, quirky antiques, real-leather products, handmade bags, jewelry, and baubles. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in Monastiraki!


8. Avissinias Square

shopping in athens avissinias square

Avissinias Square in Athens is a vibrant and bustling place. The square is full of vendors, locals, and visitors in the early morning. The market spills into the surrounding streets, full of diverse cultural and historical goods. At Avysinias Square, you can find traditional embroidery, glassware, pottery, and silverware. 

The shops of Avysinias Square offer a wide variety of items, including jewelry, ceramics, musical instruments, and leather goods. Here, you can find local antiques and get an authentic feel for the Athens shopping scene. Explore Avysinias Square for a unique and memorable shopping experience.


9. Psirri

shopping in athens psirri

Make your way to Psirri and explore the variety of shops and local eateries. You can find quaint worry beads – the famous Greek “kompoloi” – in many souvenir shops. The Poet-Sandalmaker is renowned for its handmade sandals that you can find in the area. 

Slip off the beaten track and explore Nika Street, where you can find a small shop with handmade Greek instruments, such as bouzouki and baglamas. Before leaving Psirri, don’t forget to invest in some natural soaps and beauty products made with organic Greek ingredients. You won’t regret it!


10. Evripidou Street

shopping in athens evripidou street

Evripidou Street in Athens is a shopper’s paradise. Upon arrival, you will be overwhelmed by the unique blend of aromas from the open-front food shops. Here, you can find a variety of dried fruits, such as figs, plums, mango, dates, and blueberries. The fish market, dairy vendors, and charcuterie shops also offer a delicious selection. 

In addition, the fresh herb stores are like little gardens, with their displays of potted herbs, which are perfect for the kitchen or terrace. Spice shops are also abundant, and the enticing aromas of dried spices, herbs, and essential oils will surely draw you in. Most vendors are more than happy to share their knowledge about the healing properties of each spice.


11. The Mall Athens

shopping in athens mall

Mall Athens offers a convenient and pleasant shopping experience in the Greek capital. It is a spacious mall with stores, cafes, restaurants, a supermarket, and a cinema, and a bowling alley. The mall is bright and airy due to its glass ceilings and cool air conditioning, and it is kept clean. Metro access and a convenient parking facility make it easy to get to.

Shop to your heart’s content at the mall and enjoy browsing through various clothing and homeware shops. Children will appreciate the Lego play areas, and there are plenty of options for coffee, snacks, and meals at the food court. Make a day of it and enjoy the convenience of Mall Athens.


12. McArthur Glen Outlet Mall

McArthur Glen Outlet Mall Head is the perfect destination for a fun shopping experience. Located on the outskirts of Athens, this mall is huge but well-organized, making exploring easy and enjoyable. Multiple levels house designer brands at attractive discounts, offering a wide selection of clothing, shoes, kitchen and homeware, kids’ toy stores, a pharmacy, a supermarket, and a variety of cafes and restaurants.

In addition to the great shopping, visitors can appreciate the special touches. Shaded seating areas provide a place to rest and a kids’ playground with trampolines. To avoid crowds, it’s best to visit on a weekday.


13. Athens Metro Mall

shopping in athens metro mall

The Athens Metro Mall offers a unique shopping and dining experience. With its five levels and over 90 stores and restaurants, it is spacious, brightly lit, and full of decorative greenery. One of the highlights of the mall is its large reef aquarium with colorful and exotic fish that are sure to mesmerize you and your kids.

The mall is easily accessible by metro, and there is plenty of parking provided. You can browse the stores for clothing, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, and books. Don’t forget to visit the rooftop gardens, where you can take in the stunning views of Athens from above while enjoying a meal or coffee.