Shopping in Bali is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

From modern malls carrying international brands to artisan villages specializing in traditional crafts and art forms, tourists are sure to find something that suits their needs. International designer brands also have flagship boutiques in popular resorts such as Kuta and Legian. 

Markets are great places for souvenir-hunting; they offer a variety of unique items, from fine art and handicrafts to antiques, handmade jewelry, wooden sculptures, and colorful fabrics. If you need help planning your shopping spree, our guide on what to buy and where to shop in Bali can provide the necessary information.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Bali


1. T Galleria by DFS Bali

Kuta & Tuban 

shopping in bali t galleria

T Galleria by DFS is the premier duty-free shopping destination in Bali. It offers a unique selection of 150 luxury brands, ranging from fashion and jewelry to local food and souvenirs. The store also hosts the largest beauty hall in the area, with the finest collection of luxury watches and jewelry. 

The store takes its name from the notion of travel, using “T” for Traveller. The goal is to provide customers with an expertly curated selection of world-renowned luxury brands, exceptional retail environments, and personalized services tailored to their needs. 

Shoppers can shop with confidence at DFS thanks to the DFS 100% Worldwide Guarantee, which allows for all merchandise purchased at any of their stores to be exchanged, repaired, or returned regardless of location when accompanied by a receipt. After returning home, customers can contact any of their After Sales locations worldwide for assistance.

DFS Group has been a global luxury travel retail leader since its founding in 1960 in Hong Kong. They currently operate 420 boutiques across four continents, offering over 700 brands for customers.


2. Mal Bali Galeria


shopping in bali mal bali galeria

Mal Bali Galeria is the first modern shopping mall in Bali, located in Kuta, the most popular shopping and tourist destination on the island. This mall offers more than just a place to shop; it provides an experience like no other. 

The atmosphere of Mal Bali Galeria is inviting and cozy, with its tropical and exotic touches and beautiful gardens both outdoors and within the mall itself. The motto of this Mall is “Enjoy, Play, Eat, Shop” – exactly what shoppers and visitors can expect when they come here. Guests can explore a wide range of upscale products from leading brands, playgrounds for children, delicious food options, and plenty of entertainment.


3. Level 21 Mall


shopping in bali level 21 mall denpasar

Level 21 Mall Bali is a successful shopping center in Denpasar, Bali, and proudly upholds the slogan “Hype and Happening Shopping Mall.” It offers convenience for both executive visitors and families alike. There are over 200 tenants offering food and beverage outlets, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment services. 

In addition to providing a great shopping experience, Level 21 Mall Bali also contributes to local community programs and seasonal events and takes an active role in cultural events. They also provide attractive prizes for visitors to enjoy.


4. Lippo Mall Kuta


shopping in bali lippo mall kuta

Lippo Mall Kuta is the perfect place to relax, shop and dine. Their main lobby boasts an al fresco dining setting for those who would like to spend a relaxing evening. At the same time, shoppers have the opportunity to take advantage of special services and promotions available only to foreign guests. 

With over 150 International brands offering fashion, lifestyle, dining & entertainment, you can find whatever you’re looking for in one convenient location near Ngurah Rai Airport.


5. Discovery Shopping Mall


shopping in bali discovery shopping mall

Discovery Shopping Mall is Bali’s premiere beachfront mall, located in the lively tourist destination of Kuta. With 3.8 hectares of land, it offers a unique lifestyle experience with an array of fashion apparel, restaurants, and cultural activities to enjoy. 

Visitors can shop from their favorite brands, including two anchor tenants – Centro & Sogo Department Store – as well as more than 150 other stores. What makes Discovery Shopping Mall truly special is its direct beach access that allows visitors to experience the stunning sunset view from its prime location.


6. Seminyak Square


shopping in bali seminyak square

Seminyak Square is an impressive restaurant and shopping arcade located in the main district of Seminyak, Jl. Laksamana Oberoi/ Kayu Aya, Bali. Built on a 7000m2 lot, it is managed directly by PT. Seminyak Square. The complex features two long corridors on the first and second floors and a wide garden with free benches and tables that create a cozy atmosphere.

Tenants at Seminyak Square have been carefully selected to ensure a good reputation for the complex. In addition to restaurants and shopping centers, we are proud to introduce our latest addition: the Seminyak Square Hotel.


7. Seminyak Village


shopping in bali seminyak village

Seminyak Village is an innovative shopping and dining destination in the heart of Seminyak, Bali. The modern glass and light-infused structure offer a unique shopping experience compared to other beach resort areas found throughout Asia. With its stylish boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, customers can enjoy a convenient and fashionable shopping experience.


8. Krisna Oleh – Oleh Bali Sunset Road

Kuta & Tuban 

shopping in bali

Krisna is the largest souvenir shop in Bali and even claims to be the largest in South-East Asia. Krisna has multiple stores across the island in Kuta, Denpasar, and Singaraja. They offer various items representing Balinese culture, including clothes, food, toys, spa products, art, and more. All items are sold at a fixed price.


9. Agung Bali Souvenir Shop

Kuta & Tuban 

shopping in bali agung bali

Souvenir Shops Agung Bali is located in a one-hectare area and has seen an influx of 1,000 guests per day. Despite running with a conventional system, the shop’s owner, Mrs. Agung Mira, is thankful for its success. To her, the most important thing is to establish fair, honest, and open business partnerships with tour guides who bring their clients to the store.


10. Balitaza Greenshop

Kuta & Tuban 

shopping in bali balitaza greenshop

Balitaza Greenshop is a unique gift shop in Bali. Its mission is to inspire people to live a healthy and natural lifestyle by providing organic homemade products from fresh, raw, green ingredients. Our products include herbal tea, drinks, coffee, cuisine spices, and essential oils. 

Indonesia has a rich tradition of using natural resources for medicinal purposes and beauty care. These cultural beliefs have led to the creation of Indonesian masterpieces. To preserve Indonesian culture and these creations, Balitaza has established this store to provide customers with an array of green, organic, and healthy options. 

All the products are made from hand-selected herbs and spices with no added preservatives. We strive to offer the best quality products that combine Indonesian traditional culture with modern needs for health-conscious lifestyles.


11. Geneva Handicraft

Kuta & Tuban 

shopping in bali geneva handicraft

Geneva Handicraft is the most complete store for handicraft products from all over Indonesia. Located at Jl. Raya Kerobokan No.100 Banjar Taman, Seminyak – Bali, Indonesia. Our Company was established and well known as a One-Stop Shopping Handicraft that offers the widest range of competitively priced products.

Our products are natural handicrafts which are made of materials such as Glass, Wood, Bamboo, coconut, palm, rattan, root, stone, and many more.


12. Arsa Boutique

Seminyak & Petitenget

shopping in bali arsa boutique

ARSA Boutique is a collaboration between The Trans Resort Bali and CT ARSA Foundation. It was created to support the preservation of Indonesia’s cultural heritage and its traditional craftsmen. When you purchase something at the boutique, 100% of the profits will be given directly to the craftsmen or donated to fund education and health programs. 

This will help create opportunities and provide valuable skills for those less privileged communities in Indonesia, improving their well-being as a result.


13. Bvlgari Boutique

Uluwatu & Pecatu

shopping in bali bvlgari

The Bvlgari boutique in Bali is the first and only store in the area. It provides customers with a unique shopping experience, allowing them to browse the Bvlgari jewelry, watches, accessories, and fragrance collection at their own pace. 

In addition, this boutique offers exclusive products such as silk shirts, swimming suits, and hats from the Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts, Bali collection. These items are not available for purchase anywhere else.


14. Indigo and Rose

Seminyak & Petitenget

shopping in bali inigo and rose

Indigo & Rose is an Australian-designed Women’s Wear company. It produces high-quality garments with accessible pricing and unique embellishments. The collection is simple yet elegant and perfect for a resort-chic look. The pieces are highly wearable, transcending fashion trends and fads. 

They are also adjustable so that different women and body shapes can style the clothing to fit their own individual aesthetic needs. All of the clothing is handcrafted throughout the beautiful island archipelago of Indonesia, making each piece truly special.


15. Uma and Leopold

Seminyak & Petitenget

shopping in bali

Uma and Leopold is a Brazilian clothing label based in Bali. Each piece of clothing is handcrafted by gifted local artisans, inspired by a handmade, summer, and vintage universe. This store is the ideal destination for all Bali travelers looking to go to the beach or shop in Seminyak. Uma and Leopold’s store is located on Jl.Petitenget Seminyak.


16. John Hardy Boutique & Gallery at Seminyak

Seminyak & Petitenget

John Hardy Seminyak is an immersive boutique that pays homage to Balinese heritage rooted in artisanship and community. Its traditional Balinese architecture features a hand-carved wall depicting village life and mythology, local artifacts, and an iconic bale kulkul.

This oasis offers an exciting calendar of workshops, exhibitions, events, and traditional and contemporary Balinese food and drinks at The Kitchen, The Long Table, and The Jamu Bar. Additionally, visitors can discover unique artisan handcrafted jewelry curated alongside local partnership offerings at John Hardy Seminyak.


17. Rip Curl Legian Store – Bali

Kuta & Tuban

shopping in bali rip curl

Rip Curl is a company dedicated to The Search. This search inspires the products they make, the events they run, the riders they support, and the people they reach around the world. They want to provide their customers with the best equipment they need for their travels no matter where it leads them. 

For over 30 years, Rip Curl has been a leader in surfing wetsuits and has developed innovative technologies such as ultimate stretch neoprene and zip-free entry. Their watch technology is also cutting edge, with tide watches telling you what the tide is doing and revolutionary SearchGPS watches tracking every surf and ride. Their mountain wear offers riders freedom, warmth, comfort, and style on the snow. 

Rip Curl will stay true to their roots while pushing riding to new levels in order to remain a market leader in surfing for many years to come.


18. Drifter Surf

Seminyak & Petitenget

shopping in bali drifter

Drifter is a celebration of surfing’s counterculture. It captures the essence of what it means to be a surfer who loves moving through the ocean and being immersed in nature. Drifter reflects all aspects of surfing, from its origins to the many ways we experience it today. 

This includes riding waves above and below the surface, exploring different forms of wave sliding, as well as venturing out on travels and adventures. Additionally, it celebrates freediving as an activity promoting ocean freedom. Drifter is an embodiment of art, writing, and culture, both historical and contemporary – everything that makes up our relationship with the ocean.


19. BGS Canggu Surf Shop


BGS Canggu is the best coffee shop and a hidden gem in Canggu. It offers a wide selection of coffee, wifi, surf essentials, snacks, and beers. It is a great place to hang out with its friendly faces that will soon become familiar. 

A friendly tip for those planning to visit: come early in the morning to get your coffee because it gets crowded just minutes after they open. This hidden gem is sure to offer you an enjoyable experience!


20. Luke Studer Surfboard Shop

Kuta & Tuban

Luke Studer is a part of the new generation of shapers who are taking advantage of modern technologies to design the best possible board for all types of waves. Key elements contribute to the success and overall quality of Luke’s surfboards. Recently, he has been working with other shapers such as James Chili, Maury Bourton, and Dyan Longbottom, gaining crucial feedback from experienced surfers like Dede Suryana, Travis Potter, and the Jones Brothers. 

If you’re in Bali, check out Luke’s new shop on Dewi Sri Street, across from the petrol station! He has custom quality boards for everyone – twin fins, bonzers, single fins, mals guns, and beginner boards – so there’s something for everyone!