Shopping in Busan is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

There is a great variety of places to shop, from traditional markets such as Jagalchi Market to large malls like Centum City. The city’s fashion streets also have a vibrant atmosphere and offer the latest trends. 

The shopping streets also provide a unique culinary experience. Visitors to Busan can hear the locals shouting, “oiso, boyso, saiso (Come, look, and buy)” in their Busan dialect as they try out the variety of food available. This is a great opportunity to experience the vitality of the city.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Busan


1. Shinsegae Centum City

shopping in busan shinsegae

Shinsegae Centum City is a world-class Haeundae-gu Busan, South Korea district department store. It is one of the city’s most popular shopping destinations and is often featured on Korean TV shows. 

Visitors to this unique department store can enjoy many attractions, such as an observatory, a cinema, a Korean dry sauna (jjimjilbang), an ice rink, food courts, a golf range, and a bookstore. Shinsegae Centum City is a great way to explore and experience the culture of Busan.


2. BIFF Square

shopping in busan biff square

BIFF Square is a popular destination for locals, especially the younger generation. Located in South Korea, the 428-meter-long street is lined with movie theatres, fashion outlets, and Korean cosmetics shops. At night, the boulevard is lit with vibrant colors, making it a pleasant place to walk. Prices at the stores are relatively affordable, although trendier stores may charge a bit more.

The area around BIFF Square is also quite lively. Many youths gather in the street to shop or socialize on special occasions. It’s also conveniently located near Jagalchi Market, making it easy to visit both places during one trip.


3. Gamcheon Culture Village

shopping in busan gamcheon

Gamcheon Culture Village began as a housing community for refugees in the 1950s. Today, it is renowned for its vibrant, Instagrammable atmosphere. Its labyrinthine alleys are lined with brightly painted houses, many of which are adorned with murals by local artists and children. Visitors can also enjoy the stunning view of Gamcheon Bay from the hillside.

The village also has a small yet charming gift shop that offers souvenirs and traditional Korean keepsakes. These include postcards, magnets, stationery, fans, and embroidery. All of these items make for great mementos of a visit to Gamcheon Culture Village.


4. Haeundae Traditional Market

shopping in busan haeundae traditional market

Haeundae Traditional Market is located just across the street from the white sands of the often crowded Haeundae Beach. This compact market mainly occupies one alley-like street and is the perfect place to find souvenirs and accessories. Additionally, there are various street food vendors selling snacks, such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), hotteok (sweet, filled pancakes), and odeng (fish cakes). 

It is important to note that cash is required when visiting the market. ATMs that accept foreign cards are readily available in most convenience stores in the Haeundae Beach area.


5. Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center

shopping in busan seomyeon underground

Located near Seomyeon Roundabout, the Seomyeon Underground Shopping Centre is an expansive business district with a multitude of stores, department stores, private education institutes, and hospitals in the vicinity. This shopping center is a great place to shop, with over 500 stores selling clothes, cosmetics, shoes, bags, and accessories, catering to all types of shoppers. For those looking for a bargain, there are also various discount stores to explore.

Seomyeon is one of the most vibrant streets in Busan. It is well-connected with subway lines 1 and 2 meeting at this area, making it easily accessible to anyone.


6. Jagalchi Market

shopping in busan jagalchi market

Jagalchi Market is a traditional market in Busan‘s Jung-gu district. Its name comes from the combination of the Korean words for pebbles (jagal) and fish (chi). This market is renowned for its seafood and the warm smiles of the elderly female vendors, who are affectionately known as Jagalchi ajimae. 

Visitors to the market can purchase live fish and shellfish, as well as dried seafood products, from the Raw Fish Centre. Alternatively, they can take their freshly caught seafood to one of the restaurants onsite and have it cooked or prepared sashimi-style. 

The market also hosts the Jagalchi Festival every October, which is a great opportunity to experience the culture and cuisine of the area.


7. Haeundae Rodeo Street

shopping in busan haeundae

Haeundae Rodeo Street is the perfect destination for shoppers looking for the latest fashion trends. With more than 70 upscale boutiques and beauty salons, it is often packed with fashionable locals. Gourmet restaurants, cafes, and other eateries offer a wide range of cuisines, so you can enjoy a meal after a long day of shopping.

If you are looking for something more affordable, there is also an outlet mall specializing in off-season items. These items are discounted from 20% to 70%, so you can find stylish clothes without breaking the bank.


8. Busanjin Market

shopping in busanjin market

This is one of the most popular shopping markets in Busan. Located in Bumil-dong, it can easily be reached by taking Metro Line No.1. It is an indoor shopping mall with about 100 shops, making it the perfect destination to buy traditional Korean costumes, hanbok.

Besides hanbok, shoppers can find clothes, souvenirs, and textiles at this market. It is also famous for its ready-made cloth materials, such as cotton, silk, rayon, and more. So, if you’re looking for hanbok or other materials, this is the place to go.


9. Gukje Market

shopping in busan gukje market

Gukje Market is a traditional market located in Busan’s central district of Jung-gu. It gained its name after Korea was liberated from Japan in 1945, during the Korean War, and in the post-war period when goods were traded abroad.

The market has hundreds of vendors offering a variety of products, such as tools, home appliances, kitchenware, clothing, furniture, stationery, crafts, and industrial goods. The market is known for its local specialties, including sweet ssiat hotteok (Korean pancake stuffed with seeds) and Chungmu-style gimbap (seaweed rice rolls). 

Gukje Market is also connected to several smaller markets, including Bupyeong Market and Kkangtong Market. Nearby attractions include Guje Alley and Changseondong Food Alley.


10. Bosu-Dong Book Alley

shopping in bosu dong book

If you are a passionate reader, Bosu-Dong Book Alley is your place. Here, you can find books of different genres preserved since the 1940s and 1950s. The sheer number of books will make you want to stay and browse forever. 

Moreover, you can grab a book and head to one of the nearby cafes to read it in a cozy environment. Whether you are looking for a new read or to take a trip down memory lane, the Bosu-Dong Book Alley is a great place to visit.


11. Lotte Duty Free Shop

The Lotte Duty Free Shop is one of the major chain stores in South Korea. It is located in downtown Busan, occupying two floors within the Lotte Department Store. It offers imported brands at reduced prices, with a wide range of items available such as cigarettes and liquor, as well as bags and cosmetics.

In addition, the Lotte Duty Free Shop is conveniently located near a 5-star hotel of the same name, various restaurants, and a cinema.


12. Gwangbokro Culture and Fashion Street

shopping in busan gwangbokro

Gwangbokro Culture and Fashion Street is Busan’s youthful fashion street and a must-visit for anyone who enjoys shopping. It has a similar vibe to Seoul’s Myeongdong and Hongdae and is within a 5-minute walk of Nampo Station (line 1, exit 7). This street is packed with colorful boutiques, offering everything from clothes and accessories to shoes and electronics. Whether you’re looking for popular brands at discounted prices, second-hand clothing stores, or somewhere in between, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.

In addition to the shopping, Gwangbokro Street is home to many gourmet restaurants and trendy cafes. Make sure to try out the local specialties, such as wheat noodles (milmyeon), spicy glass noodles (bibim dangmyeon), and sweet Korean pancakes stuffed with seeds (ssiat hotteok). 

Nearby attractions include Yongdusan Park, Gukje Market, and BIFF Square. With so much to see and do here, Gwangbokro Culture and Fashion Street is the perfect place to spend the day.


13. Paradise Duty Free

Paradise Duty Free is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for upscale products at reduced rates. Located in downtown Busan, this department store has dozens of stores selling clothes, fragrances, leather bags, jewelry, and accessories. On each of the four levels, you can find international brands such as Hugo Boss, Burberry, and Missoni. For added convenience, you can even arrange for your purchases to be delivered to the airport departure terminal or directly to the plane.


14. Pusan ​​National University Shopping Street

The Pusan National University Shopping Street is a popular destination among young shoppers. Specializing in fashionable clothing and accessories, this street is renowned for offering reasonably priced stylish apparel. Located between the Busan National University Subway Station and the university itself, the street is lined with boutiques that cater to a variety of tastes, from international streetwear brands to budget no-brand clothes. 

Whether looking for a unique piece or just browsing, this shopping street will surely have something for everyone. With its wide selection of trendy yet affordable clothing and accessories, the Pusan National University Shopping Street is a great destination for those looking for a shopping experience that won’t break the bank.