Shopping in Copenhagen is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

You’ll want to leave some extra room in your bags for the trip back, as this city offers a plethora of shopping options. Europe’s longest walking street and the narrow streets of Copenhagen are lined with small niche shops that offer quaint goods. 

If you’re looking for something more expansive, there are plenty of shopping centers with over 100 shops and eateries. It’s easy to lose track of time and get swept away by all the fantastic offers!


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Copenhagen


1. Strøget

shopping in copenhagen stroget

Strøget is Copenhagen’s iconic shopping area and is Europe’s longest walking street at 0.7 miles in length. It begins at the City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) and extends past the famous Storkespringvand fountain to Kongens Nytorv. Here, you can find The Royal Theatre, Magasin, and the beautifully-decorated hotel D’Angleterre.

Along Strøget, there is something for everyone. It has everything from women’s and men’s clothes to souvenir shops, jewelry shops, toy chains, ice cream bars, pancake houses, restaurants, cafés, and bars! You will find international brands like Prada, Max Mara, and Louis Vuitton and more budget-friendly stores like H&M, Vero Moda, and Zara. At Christmas time, the lights of the walking street add to the festive atmosphere – a must-see!


2. Illum

shopping in copenhagen illum

Illum is one of the two major Danish department store chains. It has gained a reputation for its excellent selection and taste, offering fashion, interior, and design options as well as a large beauty section. What’s more, the store features a delightful bakery with an array of delicious bread and sweets. For those visiting Copenhagen, a trip to Illum should be at the top of their list.


3. The Latin Quarter

shopping in copenhagen latin quarter

The Latin Quarter of Copenhagen is an area with a lot of charm, despite its less than charming nickname, “Pisserenden.” This colorful part of the Inner City is also known as the Piss Trench. Here you can find a variety of niche shops selling unique items such as socks with patterns and bright-colored clothing. There are also plenty of second-hand and vintage stores that offer a different shopping experience compared to your regular DanChurchSocial store.

For those passionate about music, comics, or role-playing, small shops in the Latin Quarter carry original comics, records, and role-playing equipment.


4. The Danish Pipe Shop

shopping in copenhagen danish pipe shop

Danish tobacco is renowned for its quality and can be found in shops around the globe. Denmark is also home to a number of highly skilled pipe artisans who create handcrafted pipes. The Danish Pipe Shop is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable people passionate about pipe smoking. 

They are happy to discuss the craft, the differences between pipes, and which tobacco they recommend. Prices range from budget-friendly pipes at under $40 to those costing hundreds of dollars. Even if you don’t smoke, it’s still worth popping into this shop; with its walls lined with an array of different pipes, it makes for a fascinating visit.


5. Læderstræde

shopping in copenhagen

Læderstræde is a cozy shopping street in Copenhagen behind Gammel Strand. It was originally a dock road, but today it is lined with small and peculiar shops selling handmade jewelry, ceramics, and other items. You can find charming bookstores, lovely dress shops, and Danish interior design here.

What makes Læderstræde so special is the atmosphere of the shopping street. There are various cafés and eateries where you can sit at a small table-and-chair set on the street and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a light meal. This makes it an ideal place for people to relax and take in the sights of this quaint part of town.


6. Søstrene Grene

shopping in copenhagen sostrene grene

Søstrene Grene is a popular Nordic chain specializing in home items. It strongly emphasizes design and functionality, with many products changing weekly and others remaining more static. The store’s inventory is made up of exclusive content created for and by Søstrene Grene, as well as products from leading designers.


7. DanChurchSocial

If you’re looking for a great second-hand find, why not go treasure hunting at DanChurchSocial? This is a charity organization run by the national church. It has four shops spread across Copenhagen – one in Frederiksberg, one in Østerbro, one in Nørrebro, and another in Amager.

These stores are more than just places to buy vintage clothing or retro furniture; they also support important social work. The profits from these shops go towards providing beds for the homeless and helping needy families buy pork roast or small gifts for their children on Christmas Eve.


8. Illums Bolighus

shopping in copenhagen ilums bolighus

This store is the perfect place to explore Danish design. It features a wide range of products, from bathroom and furniture items to home accessories, kitchenware, and lighting. Here, you can find some of the most renowned names in Danish design all in one spot.


9. Fisketorvet

shopping in copenhagen fisketorvet

Fisketorvet is one of Denmark’s largest shopping centers on the waterfront at Kalvebod Brygge. It has around 120 shops, restaurants, and cafés, as well as Copenhagen’s largest cinema, which features popular movies on Scandinavia’s largest screen. Visitors can find a wide range of products in the shops, such as fashion clothing and shoes, electronics, and toys.

When it comes to food choices, Fisketorvet has something for everyone. Various restaurants and cafés offer various cuisines, from sushi and Thai food to burgers and pizza. So if you get hungry after walking up and down the halls of the large shopping center, you know where to go!


10. Bang & Olufsen

shopping in copenhagen bang and olufsen

Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 and has become a renowned Danish company. They are known for their superior audio quality and beautiful designs. Not only do they specialize in audio devices, but they also offer a variety of other products. A visit to the B&O store is highly recommended to get an up-close look at what they offer.


11. Market Halls (Torvehallerne)

shopping in copenhagen torvehallerne

Copenhagen’s Market Halls (Torvehallerne) is a popular destination for food lovers, attracting over 115,000 visitors every week. With more than 60 stalls offering the freshest ingredients and delicacies, it is no surprise that they remain so popular. Fishmongers offer freshly caught fish, while the pasta workshop serves fresh fettuccine. 

Those looking for a taste of the south can visit one of the delicious delicatessens, which serves French specialties and tapas. Located on Israel’s Plads by Nørreport station, it is easy to reach by public transport.


12. Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store

shopping in royal copenhagen flagship store

The Royal Copenhagen flagship store on Amagertorv is a must-see for anyone interested in the iconic blue-and-white china. The three-story building houses a wide range of patterns, from formal to casual. Upstairs, visitors can enjoy perfectly set tables with artfully displayed china and demonstrations from the painters who decorate each piece by hand.

One particularly special item featured in the store is Flora Danica, a gift created in 1790 for Catherine the Great of Russia. This exquisite and historic china is beautiful but has a shocking price tag.


13. Lego Store

shopping in copenhagen lego

Visiting the Lego store should not be missed if you’re traveling with kids to Copenhagen. It is located along the Stroget, the pedestrian shopping district in the city center. You can split up so that one adult takes the kids to Lego while the other browses other shops or do it all together. The flagship Lego stores have exclusive sets that can’t be found elsewhere. In addition, there are building stations and a video monitor, which brings a set to 3-D life when its box is held in front of the camera. Finally, there is a pick-a-brick wall where you can find missing pieces or get creative.


14. Designmuseum Danmark

shopping in denmark

Designmuseum Danmark is a great representation of Denmark’s success in design. Located near the Queen’s Palace, this museum houses iconic Danish designs such as Arne Jacobsen’s Egg and Swan chairs and Paul Henningsen’s Artichoke lamps. In addition, it holds collections of fabric and porcelain in its historic former hospital building. The exhibitions are highly regarded, and the gift shop has some excellent items for sale.


15. Field’s

shopping in copenhagen

Field’s is Denmark’s largest shopping center in terms of turnover and the second largest in Scandinavia. This means that it attracts a large number of shoppers annually. 140 stores and restaurants offer a wide variety of products, ranging from international brands like Zara, H&M, & Other Stories, and Monki to Danish stores like Søstrene Grene and Normal.

In addition, there is a Food Lounge with over 20 eateries for visitors to choose from. This makes Field an ideal place for those looking for an enjoyable day of shopping and dining.


16. Klassik

shopping in copenhagen klassik

Klassik, located close to Kongens Nytorv and the vibrant waterside bars of Nyhavn, is a store dedicated to classic 20th-century Danish design. It features two floors of exquisite pieces from renowned designers such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner. Even if you are not in the market for a new chair or other furniture items, it is worth visiting Klassik to gain an appreciation for why Danish designs from the mid-20th century have become so popular among design enthusiasts around the world.

The pieces at Klassik are beautifully arranged, making it almost like a mini-museum where all the exhibitions are available for purchase – though usually at a considerable cost.


17. Goods in Østerbro

Goods, located on Østerbrogade in Østerbro, is a world-famous menswear store that has evolved from a humble basement shop. It offers classic, simple, high-quality clothing for men of all ages and attracts an incredibly diverse customer base. This includes both local Copenhageners who have an eye for fashion and extravagance as well as tourists who are charmed by the stylish selection.

The store’s assortment consists of the owner’s favorite brands as well as their own production line of menswear. Each piece is made with care using the best materials and attention to detail.


18. Jægersborggade

shopping in copenhagen jaegerborggade

Jægersborggade is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Copenhagen. The shopping street is lined with some of the city’s best shops and restaurants, including Coffee Collective, Manfreds, Meyer’s Bakery, and my favorite ceramics studio, Keramiker. Inside, ceramicist Inge Vincents can be seen carefully shaping her delicate white vases, cups, and bowls. Her pieces are so paper-thin that they take on an ethereal, translucent quality. Despite their fragility, Inge’s pieces are still functional and used at the renowned restaurant Relae just up the street. Exploring Jægersborggade can take up half a day or more – it’s definitely worth the visit!


19. Magasin at Kongens Nytorv

shopping in copenhagen

Magasin at Kongens Nytorv is a popular destination for visitors from Denmark and abroad. Located in a historic, Parisian-inspired building from 1893, the department store offers five stories of fashion clothing, personal care, and lifestyle items. During Christmas, the building is decorated with impressive lights that draw in even more people. The staff is always ready to provide excellent customer service. 

For those feeling hungry during their visit, Magasin has several cozy eateries as well as a selection of delicious delicacies and full-bodied wines in the basement. With its convenient location and excellent offerings, it’s no surprise that Magasin proudly calls itself Denmark’s gift store.


20. Copenhagen Designer Outlet

shopping in copenhagen outlet store

Copenhagen Designer Outlet is a shopping center offering great prices for designer clothing and other designer products. It is located in Høje Taastrup, Cityringen 6, just 10 minutes from the metro station. 

The center spans 188,300 square feet and has 67 international and Danish brand stores, such as Nike Factory Store, Booztlet, Gant, Kings & Queens, and more. When shopping here, customers can save between 30% to 70% on the suggested retail price.


21. Magasin Du Nord

Magasin Du Nord is the perfect place to shop if you want a one-stop destination. Its flagship store is on Kongens Nytorv, right opposite the metro station. Founded in 1868, Magasin is a sprawling department store that stocks many major Nordic brands. 

Although it may not be the cheapest option in Copenhagen, it offers an impressive Danish fashion and design selection. In addition to its primary location on Kongens Nytorv, there are Magasin stores at Field’s shopping center, Lyngby, and Rodovre.


22. Vero Moda

Vera Moda is a popular women’s clothing line owned by the Danish Bestseller. It has experienced great success, evidenced by its numerous locations around Copenhagen. The most convenient of these stores is located on Strøget, making it easily accessible for shoppers.