Shopping in Helsinki is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

You can find a variety of goods and shops in the city center, ranging from malls to brick-and-mortar stores, shopping centers, luxury boutiques, and flea markets. To make your experience easier, we have compiled a list of 10 top spots that are sure to have what you need.

Each listing includes the address so you can easily navigate to your destination. Most places are within walking distance, but if not, public transportation is an option. All shops generally open every day; however, it is recommended that you check opening hours online before visiting. Start exploring now!


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Helsinki


1. Stockmann

shopping in helsinki stockmann

Stockmann is a landmark in the center of Helsinki. It is the city’s most famous department store, and many people have been captivated by its shop windows and clock over the years. The building dates from the 1920s and is protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency. It has 12 floors, offering a wide range of items, from brand-name clothes to exotic treats. There are coffee shops, restaurants, beauty salons, a pharmacy, and even a gym.

The store is conveniently located close to Helsinki Central Station, only one block from the station’s front door. You can walk down Keskuskatu or Mannerheimintie Street towards the sea to get there.


2. Pohjoisesplanadi

shopping in helsinki Pohjoisesplanadi

Pohjoisesplanadi is one of the main shopping streets in Helsinki. It stretches for one kilometer and features many major shopping malls and department stores, such as Kämp Galleria and the COS clothing store. Aarikka Oy, a Finnish company established in 1954, also has a presence on the street; it specializes in unique Nordic and Finnish designs.

Aside from these larger stores, Pohjoisesplanadi also offers art galleries, boutiques, and stores of all kinds. The Iittala Store at Pohjoisesplanadi 25 is great for top-quality cutlery, cookware, tableware, and design gift items from Arabia. For a more diverse shopping experience, visitors can explore the Torikorttelit Mall with its restaurants, cafes, and small boutiques.


3. Kluuvi Shopping Center

shopping in helsinki kluuvi shopping center

The Kluuvi Shopping Centre is a popular shopping spot in Helsinki‘s heart. It opened on March 15, 1989, and continues to be one of the city’s most visited shopping centers. The center offers a wide range of products for both men and women, including fashion items, cafes, restaurants, and more.

It has around 35 businesses, including premium brands and international labels. The basement area caters to 500 small Finnish producers who sell local delicacies. Notable businesses include McDonald’s, G-Star RAW, Superdry, Tiger of Sweden, Robert’s Coffee, and many others. There are also newly opened international brands which are the first and only in Finland.


4. Mannerheimintie

shopping in helsinki mannerheimintie

Mannerheimintie is one of the main shopping streets in Helsinki, named after Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, a statesman and Finnish military leader. You can find some of the city’s most popular high-end shops, retail outlets, and shopping centers along this street. One of these is the Forum shopping center near the railway station, which opened in 1985 and offers 150 stores, service enterprises, restaurants, and cafes. 

If you are looking for drinks or clothing while wandering through Mannerheimintie, there are several options available. Alko Helsinki keskusta Sokos is a liquor and department store located at Mannerheimintie 9. H&M is found at Mannerheimintie 20 for those who want to shop for clothing. Additionally, you can also find the Makia Flagship store, Glass Palace, Moomin gift shop, and more along this street.


5. Kamppi Helsinki

shopping in helsinki kamppi

Kamppi Shopping Center is a popular destination for shoppers in Helsinki. It offers a wide range of stores, fashion and leisure brands, restaurants, and beauty salons. For those looking for some entertainment, there is even a bowling alley. The shopping center is connected to the neighboring Forum Shopping Centre via a tunnel, making it accessible regardless of the weather.

The shopping center also has great transport links: on the basement floor is the metro station, and Helsinki Central Bus Station can be found there too. This makes it particularly convenient for those traveling to other parts of Finland as they can do some shopping before catching their bus. 

Tennispalatsi Leisure Centre is next to Kamppi Shopping Centre for those looking for something other than shopping. It houses Finnkino Cinema, HAM (the Helsinki Art Museum), and lots more attractions.


6. Design District Helsinki

shopping in helsinki design district

Design District in Helsinki is renowned for its stylish boutiques and galleries. Centered around Diana Park, it officially became the Design District of Helsinki in 2005 and now features approximately 200 stores, galleries, and restaurants across twenty-five streets. This makes it a great destination for shoppers who want to explore many stores without having to travel too far. 

The district is home to many of Finland’s leading fashion designers and brands. Visitors can also find antique shops and design boutiques here. After a successful shopping spree, plenty of art galleries, museums, and restaurants in the area provide entertainment and dining options.


7. Citycenter Helsinki

shopping in citycenter helsinki

The Citycenter is the most accessible and multifunctional mall in Helsinki. Located at the heart of the city, it is opposite the Helsinki Central Railway Station and is one of the most visited malls in Helsinki. Inside, you will find over 70 shops, numerous cafes and restaurants, and many more amenities in a renovated area.

There are plenty of shops to choose from for your daily grocery needs. On the mall’s second level, you can find some of the trendiest restaurants in Helsinki. In addition to being a mall, Citycenter also functions as a coworking building with excellent office space on its upper floors.


8. Itis

shopping in helsinki itis shopping center

Itis is a great shopping center in the Vartiokylä District in the eastern part of Helsinki. It has many large shops, a wide selection of local and international fashion stores, services, and plenty of coffee shops and restaurants. The variety of dining options is why many people visit Itis. There is also an on-site cinema with nine screens.

Getting to Itis from central Helsinki is easy due to the metro, which can take you there quickly. From there, you can continue to Rastila, which is just a short distance away, and home to Meri-Rastila Park. This park provides a much different atmosphere than the bustling shopping center.


9. Mall of Tripla

shopping in helsinki mall of tripla

The Mall of Tripla is a must-visit shopping spot in the city. As one of the largest shopping malls in the nation and the Nordic countries, it has around 250 shops and over seventy cafes and restaurants, offering a wealth of culture, flavors, and experiences for everyone of all ages.

One of its main attractions is the Finnish Music Hall of Fame. It’s an ideal place for music lovers, representing virtually all music genres with several notable songwriters, composers, and musicians. Families can also enjoy visiting the Surf House and indoor playground for kids.


10. Hietalahti Flea Market (Hietalahden kirpputori)

shopping in helsinki flea market

Hietalahti Flea Market (Hietalahden Kirpputori) has been serving customers since the 1980s and is a must-see for bargain hunters. It takes place daily at Hietalahdentori, located on the western edge of Punavuori. The traders reserve tables to sell their goods, and you can find almost anything with a bit of luck. For the best results, come with an open mind about what you’re looking for.

The historic Hietalahti Market Hall is located right next to the traders’ tables and offers a wide selection of coffee shops and restaurants. To get there from Helsinki Central Station, take Tram 6 or make the journey on foot by walking south from Mannerheimintie, then turning right onto Lönnrotinkatu until you see the marketplace on your left.


11. Academic Bookstore (Akateeminen kirjakauppa)

shopping in helsinki academic bookstore

The Academic Bookstore is located at the northern end of Esplanadi Street and Keskuskatu Street and is one of the most popular bookshops in Finland. It has a wide selection of books, from bestsellers to more obscure titles, making it a great place to shop before a long flight or holiday. The building is also noteworthy; it was designed by renowned architect Alvar Aalto and dubbed the Book House.

In addition to the bookstore, the building houses Herkku Food Market’s food section, which has moved from its original location in the neighboring building. To reach Academic Bookstore from Helsinki Central Station, take Kaivokatu Street, then turn onto Keskuskatu Street. It’s only a few blocks away; keep an eye out on your left, and you’ll find it easily.


12. Kiseleff House (Kiseleffin Talo)

shopping in helsinki kiseleff house

Kiseleff House, located at the corner of Senaatintori, is a great destination for design and fashion enthusiasts. It is home to many boutique shops featuring the best Finnish design, with items ranging from suitcases and clothing to decorative pieces. The building itself is also worth a visit; it was built in the late 18th century and has served as a sugar refinery, Stockmann Department Store, police station, and more. After renovations in 2011, it opened as Kiseleff House. In addition to shopping, visitors can also enjoy coffee onsite. 

The easiest way to get there from Helsinki Central Station is by foot – just six blocks away!


13. Market Square (Kauppatori)

shopping in helsinki

The Market Square in Helsinki is a famous South Harbour market offering scenic ocean views. It is one of the main tourist spots and a central shopping area for locals and visitors alike. The cobbled market square hosts numerous stalls selling souvenirs, art, food, coffee, and seafood. Visitors should not miss the warm salmon soup with rye bread – a must-try Finnish delicacy!

In addition to shopping and eating, Market Square also allows visitors to explore its gorgeous attractions. At its center lies the Stone of the Empress – Helsinki’s oldest public monument, erected in 1835. This is definitely worth seeing while you are there!


14. Forum Shopping Center (Kauppakeskus Forum)

shopping in helsinki forum

Forum Shopping Center, located one block from Helsinki Central Station, is a popular destination for shoppers and visitors alike. It offers a variety of clothing stores, leisure activities, beauty salons, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Banking and legal services are also available at Forum Shopping Center, a car wash, and the Amos Anderson Art Museum.

The convenience of its location attracts many people each day to Forum Shopping Center. If you spot something you like, it is recommended to buy it immediately as it may be gone soon after. In bad weather, tunnels link Forum with nearby Kamppi Shopping Centre, Stockmann Department Store, and other places without having to go outside. Public transport is available for easy access to Forum Shopping Centre.


15. Old Market Hall

shopping in helsinki old market hall

The Old Market Hall is a short walk from the iconic Market Square. It opened its doors to customers in 1889 and has since been offering traditional treats and unique Finnish specialties. Merchants sell fresh produce and food items such as local cheeses, seafood, fruits, vegetables, cakes, spices, teas, and coffee.

The location of the Old Market Hall is ideal for those looking for fresh seafood; it is situated right next to where fishing boats dock. Aside from the delicious food items on offer, there are also convenience shops and souvenir vendors with plenty of wonderful things to satisfy your cravings.


16. Sokos

shopping in helsinki sokos

Sokos, located next to Helsinki Central Station since 1952, is a great choice for anyone who needs to find a variety of different products fast. With an enormous selection of products on offer, it sells just about everything. There is also a hotel and restaurant known for its roof terrace with views.

The building was originally supposed to be finished by 1940, due to the war and subsequent lack of building materials, it was delayed until 1952 – the same year the Olympic games were held in Helsinki. Over the years, it has become a classic location and always has the latest products available. The great location also means you can easily get your purchases home on public transport.


17. Hakaniemi Market Square

shopping in helsinki market quare

Hakaniemi Market Square is a great place to go for food and shopping. The food stalls here serve some dishes that are on par with some of the city’s upscale restaurants, such as squid rings and creamy salmon soup. 

Additionally, the Hakaniemi Market Hall offers an authentic Finnish market experience with two floors of shops selling delicious food, pastries, handicrafts, home décor, and more. This charming building was designed by the great architect Karl Hård af Segerstad in 1914. It is a great place to find gifts and souvenirs made by local artisans and artists.


18. Kämp Galleria

shopping in helsinki kamp galleria

Kämp Galleria, formerly known as Galleria Esplanad, is the perfect destination for those looking for brand-name products or Finnish design marvels. This shopping center offers a wide variety of luxury brands’ own stores, both small and large. With such an impressive selection of quality goods, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

Named after the luxury hotel in the same block, Kämp Galleria also serves customers not staying there. In addition to its retail stores, this locale features luxurious restaurants and coffee shops with beautiful furnishings. The upper floor boasts a stunning glass roof, adding to the shopping experience. 

Getting to Kämp Galleria from Helsinki Central Station is easy; it’s only two blocks away via Mikonkatu.


19. Iittala and Arabia Design Center

shopping in helsinki arabia

The Iittala and Arabia Design Centre is a must-see for all fans of Finnish design. Located in the Toukola district of Arabianranta, east of Pasila, it can be easily reached via Tram 6 or Bus 68 from the center of Helsinki. The Design Centre offers a shop specializing in products by Iittala, Arabia, and Fiskars, a free design museum, and the Design Lab, which hosts lectures, workshops, and shows. Additionally, there is a coffee shop onsite.

To make the most out of your visit to the Design Centre, allow more time than you would for a normal shopping trip. After exploring the Design Centre, you can visit nearby attractions such as the Technological Museum and the Arabia shopping center.