Shopping in Oslo is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

If you enjoy browsing through multiple stores, Akersgata offers high-end shopping with plenty of options to choose from. For a more modern experience, Byporten and Storo malls provide a one-stop shop for all your needs. Be sure to bring your strongest arms though; you won’t want to leave any of those shopping bags behind! Take the time to explore all the best shopping destinations that Oslo has to offer.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Oslo


1. Oslo City

shopping in oslo city norway

Oslo City was founded in 1987 in an area of the city that needed renewal. The following year, a shopping center opened that provided impressive projects for the community. Since its opening, Oslo City has been a popular destination for shoppers due to its wide selection of stores. 

The two glass lifts inside the building take visitors from the dining hall on the ground floor to five floors filled with well-known chains. These stores offer a variety of items ranging from food and electronics to jewelry.


2. Bogstadveien

shopping in oslo bogstadveien

Bogstadveien is Norway’s longest shopping street, stretching from the Royal Palace to Majorstuen. It consists of approximately 300 shops and cafés, with a mixture of local and well-known businesses. The street is bustling with shoppers year-round, but it is especially lively during the two market days that are held twice a year. During these occasions, traffic is stopped, and vendors set up stalls in the street. 

Additionally, the Christmas decorations along the street are sure to bring out the festive spirit in even the most Grinch-like of people.


3. Gunerius

shopping in oslo gunerius

Gunerius is a shopping center close to Oslo City, with almost 40 stores. It offers a wide variety of items, such as shoes, clothes, and accessories. In addition to the shopping opportunities, there are also cafés on the street level and a fresh food counter in the basement.

Brugata is another great place to visit east of Gunerius. It is home to many nightlife spots and alternative shops. It leads directly to Grønlandsleiret, situated in the easternmost part of the city.


4. EGER 

shopping in oslo eger karl johan

EGER shopping center is in the heart of Oslo, in a small square called Egertorget. This shopping center specializes in high-end fashion and is a relatively recent addition to the cluster of shopping centers in the city center. Whether you’re looking for a new Nespresso machine or that designer Céline bag you’ve been eyeing, EGER is the perfect place to go. 

Apart from its fashionable offerings, EGER also has some nice cafés for those who prefer window shopping. Steam Kaffebar and Xích Lô, a Vietnamese restaurant, are located in the shopping center.


5. Karl Johan Gate

shopping in oslo karl johan gate

Karl Johan Gate is the ideal shopping destination for those on their way home via public transport. Located in the same building as the capital’s largest public transport hub, this shopping center offers travelers a range of convenient services and products. From luggage to forgotten items, City Gate has it all!

Aside from these essential travel necessities, customers can enjoy other perks such as cozy cafés and well-being offers. Whether you’re looking for an item to make your journey more comfortable or simply want to relax before heading home, City Gate has something for everyone.


6. Arkaden Shopping

shopping in oslo arkaden

Arkaden was once one of the most popular shopping in Oslo. It was known for its clothing, but as competition from neighboring malls increased, the range of goods on offer expanded to include a variety of items – from knick-knacks and fashion to specialty shops and restaurants. Despite the presence of larger malls nearby, Arkaden has managed to maintain a loyal customer base.

Although it is now much smaller than it once was, signs of the center’s former grandness can still be spotted if you look closely.


7. Sandvika Storsenter

shopping in oslo sandvika storsenter

Sandvika Storsenter, located in Sandvika, Bærum, on the outskirts of Oslo, opened its doors in 1993. Since then, it has become one of the largest shopping centers in all of Scandinavia, boasting an impressive 190 shops and restaurants. It was named the best shopping center in the Nordic countries in 2011. 

The shopping center offers a wide variety of shops in all price ranges. Furthermore, it is easily accessible from Oslo Central Station by means of a free shuttle bus.


8. Storo Storsenter

shopping in oslo storo storsenter

Storo Storsenter is Oslo’s largest shopping center, boasting over 140 shops, cafés, restaurants, and services. It is conveniently located just 15 minutes from the city center, with easy metro, bus, and tram access. There is even a city bike station by the entrance.

The center has a wide range of places to eat, from Bambus Sushi to Egon, Baker Hansen, and SUMO. Most cafés and restaurants are open on Sundays for convenience. Across the street is ODEON Oslo, Norway’s largest cinema, featuring 14 screens and an IMAX theatre.

In wintertime, the center hosts an ice skating rink in front of the entrance.

Storo Storsenter opened in 1984 in an old iron foundry dating back to 1880. After considerable growth, the center was renovated and re-opened in 2010. It was awarded Shopping Centre of the Year in 2012, as well as The City’s Best Shopping Centre in 2012 and 2013.


9. Aker Brygge Shopping Center

shopping in oslo aker brygge

Aker Brygge Shopping Center is located in the old ironworks at Aker Brygge. This shopping center offers a variety of stores that are reasonably priced. Aker Brygge is a former industrial site that has now been transformed into a bustling area containing a variety of restaurants, cafés, shops, and a comedy scene. This shopping center has a unique atmosphere, one which is enhanced by its historical roots.


10. Paleet Shopping Center

shopping in oslo paleet shopping center

The Paleet Shopping Centre boasts one of the most exclusive addresses in Oslo. Situated along Karl Johans gate, it takes pride in having the most specialized clothing stores. The shop windows face the entire main street, allowing them to show off their best side. For those with a penchant for high-end fashion, window shopping here is an ideal way to daydream before heading to their next meeting.


11. Magmalou

shopping in oslo magmalou

MagMaLou is a concept boutique located in the fashionable area of Frogner. It refers to itself as the “ultimate chick shop” and has been open since 2011. They offer customers clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, both new and vintage.

In addition, MagMaLou also has a separate hair and beauty lounge where customers can book a “star treatment.” This is run by makeup artist Marthe Kvenli Valeberg, who has won prizes for her work. The focus of the shop is to present customers with a trendy yet welcoming image, and it is open to all.


12. Moods of Norway

shopping in oslo

Moods of Norway was founded in 2003, and since then, it has been creating outlandish clothing for many people, including Perez Hilton, who was once seen wearing a checkered suit! The company strives to bring together Norwegian nature, spirit, and urban sense of style. They have one main goal: making happy clothes for happy people around the world. To experience the fashion of Moods of Norway, visit their Super Duper Store in Karl Johan!

In addition to fashion, Norway is known for its delicious snack, vaffel. This is a Norwegian version of the Belgian waffle, but it is thinner and not as sugary. Vaffel is commonly found in cafeterias and tastes amazing with a slice of brunost on top!


13. Steen & Strøm

shopping in oslo steen and strom

Before the modern shopping malls came to Oslo, there were two major department stores vying for consumers’ attention: Glasmagasinet and Steen & Strøm. Steen & Strøm eventually became known as the more luxurious option of the two. It offers shoppers a great selection of timeless quality goods in various categories and friendly and knowledgeable staff who are happy to help. To top it off, Steen & Strøm also features a variety of first-class eateries, making it the perfect one-stop destination when you’re looking to do some shopping in Oslo.


14. Juvelér Langaard

shopping in oslo jewelry

Juvelér Langaard is a family-run jeweler located in Oslo, Norway. Specializing in timeless, unique, and individual pieces, they create jewelry using rare gemstones, precious metals, and professional knowledge. They are considered one of the country’s most exclusive diamond and jewelry retailers.

They offer a variety of services, including the design of custom jewelry and the redesign of existing jewelry. Additionally, they stock renowned brands such as Shamballa Jewels and Pomellato.


15. Stortingsgaten

shopping in oslo

Stortingsgaten in Oslo is home to the city’s most exclusive shops, proving that quality outweighs quantity. Shopping here is an enjoyable experience as the staff is highly knowledgeable and refined. They will help customers find something special regardless of their budget, from a pair of luxurious calfskin gloves to handmade jewelry from one of the city’s renowned jewelers.


16. Akersgaten

shopping in oslo akersgaten

Akersgaten is renowned for being the hub of Norway’s media industry. It has also become well-known for its fashionable stores. The shops are located close together, making walking between them easy and very convenient for those who need to run errands in the city center. Additionally, Akersgaten is close to many cafes during the day and a host of bars and restaurants in the evenings.


17. David-Andersen

shopping in oslo david andersen

For more than 145 years, David-Andersen has been a leading provider of fine jewelry in Oslo. They have created their own brands -Camilla Pihl and Jenny Skavlan- to offer high-quality pieces for any occasion. Furthermore, the company also sells jewelry from renowned designers and brands, such as Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Georg Jensen, and Efva Attling.

The jewelers at David-Andersen are passionate about their craft, producing handmade pieces with diamonds and other jewels to order. With this commitment to traditional methods and practices, they have created an extensive selection of engagement and wedding rings.


18. Fretex Ullevålsveien

shopping in oslo thrift shop

Fretex is located in Ullevålsveien and offers a wide selection of second-hand and new clothes, books, furniture, and home decor. It is the largest chain of second-hand shops in Norway and is managed by the Salvation Army Norway.

Shopping at Fretex is a unique experience, as their shops are filled daily with interesting products at very low prices. Whether you are looking for a new shirt or a vintage sofa, Fretex provides an exciting variety of items to choose from.


19. UFF Pop-UP

UFF Second Hand in Hegdehaugsveien is a unique shopping experience. The store is filled with a mix of vintage and second-hand clothes and some more well-known brands. The clothes are generously donated by people in Norway, allowing customers to purchase fashionable items at an affordable prices. 

What makes UFF Second Hand even more special is that all the profits from the store go towards UFF’s humanitarian work. This means that customers are buying stylish clothing and helping make a positive difference in the world.


20. Norli Eldorado bookstore

shopping in oslo norli el dorado

Norli Eldorado is one of Oslo’s largest bookstores. It covers almost 1,000 square meters and offers a wide selection of books, stationery, and toys. It is a great place to shop for literature, as it stocks thousands of titles in English. Additionally, Norli Eldorado has an event area that can be booked free of charge for book launches and other literary events.


21. Arc´teryx 

shopping in oslo acteryx

Arc´teryx Oslo Brand Store is the only store of a well-known Canadian outdoor brand in Norway. Located in the heart of Oslo’s most exclusive shopping area, the store offers a wide selection of items for adventurers seeking to explore the country’s wild nature. Customers can choose from an array of products, including Gore-tex jackets, Gore-tex trousers, hiking clothes, down jackets, intermediate layer jackets, fleece clothing, gloves, hats, shoes, bags, and stylish technical garments from Veilance.