Post summary: Your day-to-day Coron Palawan tour itinerary, broken down with things to do and where to eat during your Coron diy tour!

A solid itinerary is a must when exploring Coron and touring the islands of Palawan. This popular destination in the Philippines is famous for its dramatic rock formations, stunning limestone cliffs, crystal clear waters, gorgeous lagoons, and world class snorkeling and diving spots in the world. 

In this article, we give a sample 4 day and 3 nights Coron Palawan itinerary to help organize your trip! Each day in the sample Coron itinerary includes the list of things to do in Coron and our recommended restaurants and bars to try!

Let’s get started!

How to Get to Coron


There are a lot more options to get to Coron today compared to previous years. Local airlines in the Philippines, such as AirSwift, PAL Express, and Cebu Pacific, have direct flights to and from Manila and other tourist destinations in the Philippines like Boracay and Cebu. 

Alternatively, you can also take a passenger ferry from Manila to Cebu for those who want to travel backpacker style. The passenger ferry is a comfortable ride, leaving Manila in the evening and arriving in Coron the next morning. 

Coron Travel and Tours:

coron palawan tour

Before we organize our Coron itinerary, let’s make a list of things to do in Coron so that we don’t miss anything. 

Below are the must-see and must-do affordable Coron island tours:

1. Coron Island Hopping Tour A 

  • Swim in Kayangan Lake, the cleanest lake in the Philippines
  • More popularly known as the Blue Lagoon, this lake is set amongst majestic limestone cliffs
  • Snap a photo with the iconic view of Coron as your backdrop during your short trek to Kayangan Lake
  • Snorkel in the coral garden and explore the thriving corals and marine species of Palawan
  • Relax by the powdery white sands of CYC Beach, where you can also swim or snorkel by the crystal clear water
  • A convenient pick up from downtown Coron will take you safely to the start of your adventure!

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2. Coron Island Hopping Tour B

  • Swim in Barracuda Lake, a scenic lake surrounded by limestone cliffs located at the north end of Coron Island
  • Enjoy a tasty picnic lunch at the beautiful Banol Beach, a short stretch of white sand beach with pristine waters
  • Snorkel atop the Skeleton Wreck, a sunken fishing boat, and enjoy swimming with the colorful fishes
  • Visit the iconic Twin Lagoon, two saltwater lakes separated by a narrow opening, which invites travelers to cross through for an unforgettable tunnel experience
  • A convenient pickup from downtown Coron will take you safely to the start of your adventure!

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3. Coron Island Hopping Tour C

  • Cruise to Malcapuya Island and enjoy the panoramic views of coastal cliffs along the way
  • Bask in the beauty of the pristine beaches of Palawan and its fine, white sand
  • Swim through the coral reefs and thriving marine biodiversity of Palawan and even see numerous giant clams!
  • Take a walk in Ditaytayan Island’s sandbar and be mesmerized with the surrounding tropical views
  • A convenient pickup from downtown Coron will take you safely to the start of your adventure!

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4. Non-Island Hopping Tours in Coron

– Mount Tapyas View Deck
– Maquinit Hot Spring
– Public Market
– Town Plaza


5. Where to Eat in Coron – Restaurants & Bars

– Hop Hostel rooftop bar for sunsets and drinks
– Trattoria Altrove
– KT’s Sinugba Sa Balay
– La Sirenetta Restaurant & Bar
– Santino’s Grill


Coron DIY Itinerary – Day 1: Day of Arrival

flight from manila to coron


7 am to 11 am – Day of arrival. Many of the flights that come from Manila to Coron usually arrive in the morning. However, if you are taking the speed boat from El Nido, you will be arriving mid to late afternoon. Use much of your morning or early afternoon to get yourself settled and rested because the next three days can get quite busy!

Noon – If you make it to Coron before noon, take the time and check out one of our recommended restaurants in Coron. 

2 pm to 4 pm – If you have enough energy after a hearty lunch, take the time and explore Coron town. Although Coron town proper is not the most photogenic island town in Palawan, it’s still quite different from other towns you’ll come across in the Philippines. I remembered my first visit to Coron in 2013; there was hardly anything in the town proper – perhaps a few restaurants here and there. Today, the island is a lot more developed with a lot more options for tourists, although still not on the same level as Boracay. 

5 pm – Go back to the hotel and freshen up

5:45 pm – Head to Hop Hostel for a drink and experience the legendary sunset of Coron at their rooftop bar. 

7:30 pm – Dinner time, pick one of our recommended places to eat in Coron!


Coron Itinerary – Day 2: Island Hopping Tour

coron itinerary tour

730 am – Wake up call! Have breakfast, and prepare for the day.

9 am –  The first thing on your to-do list on your first full day in Coron is island hopping the famous islands. As mentioned above, there are four island hopping tours you can pick – creatively named Tour A, Tour B, and Tour C. You can pick whatever tour for this day, but let’s just say you choose Tour A for your first island hopping tour. 

Tour A explores Coron’s most iconic sites. In this tour, you will visit the iconic Kayangan Lake, snorkel in the beautiful coral garden and discover the aquamarine life of Palawan, and have downtime and relax at CYC Beach. 

430 pm – Coron island hopping tour ends, and you should be back on the town proper by this time. 

545 pm – If you wish to catch the sunset, try La Sirenetta Restaurant & Bar for sunset with a perfect view of the bay.

7 pm – Dinner time! You can conveniently stay in La Sirenetta Restaurant & Bar if you wish for dinner. Alternatively, you can try the popular Trattoria Altrove, famous for its authentic Italian pizza and pasta. 


Coron Itinerary – Day 3: Non-Island Hopping Activity

coron palawan itinerary

730 am – Wake up call! Rise and shine and have your breakfast. For today’s itinerary, we will take a break from island hopping in Coron to explore different areas of the island. We will hike the second highest peak in Coron, Mount Tapyas, and relax at Maquinit hot springs after the hike!

You also can climb Mount Tapyas towards late in the afternoon to catch the incredible sunset with a view of Coron bay. 

9 am – Leave for Mount Tapyas. Make sure you bring a hat and a bottle of water as the sun can be quite intense. There are few areas along the way with spectacular views of the bay before you get to the peak. 

Noon – Leave for lunch. Try one of our recommended restaurants in Coron town!

2:30 pm – Head to Maquinit Hot Springs. This hot spring is the only known saltwater hot spring in the Philippines, and probably the only one in Asia. It is conveniently located about 25 minutes from the town center and ideally located between a hill and the blue sea whose shores are lined with mangrove trees and floating bamboo cottages. You can stay here for as long as you’d like!

7 pm – Dinner time! 


Coron Itinerary – Day 4: 2nd Island Hopping Tour

coron palawan philippines

7:30 am – Rise and shine! Do your morning routine and get ready to start the day!

9:00 am – For today, we are going to do a second island hopping tour. Since we already signed up for Tour A for our first tour, we have Tour B and Tour C as our island hopping tour options. 

Tour B is another popular island hopping tour in Coron. You get to explore Coron’s legendary Barracuda Lake, snorkel sunken shipwrecks, discover hidden lagoons, and have lunch on one of the most beautiful beaches in Coron. 

4 pm – By mid to late afternoon, you should be back in Coron town. Use this time to relax for a bit, have a nap, or just have downtime. 

5:30 pm – Time to have drinks and watch the Coron sunset at your preferred bar. Another alternative is to use this time and get a massage in Coron town. 

7 pm onwards – Dinner and drinks to end the night!


Coron Itinerary – Day 5: Leave Coron

730 am – Rise and shine!

9 am onwards –  Before checking out of your hotel, I recommend using this time to have breakfast and perhaps walk around Coron town proper and buy souvenirs. 

11 am – Depart Coron


Where to Stay In Coron

where to stay in coron hotel



What guests are saying on

One of the best resorts in Coron with its stunning location – an island rimmed with white beaches. You will feel isolated yet wholly taken care of, with the amenities of home. We were welcomed with a Club Paradise theme song played by the band, an introduction to the manager, and a foot bath. The island has a lovely pool and serves delicious food. 

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A beautiful property and far better than anything else I’ve stayed at or seen in Coron. The room was very spacious, comfortable, and clean. The property was very well maintained. I ate in the restaurant once, and it was delicious! The pool is beautiful, especially at night. The service is exceptional, and the staff was very accommodating in assisting my late arrival and transfer to my next hotel. For people who complain that it is slightly out of Coron town: trust me, that’s a good thing! It’s much more peaceful here than at any of the other hotels right in town. I wish I could have stayed longer!

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Everything was terrific at this hostel! It’s gorgeous, they serve delicious food, and the staff is kind and FUN so special thanks to them as they were the big bonus to my stay! They took us on a super lovely boat trip all day and organized a lot of other activities every great day! The hostel has a fantastic rooftop terrace where you have magic views. The rooms are spacious, clean, and the beds super comfortable. If I have the chance to go to Coron again, I will stay here!

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