Traveling to Andalusia has always been on my bucket list, specifically destinations like Cordoba, Ronda and Seville, Spain.

This city has so much culture and charm, and not to mention, one of the cheapest destinations in Europe!

I flew with the Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling Airlines from Paris CDG. Quite the cheap flight – I paid 65 euros one-way, which made the excitement and anticipation of going to Seville that much more.

I’ve read a few reviews on flight experiences with Vueling and the horror stories of lost luggages and other typical low-cost carrier complaints. I’ve already flown with them previously coming from my trip to Barcelona, but so far with no issues!


I flew directly from Paris where it was cold, damp, and stress levels were high – polar opposite the moment I stepped foot out of the shuttle from the airport to the main city center.

With my bags in hand, I looked around and was immediately enchanted with the architecture on every corner of Seville. There were also countless of restaurants with terrace seating that just sets the ambiance of the city.

And to top it all off, the weather complimented the perfect and picturesque setting.  It was sunny with barely any cloud in the sky and warm breezy air blowing through. It would be exactly how you’d imagine what south of Spain would look like.

city center seville spain

The vibrant city of Seville


Plaza de Espana 

Arguably the most iconic landmark in Seville, and for a good reason.  Fun fact: scenes from Star Wars and Laurence of Arabia were shot here!

plaza de espana seville spain

Plaza de España

Real Alcazar

Declared a UNESCO heritage sight in 1987, this Royal Palace was originally built by Moorish Muslim Kings.

Visit the neighborhood of Triana

A vibrant old quarter in Seville where George Bizet’s famous opera, Carmen, was born. You will find restaurants with impromptu flamenco performances.

Seville Cathedral

Impressive architecture, and quite the sight at night as well.

seville cathedral andalucia spain

The Seville Cathedral

Torre Giralda (nice view of Seville)

The bell tower of Seville Cathedral. Climb all the way to the top to get some impressive views of Seville.

giralda tower view from the top seville spain

View from the top!

giralda tower seville spain

Inside the Giralda Tower


The food culture in Seville – just like the rest of Spain – has it’s own specialty that is rich in history and tradition.

For Seville, it is TAPAS!!

My day typically starts with hot chocolate and churros. From then on, I spend the rest of the day eating  various sorts of tapas whenever I pleased since they are so cheap, sometimes as low as $1 per tapa!

My personal favorites were Spanish tortillas, jamon croquetas, paellas (though not entirely that impressed with the paellas I tried in Seville), tostadas rubbed with tomatoes with cured jamon, chorizos, and patatas bravas (crispy wedges of potato topped with aioli).


Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco and the famous opera, George Bizet’s Carmen! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google/youtube it and within the first 3 seconds of the music, you’ll recognize it immediately.



Not eating every 20 minutes – like I mentioned above, the food in Seville is super good and super cheap. How are the people here not obesed?!

I would also like to add the challenge of not staring into people – they are all ridiculously good looking.


Free city walking tour.

I’ve always seen these type of tours throughout my travels but never had the urge to join one, regardless of whether it’s free or not, at the risk of standing out like a complete tourist. I prefer discovering the city by meeting locals. I find it a very efficient way of learning the culture and history of the place I’m traveling to.

But on this trip, I figured to give it a try considering I was traveling solo. The guides took us all around the city (by foot, naturally) and learned some really cool history, mostly on the architecture, food, culture, and history of Seville.

In the end, it was a great decision to join the Seville Free Walking Tour. I met some really fun travelers during this tour that made the rest of stay in Seville that much more enjoyable.