Shopping in Frankfurt is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Europe and welcomes visitors from all over the world, both for business and leisure. While it may not be as well-known as cities like Milan or Paris, it has a variety of shopping opportunities to explore. 

After visiting St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, Romerberg Square, and the city’s many museums, tourists should consider hitting up the various shops, markets, and malls in Frankfurt. To get started, here are some of the best places to go shopping in Frankfurt.


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Frankfurt


1. Neue Rothof

shopping in frankfurt

Neue Rothhofstaße is a great destination for fashion lovers. Located parallel to Goethestraße, this shopping street is full of fashion boutiques and concept stores. There are many shops to choose from, offering an array of items for visitors to explore.


2. Flea Market Frankfurt

shopping in frankfurt flea market

Every second Saturday (excluding holidays), the Frankfurt Flea Market invites you to come and do some bargain hunting at Osthafhafen 1 between 9:00 and 14:00. You can browse through all kinds of second-hand goods, junk, arts and crafts while enjoying the backdrop of Frankfurt’s skyline or the authentic charm of the area. There are also caterers providing snacks for visitors who want to take a break from their shopping.


3. MyZeil

shopping in frankfurt myzeil

MyZeil is more than just a shopping mall; it’s an experience. Situated in Frankfurt’s bustling shopping district, this mall could easily keep you occupied for an entire morning or afternoon. It features a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and common spaces that make it the perfect place to explore.

The mall is also renowned for its architecture. Designed by Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas, MyZeil has a futuristic glass facade with geometric elements that extend into the interior. Light reflects off the multitude of windows and surfaces, creating an atmosphere of being inside some kind of spaceship.


4. GALERIA Frankfurt an der Hauptwache

shopping in frankfurt department store

GALERIA Frankfurt an der Hauptwache is an excellent department store located in the heart of Frankfurt’s main shopping neighborhood. It offers a wide selection of men’s and women’s clothing, children’s apparel, and home and travel items. In addition to shopping, the department store also has a highly-rated cafeteria-style restaurant with a variety of dining options. There is also a standalone cafe and an additional rooftop bar and restaurant with stunning views of the Frankfurt skyline.

Even if you don’t spend much time shopping at GALERIA Frankfurt an der Hauptwache, it is conveniently located within the broader shopping area, making it easy to drop by for lunch or drinks before heading to your next destination.


5. Kleinmarkthalle

shopping in frankfurt klein market hall

Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt is the perfect destination for an array of culinary experiences. The market hall, which was constructed in the mid-20th century, spans 1,500 square meters and contains over 60 individual vendors as well as 150 stalls. Every aspect of it is designed in a charming Art Deco style.

You can find a variety of culinary delights here, from local and regional specialties to international cuisine. It’s also a great place to pick up fresh produce or flowers for your hotel room. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or an exploration of local fare, Kleinmarkthalle has something for everyone!


6. Museumsufer Flea Market

shopping in frankfurt flea market

Every Saturday, the flea market at the Museumsufer takes place. If you are in Frankfurt during this time, a visit is highly recommended for those who enjoy bargain-hunting or collecting antiques. The vendors have a range of items available, including antiques, thrift items, and arts and crafts. This open-air market is located right on the waterfront.

This is the largest flea market in Frankfurt and is definitely worth a visit. After shopping for your perfect find, you may wish to explore the Museumsufer itself, which refers to a grouping of 9 museums along the river Main.


7. Sachsenhausen

shopping in frankfurt clothing store

Sachsenhausen, located along the Main in Frankfurt, is an ideal place to visit for shopping and sightseeing. It has a long and interesting history that is reflected in its impressive architecture and various cultural attractions.

The Museumufer is the highlight of Sachsenhausen, consisting of nine museums placed close together, perfect for exploring the local culture. For a more leisurely activity, take a stroll down Wallstrasse and Bruckenstrasse for some retail therapy. These two shopping streets offer a wide variety of independent boutiques, trendy stores, and numerous thrift shops.


8. Goethestrasse

shopping in frankfurt shopping street

Goethestrasse is one of Frankfurt’s premier luxury shopping streets, often referred to as “Frankfurt’s Fifth Avenue.” Situated in the Opera Quarter, this cobblestone street was named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a renowned figure from Frankfurt.

The range of internationally acclaimed fashion brands on Goethestrasse is impressive. From Armani to Burberry, Chanel to Prada, and Louis Vuitton to Versace, shoppers can find almost any high-end clothing or jewelry brand they can think of. This just scratches the surface of what is available here.


9. Berger Strasse

shopping in frankfurt berger strasse

Berger Strasse is a popular destination among both locals and tourists alike. It is known for its wide variety of shopping, dining, and sightseeing experiences. As Frankfurt’s longest shopping street, it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re an avid shopper or simply looking to explore the area with friends, there’s something here.

For shoppers, the twice-weekly farmers market held at the Bornheim Mitte metro station is not to be missed. There are also many independent boutiques along the lower portion of Berger Strasse that are worth exploring.

Overall, Berger Strasse provides a unique experience for anyone looking to explore Frankfurt. From traditional offerings to progressive residents, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.


10. The Weekly Market Schillerstrasse

shopping in frankfurt schiller strasse

The weekly market on Schillerstrasse in Frankfurt city center has been running for nearly 30 years and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. On Fridays, the street is lined with over 50 stalls offering an array of fresh produce, packaged foods, baked goods, souvenirs, toys, and more. 

This unique setting provides shoppers with a delightful backdrop of picturesque architecture and history. So why not take a stroll down Schillerstrasse this Friday to experience the bustling atmosphere of this beloved market?


11. Oeder Weg

shopping in frankfurt oeder weg

Oeder Weg is a shopping street located in the Nordend neighborhood of Frankfurt. It is most frequented by local residents rather than tourists, making it a perfect choice if you want to explore outside the more heavily-trafficked areas.

The shops along Oeder Weg offer an array of products, from footwear and furnishings to bridal wear and musical instruments. If you need a break after browsing all the shops, there are also several restaurants and pubs where you can grab a bite or drink.


12. Skyline Plaza

shopping in frankfurt skyline plaza

Skyline Plaza is the perfect shopping destination for anyone visiting Frankfurt. Located conveniently accessible by public transit, it features nearly 200 stores all in one spot. You’ll find a mix of international and German storefronts, offering clothing and accessory retailers, as well as a drug store and supermarket. The food court also provides a great selection of restaurants to choose from. 

The plaza’s location near several large event venues and hotels make it an ideal choice when attending an event in the city. Skyline Plaza has it all if you’re looking for a new outfit or just something to grab on the go!