Shopping in Tulum is the perfect place to find unique and interesting items for every budget.

Tulum offers a variety of different shopping opportunities, from malls and bazaars to boutiques. Here, you can find all kinds of items, from inexpensive souvenirs to designer clothing and local artwork.

The top 10 best places to go shopping in Tulum are malls, bazaars, and boutiques. In these places, you can find a range of arts and crafts, gifts, and authentic artisan goods. Whether you’re looking for a unique souvenir or something more expensive, you can find it in Tulum. So, if you’re planning a holiday in Tulum, add a little shopping to your itinerary.


The Best Shopping Places in Tulum


1. Mercado Maya Tulum

shopping in tulum mercado maya

The Tulum Market, or Mercado Maya Tulum, is an outdoor market in the heart of the city center of Tulum. Dedicated to showcasing the artistic expression of local craftspeople and the important harvests local farmers produce, the market celebrates the Mayan culture’s gastronomic traditions, creativity, and artistic heritage. Visitors can find a variety of items available, such as textiles, handcrafted artwork, organic fruits and vegetables, and more.

The Tulum Market is a great place to engage with local culture and experience the region’s unique sights, smells, and sounds. It’s also a great spot to find the perfect souvenir from your trip.


2. Wóolis Foodie Market

shopping in tulum

Woolis Foodie Market is a unique and exciting place to check out in Tulum. With its focus on environmentalism, this small market is packed with sustainable products made locally. A wide variety of beverages, dips, salsas, and vegan options are all made in-house. Additionally, customers can find home goods, soaps, and even Mezcal. Whether you’re in Tulum for organic food or goods, Woolis Foodie Market is a must-see.


3. Tulum Beach Road

shopping in tulum

Tulum Beach Road is a vibrant shopping district located at the Tulum archaeological site. Here, visitors can find an array of small shops, tattoo parlors, clothing stores, and locally made arts and crafts. There are also many delicious restaurants with taquerias, ice cream, coffee, and more. The shopping options are almost endless, with a variety of both name brands and locally-sourced crafts.

Tulum Beach Road is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the family, searching for the perfect souvenir of their journey to Tulum. It is situated only a 10-minute drive east of the main city center.


4. Mr. Blackbird

shopping in tulum

Mr. Blackbird is a boutique shop located in the southern beach zone that offers a variety of items. This shop specializes in custom bikinis and swimwear due to its proximity to the beach. In addition to their swimwear, they also sell rings made by local jewelers with high-quality metals, gems, and precious stones. The best part is that these items are offered at an incredibly affordable price.


5. Tulum Bazaar

shopping in tulum

Tulum Bazaar is a cozy shopping center in Tulum Centro, just a few streets away from the Parque Nacional Tulum off the 307. It offers a range of shops and vendors for visitors to explore, offering souvenirs, handcrafted pottery, artwork, and other gift items.

The center also offers a variety of local street food and casual dining restaurants with authentic regional cuisine. All shoppers should bear in mind that most shops and vendors in the Bazaar only accept cash payments.


6. Pura Vida Tulum

shopping in tulum

Pura Vida is a boutique clothing store located in the Tulum town center. It offers stylish organic clothing, as well as a variety of hand-made goods. These include sandals, jewelry, shoes, ceramics, and souvenirs. All of these items are of the highest quality and make excellent gifts. Pura Vida is the perfect place to find something special for yourself or a loved one.


7. La Troupe

shopping in tulum

La Troupe is a locally owned clothing store and showroom near Tulum Beach’s waters. It has an ethereal, tropical entryway that makes it recognizable. The store offers responsibly-made fashion for women, with a diverse range of jackets, kimonos, skirts, jumpsuits, and accessories. Home decor items are also available. All products are ethically sourced and produced by local communities and artisan craftspeople in Mexico.


8. In The Middle

shopping in tulum

In The Middle is a men’s fashion store that captures the essence of Tulum. It offers exclusive and beautiful garments with designs that blend classic tailoring with an edgy aesthetic. Focusing on clean, minimal silhouettes made of natural and sustainable materials, mainly linen, The Middle has become the perfect destination to find the classic ‘Tulum vibes’ style. You won’t want to leave Tulum without picking up a few pieces from this store!


9. Viva Mexico Ruinas

Viva Mexico Ruinas is a shopping bazaar and mall near Parque Nacional Tulum, a mere stone’s throw away from the Tulum Archaeological Zone and Mayan ruins. It is easily accessible by foot or bus.

This plaza offers a wide range of shops, boutiques, street food, and casual dining options. Visitors can find souvenirs, gifts, handmade items, textiles, artwork, cultural items, and more. Additionally, there are many photo-worthy spots, street art, sculptures, and local landmarks to enjoy.


10. Gypsea Market

This place in Tulum offers a variety of organic, vegan, and gluten-free food and groceries. In addition to food items, they have a selection of kombucha, soaps, home goods, and fluoride-free toothpaste. Although their prices are slightly higher than other places in the area, they offer a wide range of unique and hard-to-find items.


11. Auras

Auras is the go-to destination for those looking for eco-conscious products. It stocks pieces made by Mexican designers and artisans, such as woven palm-leaf bags, crystal jewelry, and hand-carved wooden utensils. The store also has its clothing line, created by founder Veronica Genovali. The collection includes belted skirts, beach dresses, and smocks with frayed trims crafted from natural and responsibly sourced cotton, hemp, linen, and bamboo. 

The store also carries various clean-beauty products, such as serums, soaps, scrubs, and candles. There are also home fragrances available. For a unique shopping experience, the interior of Auras is dotted with cactus sculptures and geodes. Pharmacy-style cabinets also line the walls, adding a special touch to the store.


12. MexicArte

shopping in mexicarte

MexicArte is the perfect place to find an authentic Mexican souvenirs. Located on the main strip downtown, they also have two other shops, one in Akumal and one on Tulum beach road. They offer a wide selection of items, from tiny, inexpensive animals carved from wood, to larger, pricier paintings and artwork.

Everything is made and painted by hand, so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality unique item. Prices are fixed, and there is no hard sell, so you can relax and take your time browsing. If you can’t fit your purchase in your luggage, they also offer delivery by mail.


13. Casa Hernandez Gallery

The Casa Hernandez Gallery is a family business passed down from grandfather Vicente Hernandez to his son Mauricio Hernandez and his grandson, Mauricio Jr. Located on Tulum Avenue in downtown Tulum, the shop offers a variety of hand-painted Mexican pottery, folk art, and crafts. 

The pottery selection is particularly noteworthy as much of it is genuine Talavera, an intricate ceramic artwork produced in certain areas of Mexico, primarily Puebla, due to the unique clays used to create the pieces. Additionally, these ceramics must meet certain criteria, such as the colors used. 

In addition to the Talavera pottery, the gallery also features Alebrijes, Huichol art, Otomi, and other fantastic folk art pieces. All these pieces are sure to create a sensory overload in the best way possible.


14. Mixik

Mixik is an exciting craft store between Osiris Sur and Beta Sur in Tulum Centro. Its colorful and bright interior stands out from the other stores in the area. Inside, customers can find a wide variety of traditional arts and handmade crafts that are all genuinely crafted. From woven textiles and ceramics to intricately beaded artwork, hand-blown glassware, and colorful jewelry, Mixik has something for everyone.