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Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Review: San Francisco to Maui

hawaiian airlines a330


Hawaiian Airlines

Airbus 330-300
Business Class


Ground Staff/Service

The check-in process with the Hawaiian Airlines ground staff was smooth as the flight itself. When I arrived at the check-in counter, there was hardly any line – which shows the efficiency of the ground crew on getting passengers to the gate.

I also enjoyed seeing the check-in agents dressed in the traditional Hawaiian print attire with the flower behind their ear. Seeing their uniform gave that feeling of “Wow, I’m ready for my three-day weekend in Honolulu!”

Highly enjoyed it!




The following were the details I immediately picked-up on the moment I entered the business-class cabin:

– The soothing nature music
– The blue wall with stars that mimic the Hawaiian sky
– The flight attendants dressed in traditional Hawaiian fabric
– The infamous mai-tai before take-off

The ambiance made it an overall unique on-board Hawaiian experience.



Hawaiian airlines business class mai tai

Hawaiian airlines choice of drink: Mai Tai!


In-Flight Entertainment

Something first on this Hawaiian Airlines flight: the use of iPads for the in-flight entertainment instead of the standard seats equipped with personal TV screens.

I’ve heard about airlines trying to eventually phase out personalized TV screens and replacing them with tablets (reducing the weight of the aircraft, among other reasons). So when I sat down and realized there weren’t any TV screens, I figured we would be given a tablet after take-off.

And sure enough, the flight attendants passed around giant iPads about 15 minutes after airborne.


The Seat

Hawaiian Airlines has long been known as a leisure carrier (usually means that their products are not high end). The configuration of the Airbus A330-300 in Business class was the standard 2-2-2, with a total of 18 seats.

But Hawaiian airlines have upgraded its Airbus fleet with brand new interiors and lie-flat seats. I feel that the upgrades on their Business Class is top-notch and arguably makes Hawaiian Airlines more of a hybrid airline (a cross between a major carrier and leisure carrier) – making them competitive with major U.S. carriers like Delta, United, and American on flights in and out of Hawaii.



The Meal

Fantastic selection!

Hawaiian Airlines had everything covered – from appetizers, main entrée, to dessert. I tried the chicken with rice for the main entrée and cheesecake for dessert.


hawaiian airlines business class main entrée

Chicken and rice dish on Hawaiian Airlines business class


Hawaiian airlines in-flight dessert business class

Eating cheesecake while watching Logan on-board Hawaiian Airlines

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