emirates first class cabin private suite

via Emirates


Emirates just took the first-class game to the next level.


The airline is already synonymous with luxury air travel. When I hear the name Emirates, the image that immediately comes into mind are the iconic private first-class cabins with glossy wood paneling and gold trim.

Now to think of it, I forget Emirates actually has an economy class.

Add the legendary service that makes you feel like a sheikh 35,000 feet in the air, it’s a no brainer why Emirates tops every list of best first-class and business class products in the world – year in and year out.

Recently, Emirates unveiled their new first-class cabin at the Dubai Air Show – and it was a showstopper. They brought new products and features that are not offered by any other airline, surpassing the bar the airline has set in the airline industry for years.

The brand new first class suites are only currently available on Emirates 777-300 aircraft, on flights from Dubai to Geneva and Brussels.



The new Emirates first-class cabin features:


1) 40 sq. foot private suite with floor to ceiling sliding doors.


The new Emirates first-class cabin was designed in collaboration with Mercedes Benz. Each first-class seat basically converts into a mini luxury hotel room, giving passengers complete privacy.

My imagination is currently running wild right now on things that could possibly happen in that suite…


emirates first class cabin private suite

via Emirartes


2) Temperature and light control from your suite


First-class passengers have complete control of their surroundings. Sharing the same cabin light with other passengers seem so standard now – and Emirates is not all about that.


3) NASA inspired beds


When it’s time to convert the leather seat to a luxury bed to catch some Zzz’s, first-class passengers will feel a sense of weightlessness and relaxation, thanks to NASA’s “zero-gravity” technology featured on each suite.

But who would sleep through this experience? I’d be awake all flight long, pushing buttons and what have you.


emirates first class cabin private suite

via Emirates


4) Use facetime to order food and beverage from your suite


I also feel like I would use this feature to ask the flight attendants for a bedtime story through facetime.


emirates first class cabin private suite

via Emirates


5) Virtual windows for suites in the center aisle


The Emirates first-class cabin has a 1-1-1 seating configuration. First-class passengers in the middle suite can still enjoy the view through real-time virtual windows.

“Ugh, middle-seats are the worst” – says no Emirates first-class passenger, ever.


emirates first class cabin private suite

Middle suites (via Emirates)


6) Emirates entertainment on-board: 32-inch Full HD LCD screen


Apparently, each suite also converts into a private cinema. First class passengers can also project content from their own devices – G-rated content only, I’m sure.

Don’t get ideas.


7) Sea Kelp infused pajamas


When it’s time to change to a more comfortable clothing, each first-class passenger will be treated to a pajama that will moisturize their skin throughout the duration of the flight.

I’m currently googling if my local Target sells these pajamas…

The Points Guy Editor Zach Honig recently made the internet jealous when he tried the brand new suite for the first time. Watch the video below: