3 High Intensity Jump Rope Workouts that Burn Belly Fat Fast

We all know how stubborn belly fat can be and how difficult it is to get rid of it.

Even when we are fully committed to our diet and workout routine, the extra pounds may start to shed on other parts of our body. Unfortunately, the fat in and around our belly seem to stay.

And they won’t go away!

ENTER: Jump Rope.

One of the many benefits of jumping rope is it burns a lot more calories per minute compared to other cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running, or playing tennis. Depending on your intensity, you can burn off around 200-300 calories on a 15-minute jump rope workout. According to CalorieLab, that’s equivalent to an 8-minute mile run!

Combined with proper nutrition and consistency, these three jump rope workouts will absolutely transform your physique in no time.




1. High Knees

This rope exercise is similar to running in place, except you drive your knees as far up and as fast as you can.

What I love about this ripe workout is that your lower abs are highly targeted while doing this exercise. This is THE workout (emphasis on THE) for targeting lower abs with the rope.

This exercise is a HIIT workout, so don’t feel too discouraged if you can’t get to 45 seconds on
your first week. YOU’LL GET THERE!

TRY: One-minute, as intense you can. 3 sets minimum. Recovery between sets: 15 seconds.



2. Full Twist

A jump rope workout that feels more like dancing than doing cardio.

Full twist is relatively easy to complete and will engage your obliques, core muscles, and help
with flexibility. I suggest to practice the motion and rhythm down first before you try it with a rope in your hands.

Say goodbye, love handles!

TRY: One-minute full twist. 5 sets minimum. Recovery between sets: 15 seconds.



3. Double Unders


Double-unders is one of the most intense skipping workout out there, considering this workout
requires timing, agility, and endurance.

This jump rope workout will increase not only increases your heart rate and trim your body, but it also works your calves to boot.

It might be a challenge in the beginning. But once you get the rhythm and can sustain for a minute, you will see the physical changes not long after!

TRY: One-minute or as many as you can. 5 sets (or bursts) minimum. Recovery between sets: 15 seconds.