Not sharing…


I didn’t travel all the way over here to eat a salad…


I’ve been traveling for the past two months now – bouncing around in Paris, London, Barcelona, Chicago, Colombia, and now in the Philippines.

Before leaving for this trip, I was your typical self-conscious gym rat,  played tennis on a regular basis, and that person who paid attention to the amount of protein and carb intake before every meal.

But these past two months, those habits have been thrown out the window.

I think we can agree that trying the local cuisine (and junk food) allows us to have that authentic experience and get a real taste (pun intended) of the culture. With that in mind, all I’ve been doing is eating anything and everything that I get my hands (and nose) on.

Whether it be walking down a street and discovering a food cart, or wandering around airports and gorging at the food courts, I’ve come to realize that I’m now a slave to my appetite and have lost all self-control when it comes to food.

And honestly, I’m ok with it.

I mean, it’s not always easy finding healthy breakfast like this when you are on the road:


Preferred breakfast at Maison Marcel (Chicago)


Sometimes, you just gotta start your day the way the locals do:


breakfast in barcelona flautas and jamon

Typical Spanish breakfast (Barcelona)


typical colombian breakfast

Colombian breakfast: hot chocolate, omelette, and soup for breakfast. #standard (Medellín)


And we all need a mid-morning snack…


Croque monsieur is a great snack mid-morning (Paris)


Who can say no to a crêpe? (Paris)


crepe at breizh cafe in paris

Crêpe-ing (Paris)


And when lunch time hits, you know how much this paella sounds so much better than having a salad:


paella in catalunya restaurant barcelona spain

Paella loving (Barcelona)


traditional colombian cuisine in medellín

Packing the calories (Guatapé)


And who can forget about dessert….




I mean, carbs are basically the new protein:


spaghetti bolognese in london

Rando spaghetti bolognese craving (London)


London fish and chips

Your standard fish chips (London)


And before you know it, it’s dinner time:


Traditional Colombian cuisine (Cartagena)


But thought to myself, maybe I’ll try to take it down a notch:


salad stop in manila philippines

I’ve forgotten what these taste like…. (Manila)


But it didn’t really work.


This taste just like jollibee….right? (Manila)


Because at the end of the day, I know I’ll always go back to this:


chicken joy and spaghetti jollibee philippines

Jollibee? More like Jollibae (Manila)


Now, find time to burn the calories off!