The fifth arrondissement is part f île de la cité, on the left bank of the Seine opposite Notre-Dame Cathedral is an ancient and most cosmopolitan city district. Students and academicians of different backgrounds share the same place as family and friends from generations of immigrants.

Find all its aspects from historical sites, to historic sites, to French cuisine and nightlife.

Paris 5th Arrondisement – A Place of History and Learning

The five arrondissement of Paris contains numerous historical sites. The earliest remains remain those of the Arènes de Lutèce, an amphitheater of Gallo-Roman origin constructed at the end of the 1st century, with Thermes de Cluny baths adjacent to the Medieval Museum. Atop the Montagnes Sainte Genève lies the monumental Pantheon, the ‘temple’ where famous figures were found. The Latin Quarter spans the Fifth & 6th districts. The city’s nickname is from Middle Age, during which students taught here in Latin.

The Latin Quarter and its Student Life

The Fifth arrondissement of Paris stretches across four neighborhood namely Quartier de Sorbonne Quartier Saint-Victor Quartier de Jardin de plantations et Quartier de Val-de-Grace. The 5th District was known as Latin Quarter. The name is related from Lithuanians’ former inhabitants and also because it later was central in universities in the Middle Age when Latin was commonly used by students and religious groups. In the Latin Quarter there are several great libraries, medieval churches and other buildings worth visiting.

The Quartier Latin arrondissement is remains a student area, with many student bars and restaurants all over the district. Unsurprisingly, this hip area also attracts many upperclass Parisians making their home here.

A Vibrant Cultural Life

Its established bookstores showcase literature from all over the world, its art museums show an assortment of modern and classical works, the Arab Institute of World’s themed exhibits and its popular independent and arthouse film theaters also make the Fifth arrondissement a very popular destination. Arthouse movie lovers regularly visit studio des Ursulines Champo and Reflet Médicis cinemas along with the filmothèque in the Latin Quarter. The city also provides a perfect place for book lovers.

What is the 5th Arrondissement Known For?

The district has long been a centre of academic excellence and a place for universities in Paris. This region is home to a National Natural Heritage Museum, and a botanical garden on its eastern side.

Is 5th Arrondissement Nice?

The 5th arrondissement, situated in central Paris has a very interesting place. Our group has come here a number of times and we like to walk the small avenues and find the most fascinating places.

Why is the 5th arrondissement called the Latin Quarter?

Why part of Fifth arrondissement has the name Latin Quarters? The Latin Quarter is named after the Middle Ages when Latin was the language to learn at the Sorbonne. It has been called the oldest neighbourhood of Paris alongside Ile de la Cité.

What to See in the Fifth Arrondissement of Paris?

The Fifth arrondissement has the Panthéeon which was voted Paris’s greatest landmark. Located near the left banks of the Seine, it’s referred to as Latin Quarter.

The 5th arrondissement in Paris was a famous and beautiful neighborhood in Paris for years. With its Roman ruins atop the Left Bank, bustling street life and trendy restaurants, the town has attracted both locals and tourists for centuries, and includes some famous Parisian monuments such as the Panthéon , the Arab World Institute , and the National Museum of Natural History (including the Grand Gallery of Evolution).

Top Sights in Paris 5th Arrondissement

1- The Lutetia Roman amphitheater

The Lutetia Roman amphitheater of Lutetia was one of the most ancient monuments in Paris during the first century AD.

2- Pantheon

Visit this former church today, a shrine for the Grand Master. Located at the top of the cupola, the interior also houses the famous Foucault pendulum. If it’s open you climb into the cupola and enjoy a fantastic view of Paris.

3- Jardin des plantes

Jardin des plantes is the largest botanical garden in Paris, and it is headquarters for the French National Museum for Nature history. You can enjoy the iron wrought architecture in the greenhouses (18th century).

More than just a garden, the Jardin des Plantes is one of the oldest in France and was founded in the 17th century. The 24-hectare French gardens feature remarkable trees and botanical curiosities, and the Grandes Serres (glasshouses) offer visitors a tropical experience.

4 – Visit Rue Mouffetard

Rue Mouffetard is one of the oldest and most happening neighborhoods in the city. Here, you can check out the Institut du Monde Arabe , La Grande Mosquée de Paris (Paris Mosque, tearoom, and hammam), or the Roman-era colosseum, the Arènes de Lutece . Just a little further, head to place de la Contrescarpe to enjoy its bars, terraces, and festive atmosphere.

Marché Mouffetard is open everyday except Mondays, from 8am to 1pm, while the shops on Rue Mouffetard are open everyday.

5 – Sorbonne University

The Latin Quarter is home to prestigious and historic universities and colleges. Sorbonne University is a prestigious educational establishment in Paris and where Cardinal Richelieu is buried. The 5th arrondissement is nicknamed the Latin Quarter for the university La Sorbonne that used to teach in Latin.

6 – Visit the Historical Swimming pool on Rue de Pontoise

Built in 1933, the swimming pool on rue de Pontoise has retained its art deco architecture and is a listed historical building. The pool is overlooked by rows of open walkways with old-fashioned cabins for private hire.

7 – Visit the Paradis Latin, the Oldest Parisian Cabarets

Head to one of Paris’ most vibrant night spots on rue du Cardinal Lemoine, where you’ll find the oldest of the Parisian cabarets, the Paradis Latin.

8 – Take a Stroll on Rue de la Huchette

famous for several of its establishments including the Théâtre de la Huchette – where Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano has been running since 1957 – and one of Paris’s best known jazz clubs, the Caveau de la Huchette .

9 – Try to Squeeze in Rue de La Harpe

Rue de la Harpe is famously known as one of Paris’ narrowest streets.

10 – Roam Down Boulevard Saint Michel

Walk down Boulevard Saint Michel where you can discover the Cluny Museum (Musée National du Moyen Age) and Hotel de Cluny.

Unique Things to Do in the 5th Arrondissement Paris

Our Guide to Paris Arrondissements encourages people to avoid crowds and explore Paris in other directions. While it is the most touristous neighbourhood in Paris, we enjoy visiting the Latin Quarter occasionally especially in good weather. Our favourite time of year is to visit the Jardin de Plants or walk along Mouffetard and place La Contrescarpe for its bars, terraces and festive atmosphere. The list of things that you can visit in the fifth district of Paris that you should not miss is below: 6 Grand Néf at Collège des Bernardines.

Best restaurants in the 5th Arrondissement Paris

Food lovers in Paris are sure to enjoy the colourful rue Mouffetard stocked with endless food shops, excellent low-price eateries (the area is a popular spot for students) and little Parisian bars. Several Greek restaurants provide excellent Greek food, including La Crète, our favourite. Are there any restaurant options in these 5 arrondissements? Here are our five most beloved restaurants in the Paris area that serve good French food. Le Truffière: 4, rue Blainville 75005 Paris. Expect creative French food at a restaurant perfect for a family dinner. Au porte de salut – 164 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris.

Place Concord features dozens of restaurants with terraces in which to spend an evening and continue on from. Some popular locals around the 5: It is possible to get some ideas on how to spend the evening in Paris here.

Where to stay in Paris, the Latin Quarter

Staying in Le Quartier Latin isn’t as expensive as some districts in general, but its central location means you are always close to the main attractions of Paris. offers great hotel reservations in Paris. The rates are good and the hotel choice is huge. Cancellation is available at no extra charge.

Paris hotel choices range from luxurious luxury destinations including Ritz or Meurice to much less expensive hotels in charming old areas. Because of its central location the price range for most accommodation is very low

Hotel La Lanterne

Hotel la Lanterne is only a few minutes walk from the famous Notre Dame and Luxembourg Gardens. Other popular sites near Hotel Lanterne are Cluny Museum and the National Museum of Medieval art.

Guests at Hotel La Lanterne enjoy its ideal location because the area is not too commercial and is situated close to the metro stations.

Hotel De L’Esperance

This beautiful hotel is only a two-minute walk from the picturesque street of rue Mouffetard. Other places of interest near Hotel De L’esperance are Place Monge and Latin District, all of which are a ten-minute walk.

Guests at Hotel de L’Esperance will enjoy all the tiny shops and quaint restaurants nearby!

Hôtel Central Saint Germain

Hôtel Central Saint Germain is perfect for those who prefer to stay near all the wonderful sights of the Latin Quarter, but also for those who prefer to pick up food grocery stores rather than eating out in restaurants daily.

This chic hotel has great reviews when it comes to staff and daily breakfast!

Hotel Observatoire Luxembourg

This chic hotel is located just in front of the famous Luxembourg Gardens, and is also only a ten minute walk from the Saint-Germain district. Guests can access the Luxembourg RER station, which is one of the main train lines in Paris.

Europe Saint Severin-Paris Notre Dame

Guests at this charming hotel enjoy the location near the Seine river, with all the top sights all within a 10-15 minute walking distance.


The 5th arrondissement is mainly small shopping centres in the Rue Mouffetard area.

Marché Mouffetard

The Marché Mouffetard at the middle of the Latin Quarter has the best charm. The street markets located on the long and narrow rue Mouffetard are just minutes from the Jardin de plantes and Place de la Migne. The streets are pedestrianized, and so attract regular local tourists from across the world, even when markets are not available. There is everything – fruit, vegetables, cheese, charcuterie. You can find organic goods and souvenirs there.

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